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Guest edition of “Soviet sport” was the head of the company’s Fight Nights Kamil Gadzhiev.

Known promoter announced plans for the coming year, explained the event, UFC Fight Nights cooler, and told many interesting things about Ali Bagautinov, Vladimir Mineev, Alexander Emelianenko, Dmitry Smolyakov, Vyacheslav Datsik and Sergei Kharitonov. In addition, in an interview used the words “hockey” and “Spartacus.”


– Fight Nights is now planning to run a big tournament “More cooler”. Tell me about it.
– At the moment “More – cooler” is not entitled to claim a private line. This is part of our event. I hope in this year’s draft works and loved. In April we will hold three tournaments: April 11, Sochi, April 17 in Magnitogorsk and 18 April in Moscow. The participants of the Grand Prix will perform on Moscow and the Sochi tournament with two pair. The semifinals will be held in early autumn. At the beginning of winter will host the final. During this time we will understand how this format interesting to the viewer. Correcting the roughness. In 2021 we will make “More cooler” 2. If about the format, it will be the soldiers, whose growth is above 195 cm and a weight heavier than 130 kg.

Above the limit of heavy weight.
Yes. It turned out that 190 cm height and 120 kg weight is not so great athletes. This is a common category of people. A lot of fighters such dimensions. Nothing unique. And we wanted to do something unique. So I signed Zuluzinho. The growth of 2 meters and weighs 185 kg. Is Belarusian 196 height, weight 135. Is Ahmed Bazaev. 196 growth in, 135 weight. Time, there are a couple of interesting fights we will state later.

– Thought of inviting Bob SAPP?
– It is almost the first thought. But SAPP does not want to participate on an “a La Grand Prix”, where you have to prove something. He wants to fight in the main fights of the evening and is guaranteed to get large fees. We have the Grand Prix and we want to athletes have gone through all the necessary steps.

Of zuluzinho – known fighter. Of whom remembered more?
– Yes, I know. There are more Romanians Alexandru Lungu, competed in K-1, a good fighter. It is a little bit does not correspond to growth – 188 cm But weighs 166 kg. Probably we will sign it. A Zulu well know. This is the same fighter who once loudly fell from Fedor Emelianenko, but he to lose irreproachable.

Especially in those years.
Yes, especially then, so Zulu, in terms of popularity, size, image is our client. Signed without thinking. Recently Zuluzinho fights in Europe. All games were won in Serbia. He’s in good shape.


– When to wait for Maxim Novoselov and Dmitry Smolyakov?
They will fight on 17 April in Magnitogorsk.

– This is exactly?
– If all are alive and healthy, of course.

– The last time the new settlers asked for more money and that the fight fell through.
– Actually, he never asked for money. We were unable to reach him. He didn’t answer the phone. Merged with the match. Today, we got out, found a consensus and the possibility to continue the cooperation.

– Smolyakov – talented guy?
Yes. Talented. As a fighter he was, at least for today. He was signed by the UFC got a big chance, but made a pale, losing all three fights. To him, as a fighter a lot of questions on the one hand, but have to go with the other. As a media person, the speaker and so forth, it just perfectly manifests itself. Guys we need.

– Dmitry said that he had lost Hassan yousefi because very sick, but didn’t want to let you down, so came to the fight. You knew about his problems?
– After the fact. He said he had problems with acclimatization. Probably so, but he could still win this fight. The match was equal.

– 2:1 rounds for Yousefi.
– Yes, and all the judges felt: 48-47. If Smolyakov feel better, he could win.


– Andrew Orlowski may be at your tournament?
– He has twice performed for us, but it’s all good. He demanded, fighting in the UFC. He is paid good money. I think we have a suitable place where he can beautifully complete his career. If the UFC suddenly refuse to cooperate with him, a organization wants Andrew played with them. Moreover, now there is a trend of “MMA Boxing”. Andrew is a very good boxer. By the way, he would have to box with the heavyweight.

For example, with Alexander Emelyanenko.
– Chic option. Sergei Kharitonov vs Orlov – also a great fight. Of course, Kharitonov’s not a boxer in a pure form, but its striking power is beautiful. He once Orlovsky knocked out in MMA. It would be nice if they met again.

– You had to fight Dmitry Kudryashov. Stayed with him an arrangement for the future?
– It is possible. But it started rebooting in Boxing. He fought in December and won.

– You watched his fight against Vaclav Pasara?
– No, but I know that a big criticism of the judicial decision. Supposedly Dima looked weaker opponent. Now I argue later time: he recorded a victory, have risen in the rankings. Count on him Boxing promoters. It is not up to MMA.


Камил Гаджиев: В футболе - за «Спартак», в хоккее - за «Динамо»

– Let’s talk about the controversial decisions. Last year there was a battle between Ali Bagautinov and Galgalim by Ruslan Zhumagulov. Ali lost, and your relationship with him has deteriorated?
– Yes, I understand that past relationship anymore. I will not put all the responsibility on Ali. In my view, he improperly disposed of the information space after the fight. At this point the athlete will listen. If Ali would have said that he won, and was able to be kept within, our relationship would not have changed. But he was beyond came out, went to the individual. Screwed yourself. Although it is also possible to pursue a career, God forbid he wins. But the story of Fight Nights for him closed.

He’s not a fighter in your organization?
Yes. I think he no longer sees himself as in Fight Nights.

– Because of resentment at the judges?
– He was offended not just for the judges. Organizations have got him very well. His right to talk, but he needs to understand that every word, especially popular fighters, has consequences.

You before the battle, asked the judges to be more attentive…
The paradox is that someone my words took the opposite. This also applies to those people who are in the same team with Ali. They perceived this as an attempt not to associate themselves with the result. I think you will agree with me that as a person who has seen a lot of games, it is very difficult to imagine to be the same, fight in and fight.

Vladimir Mineev – Magomed Ismailov.
– But still kind of fighting unit, because five rounds is a long distance, which is often clear who won. Someone tired, someone misses, someone ending the fight with a Bang plays. In such cases as mine – Ismailov and Ali Zhumagulov – units, but they happen. In this case, we “lucky” to get through this ordeal.

– Begin to write nasty things?
– Of course, I came under great pressure from fans who believed Bagautinov won. Because a lot of them and one of me, I can’t personally with each person to discuss the result or to cause arguments. Understand that it’s just impossible.

In battle, Ali Zhalgas I thought that Bagautinov has won three rounds. Then, revised – it’s a very close fight. I can’t argue with those who think that won Zhalgas. That is their right. Played the role has tremendous support from Kazakhstan. Thought everyone would be rooting for Ali, but the opposite happened.


Камил Гаджиев: В футболе - за «Спартак», в хоккее - за «Динамо»

– You brought up many stars you have fought Batu Hasikov, Vitaly Minakov, Rasul Mirzaev, Bagautinov turns and now all of the Fight Nights gone?
Batu did not leave, but finished his career, finished it in Fight Nights. Minakov as popular heavyweight, went to Bellator, then another, addressed us.

Vladimir Mineev is still with you?
– Yes, all his life he fights in our organization. But our industry, with the exception of the UFC, so no one has an exclusive agreement with a fighter. The paradox is that the exclusive burden the organization more than the fighter. Signing an exclusive contract, the organization assumes the obligation to provide a certain number of fights for the athlete. Six in two years. Given the lack of stability, this applies to absolutely everyone but the UFC, in the end, this exclusive is a problem. There is an athlete, he needs to do battle, it is necessary to organize the tournament. The tournament may be economically unjustified, the fighter starts to resent it and the relationship sours. There is a dissatisfaction, the organization is not happy with the fighter, the fighter is dissatisfied with the organization. Next comes his Manager and begins to speak about the termination of the contract. It is a very painful story.

You can simply do business with the athlete, explaining its capabilities, which gives Fight Nights. Approximately so we Mineev. If he wants in the UFC, we will support it. You’ll be in the UFC, and will remain on our website, in our public, at our events. Here you will be our hero. Something similar happened when Minakov fought in Bellator, and Ali fought in the UFC. Ali though were there, he was our brand Ambassador.

The same words I say and Mineeva. ASA – technically our competitor, although we are in different genres. If ASA would propose Mineeva about the fight that he is interested in, I would have supported him.

Revenge Ismailov?
– Yes, if for some reason the Mage does not want to fight at Fight Nights or this battlefield is not included in our plans, although it is hard to imagine, because such a duel will come to cheer. But suppose the Magician now holds the last fight under contract in the month of April with Emelianenko. If rival was mine, we agreed on a price and made sure that our brand Ambassador was well-fed and happy. He would not have ceased to be our hero, he would still support us. All this would be only good. So Vova, I hope, will be with us his whole career.


Камил Гаджиев: В футболе - за «Спартак», в хоккее - за «Динамо»

– The Rasul Mirzaev can say?
– Rasul not from a great mind began to perceive a lot of unnecessary information. Somewhere lost heart, and in the end was ACE. I think if he doesn’t beat Arman Ospanov, his decision to leave can be called a failure. If Rasul wins, successful his career will not be called after a knockout from Shamil Shakhbulatov, but in General a normal career. If Mirzayev will lose, everyone will understand that the choice in the direction of the ACA was a mistake.

– For you was a shock that it knocked out?
Coach Nicholas Elesin told me that Mirzayev now in good shape. In the Sambo-70 he is forced to work. The room in which Rasul was training before the fight with Shahbulatov, he did not come, and this is not a reproach halls. Just a fact. The result saw everything. This is not the Rasul. Recklessness is left, all left.

– Was upset at the time of his departure?
Yes. Even if we take the case of Bagautinov after Rasul have nothing to fear. Especially a few days before moving in AS he spoke at the us grappling. Funny, but technically I could not understand where and how he managed to sign a contract with them. Career athletes is rarely in the same promotion, and they have different way. Someone positive, someone negative. Someone at some point negative, and then they remember the period of Fight Nights as the best phase of his career. So everything that has to do with me and Fight Nights may otherwise be perceived. Someone may think that speaking we have lost our best years. Only with time we will be able to know and appreciate the attitude of the athlete with the promotion.


– Russian MMA Awards 2019 Marat Balayev received not fight of the year. With this many disagree.
– See how it looks, I sent participants to the experts, and they put them in place. There were 25 experts, said 21. Then collect their opinions, and then a simple mathematical formula, so the winners and Dmitry Bikram with Maxim by Butorina. Not the Kamil Gadzhiev decided, I’m just one of the experts.

I saw the fight Bikram – Butorin alive. It was in “VTB Arena”. I was surrounded by ten thousand roaring spectators. This is one feeling. Battle Balayev – of Zhamaldaev I look at the recording, knowing the result. It absolutely other emotions.

– Why not have Vyacheslav Datsik to replace Novosyolov?
– Have not considered this option. When the settlers refused, I just found out how much Datsik to know the palette. It is not expensive Yousefi, who eventually was replaced by Maxim. But we felt that Datsik we do not need. In this sport, although if you talk about his skills, body condition, he is a good fighter.

– Used to be great.
Yes, I was, but I decided that it was not needed. And when they called him “animal” I didn’t want to hurt him, so nothing against Fame had not. Already have until he explained. If he asks me for “animal”, I’m ready to explain. This was said solely in the context of its positioning, if you look carefully: Datsik growls and roars, he is Tarzan. He has positioned himself as an animal.

I described the way he took it as a personal insult. In the end, would have scored me and asked. I would not hesitate and would say, don’t take it about his men. I tried to explain to him, but that didn’t happen. The bridges have been burned, or maybe he’ll see this interview and realize that he was wrong.

– He’s in jail for illegally crossing the border.
– I didn’t know, it’s bad. Even upset. I think he’s not on the rottenness and not for the criminal mind is in such situations, but just on stupidity.


Камил Гаджиев: В футболе - за «Спартак», в хоккее - за «Динамо»

– Have you ever arrange a fight Emelianenko, and Kharitonov?
– Apparently this will be done by someone else. Because Serge came with me to the peak and called me a chatterbox.

– We’re all part of the bullshit, we are perfectly able to speak.
– Serge knew he was calling me the word that I don’t like.

– Right wrong?
Yes. He was offended that I called him a malingerer. The simulator is a professional show, and the chatty, personal. It doesn’t matter. So he decided that we he will never act. Although his fight with Emelianenko would be super. Maybe ACA will do it.

Given that Emelianenko again oddly, you believe that he will pass Ismailov?
– If he be “be prepared”, he will lose. If you would normally prepare, be fees, it is a favorite.

– He will be able to prepare seriously?
– Question. In Chechnya he was very seriously trained. He promised the people that worked and later on it was influenced by the fact that there is no government. If he’s going to break, the Mage simply functional replay.

Or zaboret?
– All in the complex, fighting and funzionale. Maga even I was promised a million rubles, if you lose.


– I think he’s grateful. After all, you made it so well known, and “tiger” made his battle with Mineev.
– Would it be correct to say that Ismailov himself did, and we got screwed, and not without its benefits. We received dividends, he gave us a reason for discussions and conversations, and in fact the whole industry on this and keeps. Otherwise we would be no interest.

– And you believed that Mineeva even stand a chance against Mages?
Yes. I asked Vladimir for two days before the fight, he was going to fight him? He then injured his shoulder. “What are you going to do when Ismailov will make the pass to feet and lie on top of you?” He said that the past two years and deals with what lies beneath some guy from Dagestan, and is doing something. School, he there passed the stress suffered in the end helped him.

– You previously managed to organize the fight Fedor Emelianenko vs Fabio Maldonado, who also ended with a scandalous decision.
At that time it was the most discussed event.

– Didn’t win that fight Fedor.
And not lost. I think we should give a draw. It’s good for everyone.

– You have no idea once again to bring Fedor Emelianenko to the tournament?
– It should be Bellator.

And to play in my first tournament in Russia?
I’m so surprised this still has not happened.

– Maybe they did not consider Russia as an investment in your business?
– I don’t know, so much work, invested so much energy, so much money in organizing a new round in the career of Fedor from Bellator, which is now not to get dividends just a sin. Let’s take the largest area of “VTB Arena”, 12 thousand spectators. I think that if Fedor will fight with more or less serious opponent, Roy Nelson, for example, will be a full house, with an average ticket cost five thousand rubles. 60 million just for the sold tickets. The amount of the fees of the participants, the sponsors. I’m not sure that Bellator makes their tournaments. Most likely, writes the zeros.

A clear, logical, and unprecedented tournament in the country, which is one of the biggest MMA audiences. I think Scott Coker would do it.


Камил Гаджиев: В футболе - за «Спартак», в хоккее - за «Динамо»

– The UFC came to Russia. It is a competitor or helper?
– Only the assistant.

– The fact that all want to?
– No. UFC operates on the whole market for MMA, UFC MMA popularitywith, makes it understandable and accessible. The UFC does a tremendous function. It affects us all positive. One tournament a year in Moscow, people came, looked and liked them. After that, people will want your day to associate with the viewing of the tournament in martial arts. UFC no, and he starts to monitor what tournaments are Fight Nights, ASA or M-1. Buys a ticket, supported us. It turns out that the viewer, who drew the UFC, we take. Plus more hype in the industry, often talking about MMA in General.

– In fact any UFC tournament in Russia on the part of the fighters is a regular tournament Fight Nights. Have you even been steeper since fighting Fedor.
But in other things UFC incomparable. They are absolute leaders: service fighters, medical support. Otherwise, if you look at the local product, there are similarities. The UFC in Moscow, look around the world. Our tournaments are looking in Russia and the CIS. But the packaging is very similar. If only the UFC will bring the format of large and serious tournaments.

I have never experienced on the UFC tournaments those emotions that were experienced during the fight, Emelianenko Maldonado, or Mineev – Ismailov. Different atmosphere. When I fought Fedor, where the scale of Fedor, it’s not even in our organization, though “Horns and Hoofs” would be Fedor, was what it was. After Fedor fell, crawled, stood and everyone sat down. Someone baptized who was holding his head, someone was singing. That was a crazy atmosphere.

In the match Mineev – Ismailov were other emotions, but that’s a credit to our organization. Both fighters did well, and they did much to promote the fight, but here it is, our organization has done its job, we brought them in a cage. Everything was brought to its logical conclusion, were created by entourage. I was proud of their product. What were the emotions, five rounds people went crazy, yelling, screaming. This on the UFC tournaments I have not experienced. I think many will agree with me. Therefore, from the point of view of the entourage, we’re not losing. But, as a brand, the UFC is doing everything to be the best in everything. It is not necessary to argue they just need to learn.


– You love hockey. Tell us how it came to other sport.
– Only my love for hockey led me to “Admiral”. Ziyavudin Magomedov was engaged in parallel development of MMA and hockey. But MMA in General mindful of our cooperation in the Fight Nights, and hockey in particular in the region where he was the owner. Was sport for boys leisure hockey became his leisure. Created the club “Admiral” and went running. I then asked a question, you play hockey? Yes, and good.

You hockey since childhood, fond of?
I grew up in Moscow in the yard. We have in the yard was a box. Earlier, winter was different. I was able to get out of the house and through the snow to the box to run. We could go on the ice three hours a day and play until ten at night. Parents came for us and brought home. Hacked non-stop, no water, no food, nothing else was necessary. A childhood passion. To 14 years it was, but then I got into martial arts.

– Wrestling?
– Wrestling and karate. In Moscow the climate is warmer. Since 1992, stopped the box to fill in, because it freeze no time. For three days we played, and then the two rested. Everyone is tired, hockey became a lesson for the professionals, and we – the fans, did not play. Next time only 20 years later, when I turned 34.

And though the house was skates, a stick?
– No. I am 20 years four times went on the ice to skate. Then I comrades say, do not want hockey to try? I say, and I know how to play, they laughed: “Come.” I came here the first time was very difficult. I put in defense, equipment not like. I still get angry and say, “Wait.” He began to walk regularly. And three months to settle in. Think I was lucky, I play in a good team. Sometimes professionals are invited. Cup of legends, I played for “Dinamo”. My son is a hockey sick, I watch the KHL and the NHL, kicks. And “Admiral”, there was an episode, I have four years doing it. There were successes and failures, I learned a lot that made “the Admiral” and met a lot of good people. Now look at hockey as a professional.


Камил Гаджиев: В футболе - за «Спартак», в хоккее - за «Динамо»

– You still play football, you even have a team there.
– We have a team Fight Nights, there is a story. The command “Forward” holds every year the Cup. They invited me as guest of honor for the ceremony. I took note of. The following year I was called again and I answered them that come with the condition – I want to play myself. They said, “you Can? We train”. There were eight teams and we won the tournament. And we only played a office. Gathered together managers, Executive Director, a cut-man, head of the press service and won.

– Who do you barrack for?
– In hockey for Dynamo in football for Spartak. In hockey I was rooting for Spartak, but it was such a rush. Then when the son started to play for Dinamo, I’m in “sick”. In football, my father sat me and said, son look here: “Spartacus” – this is our team, the national team Fedor Cherenkov, Sergey Rodionov, Valery Shmarov, Alexander Mostovoy. Was later Alenichev, Tikhonov, Titov. They were the Champions, winning nine Championships out of ten. When Romancewe was hegemony. And interestingly it was at this time I lost interest in football. Yes, when wins only one team, and now I again began to watch and cheer for “Spartacus”. Of course, now is not the best of times, but I go to football matches of red and white. Was at the game after the incident with the detained fan. He watched as 30 minutes 80 percent of the fans got up and left. So I split in football for Spartak hockey for Dynamo, in basketball I was always rooting for Zalgiris, because they impose the competition for CSKA.


– What is the secret of Habib Nurmagomedov?
Is his intelligence and his ability to work. He’s just a farmer, his ability to abstract from everything and plunge into the training process. First and foremost, intelligence. Although knowing his father, I not surprised at this. Though he had not received a Cambridge education is intelligence helped him.

The forecast for fight Habib – Tony Ferguson.
– The victory of Habib is obvious. Probably by decision, although Tony would tire under Habib and commit an error. Then Khabib will win by rear naked choke.

– Your attitude now to Conor McGregor, dislike?
– Indifference. I used to be a fan of his. For Conor it was fun to watch. He is a true hero. Except when he fought with Habib, I’m sick of it. Or rather, when he fought with Habib, he is already greatly changed and degraded as restocker. Prior to that, he was doing funny things. Many have forgotten how he made himself popular, he also guessed the results of their matches. Predicted them and went out and played, and then he lost to every heresy, began to insult, to get into all sorts of stories that looked….

– Sorry.
Is a good word, and I lost interest in him. To him now the audience much cooled down. Conor should be returned to its former position, and it is a long job. Even after defeating Donald serron he is not returned to its former position. Broke out, but it didn’t matter what happened before.

Hand at the meeting will not shake?
– No, don’t shake. Will be in the same room, I will require an explanation and will do so quite aggressively. This is an opportunity to ask him a question and put it in an uncomfortable position, I would like to do it. How can you blame the people that over the three columns are that they jump on him with legs. He’s there, we’re here. I wouldn’t break through to him, I’m not 18 years old, to give him the “bream”. If he is there, I say, “You insulted Dagestan, Dagestan or I apologize, or should we say men in Ireland or Dagestan.” Look, he’s a champion in two weight classes, I have my own arguments too, it would be a conflict and what would he have ended God knows. But I can see in his latest statements that he’s a bit quiet. It is seen that regret the words spoken in the address of Habib.

– He’s not stupid.
– Do not fool.

source: “Soviet sport”

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