Japanese Shrek knocked out in 11 seconds. Why he fled to African pitching? Video


In Asian promotion ONE Championship regularly there are vivid fights between very charismatic, though not too hyped fighters. 16 September 2017 tournament Total Victory was found veterans Alan Ngalani and Hideki Sekine. 42-year-old Cameroonian earlier Ngalani twice became world champion in Thai Boxing and was known blows of tremendous power. His 43-year-old opponent in the childhood was engaged in sumo, due to the unusual appearance and the overweight figure received the nickname Shrek.

Ngalani well-known Russian fans. In 2010 raskachennyh African soldier held in Hong Kong, the fight by rules of Thai Boxing with native of Makhachkala Ramazan by Ramazanova. Since the violations from Ngalani team of Russian athlete ran into the ring, starting a mass brawl. The Cameroonian, nicknamed the Panther, also called on the help of colleagues, and raging men calmed with great difficulty. The outcome of the match was cancelled.

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Battle Ngalani Japanese Shrek was much shorter, though hardly less interesting. Athletes a few weeks practiced threats to each other, but in the octagon everything was solved in 11 seconds. Sekine desperately rushed forward, trying to get into the clinch or to take the opponent to the ground. Movement Japanese soldier, however, looked clumsy, in contrast to the action Ngalani. The Cameroonian quietly retreated, trying to catch Sekine counter punch. The first hit went casual, but the side on the right landed exactly on the jaw of Shrek. He instantly fell unconscious, received yet another blow already in a disabled state. Ngalani creative expressed his joy by performing a military salute. Even with her head uncovered.

After that match Ngalani spent another three fights, losing two of them. Now the athlete propels your workout in bodybuilding and pleases fans of a great sense of humor and a fantastic stretch. Indeed, without a mask on public transport to be not recommended.

Watch the video in Alan Ngalani account in Instagram.

Hideki Sekine lost our next two matches and finished a career. Shrek was regularly in the knockouts and very upset by the failure. After the defeat against Roque Martinez Japanese athlete at the press conference was not able to hold back the tears, retroraw their many fans at home.

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