Karpin was late for the anthem, journalists from Russia were not given the floor. What hasn’t been shown on TV


Karpin was late for the anthem, journalists from Russia were not given the floor. What hasn’t been shown on TV

On the way to the Ludski Vrt stadium, two hours before the start of the game Slovenia – Russia, only a small tent with Slovenian attributes reminded of the upcoming match.

The Slovenes brought the national team to Maribor for the first time in six years specially “for Russia” in order to create a special excitement and mood. They really wanted to repeat the success of 2009. But the Slovenian Football Federation clearly did not count on the fact that only six thousand people would come to the game.

“It looks like a very stupid decision,” a local colleague shared his pain before the match. – Everyone thought that holding a match with Russia in Maribor would create an additional atmosphere, but it was a failure. This makes no sense, because the people do not believe in the success of the team in the qualifying group – because of this, they do not go to the game. Plus the effect is covid. We wanted the best, but it turned out badly.

But the decision of the Football Federation is understandable. That same unfortunate match for us in 2009 was attended by 12,510 people, a record for Maribor. Before the new meeting, Slovenian newspapers assembled a symbolic team of players from the national teams who have ever entered the Ludski Vrt field. Andrey Arshavin got into a noble company.

All this, however, did not contribute to at least some kind of entourage before the game. As a result, this Slovenian grandfather puffed out for everyone, cheerfully playing the accordion.

The game itself began with a funny episode. Valery Karpin was late for the Russian anthem. Later, the coach explained this by the fact that the entrance to the field and the coaching benches are located at different ends of the stadium. After the teams left, our coach was not allowed to take a shortcut across the field, so he had to go around the entire arena on a treadmill. So Karpin listened to the anthem of Russia on the go.

From the first minutes of the match it became clear that this is not the Russia we saw in Kazan against the Slovaks. It was a very collected, energetic, meaningful and relaxed team that knew what to do on the field in any given situation.

As the sources in the national team told us, the players after Slovakia understood everything themselves. The players realized that victory was a great success, that in terms of the level of play they reached the bottom in certain intervals. And just such a faded performance in the match with the Slovaks became the starting point of the victory in Maribor.

– It was my fault in Kazan. We played much better today, – said Karpin after the match. – This is the fault of the players. This is the law. He said to the players before the game: “I am the only idiot, you are fine. Go and show your good level. ” Today it was more like the level of the Russian national team.

The players really went out and showed the level. The national team shook themselves off from the awkward game in the last match, forgot it and flew away. She had to open an account much earlier than Diveev did . Well, Jikia’s goal will go down in history. It seems that this is generally the first goal over himself in the performance of the national team over the past few years.

By the way, as Rubin analyst Nikita Vasyukhin said in his Notepad telegram channel, all penalties of our team are absolutely sensible and feigned.

– It so happened that I witnessed several training sessions of the national team immediately before and after the game with Slovakia – both were devoted to attacking standards, and for quite a long time, – Vasyukhin writes. – When the segment is short, the composition is strongly shuffled in pauses, not really something comes out of the field and in general the quality is low, it is especially correct to focus on standards.

For corners they had three options on each side: with the Slovaks, the first and third corners from the right passed normally, and with the Slovenes, the first and second corners from this flank, and one was eventually implemented – albeit in a rather chaotic manner, but at least at least everyone closed their zones. The free kick took place in the first game, when Diveev was good at hitting / dropping to the far post, and Dzhikia lacked a step – today he also struck with about the same idea, and if the ball didn’t go into the goal, Dzhikia had to close the far post.

Six thousand Slovenian fans drove their forward as best they could, although at times 50 fans from Russia even shouted over the stadium. But thanks to the Maribor public, Slovenia did not come apart after 0: 2, returned to the game and made the Russian national team and all of us nervous until the last moment. And, perhaps, now this is the main merit of Karpin. Our footballers are supported and worried again. At the European Championships, the team really missed it, but now it’s back. And I really want this feeling to last as long as possible.

Therefore, thanks to Karpin for the cohesive and thinking team on the field. Thanks to Kuzyaev for running around in the 85th minute as if there was no cruel meat grinder all 84 minutes before. Thanks to Diveev and Dzhikia for not only scoring the most important goals, but also coping with a large number of opponent’s attacks. thanksMiranchuk for finally having a strong match for the national team, constantly aggravated, was not afraid to play with his heels and invent. Thanks to Safonov for two brilliant and mega-reliable matches – Matvey should become number one for many years. Thank you to everyone in this team for six points out of six. We are leaving for November in a clean first place, now everything depends only on us.

At the end of the text, I want to gloat a little. The victory of the national team is pleasant not only in itself, but also because it was the Slovenian national team that was beaten.

Representatives of Slovenes behaved in a rude manner towards Russian journalists. For example, at the pre-match press conference, the press attaché of the Slovenian team did not allow the Russians to ask questions to head coach Matjaz Kek and midfielder Jake Bijol. Only Slovenian colleagues have been awarded this right. Moreover, the press attaché asked Biyol’s answers not to be translated into Russian at all.

After the match, history repeated itself. Kek was the only one who managed to ask the question, and it was only for him that we received a translation. My colleagues were ignored, so Keck’s post-match press conference turned into a 15-minute session of Slovene without translation. Therefore, thanks to Slovenia for the “hospitality” and the Russian national team for the victory.


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