“It’s time to open a new Chapter in life and to try myself in the NHL”. Newbie “Locomotive” from the NHL about moving to Russia


Newbie “Locomotive” of Paajarvi Magnus-Svensson commented on his transition to the Yaroslavl command, and also explained why she decided to move from the NHL to the KHL.

— I waited till the last minute proposals from the NHL. But we could not with the club come to an agreement, time was passing and I needed to make a decision. I felt that I should open a new Chapter in life and to try myself in the NHL.

— I think that was a good last year in “Ottawa”. Unfortunately, the team was unsuccessful, we changed the coaching staff, left a few key players. But with his game I was happy and was sure that this season will be able to find a job in the NHL. This did not happen, I waited until September, and then said, “Okay, I have to change something in life,” said Paajarvi-Svensson.

The last nine years, Paajarvi played in the NHL, played for Edmonton, “Saint Louis” and “Ottawa”. Lokomotiv striker chose another draft of the KHL-2009 in the first round under 19-m number.

Just on account of 28-year-old striker 467 matches “over the ocean”, in which he scored 124 (62+62) points when indicators of usefulness “-54”.

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