“Khabib doesn’t throw anything just like that.” Tukhugov explained the motive of Nurmagomedov’s joke


“Khabib doesn’t throw anything just like that.” Tukhugov explained the motive of Nurmagomedov’s joke

Only a few days are left before the UFC 267 mixed martial arts tournament. It will become a landmark for Russia, as ten of our athletes will perform at it at once. Zubair Tukhugov will also enter the octagon. His rival will be Ricardo Ramos. On the eve of the fight, we talked with Zubaira not only about the upcoming fight and the opponent, but also discussed the joke of Khabib Nurmagomedov, remembered Artyom Lobov and found out with whom Tukhugov would never agree to fight.

– Zubair, how are you feeling? How is the knee? How did you feel during the training camp you managed to load yourself up to 100%?
– The knee was operated on in March. For three months I was careful. And then he trained at full strength. Everything is fine. At the training camp, it turned out to give all the best.

– Khabib Nurmagomedov said in an interview that he would like you not to rush to return and predict your fight for December. There was no controversy over the timing of the return?
– When I was able to train in three months, he agreed that I would fight in Abu Dhabi. At first he wanted me to perform in December, but when everything went well, he agreed and we accepted the fight.

– How did the camp go in general and how does the weight go? The last time you had problems with the weight extractor.
– Yes, there were problems last time. Because of the quarantine. We couldn’t prepare the food we needed. Couldn’t make weight therefore. This time I approached the weight race more professionally. I am sure I will make the weight.

– Regarding the previous fight. Something went wrong? You won the fight, what happened at the end? Were you confident in victory and wanted not to take risks in the ending, or were you simply not strong enough?
– I was in good shape, I was ready. I was sure that I won the first two rounds. In the third round I wanted to fight, but somehow my strength was gone. I thought I might lose the third round, but I won the first two. The main reason was that at six in the morning I had a fight. I went to sleep at 9 pm, had to wake up at three in the morning. From nine to three, I could not sleep. It turned out that I hardly slept. As a result, I almost fell asleep. This is very strong before the fight, there is no energy. In the morning before the battle, I hardly slept. I didn’t even fall asleep for a minute and went out to fight. It was very influential. Nothing restores like sleep.

– Traditionally, there were many members of your team in the training camp. Who have you worked with most often?
– Haji Rabadanov, Temirov. It was not possible to work with Usman Nurmagomedov this time. But we often train with him. Usman’s wrestling skills? I am always nervous in sparring with him. He has an unusual technique, he is very good at defending himself from wrestling. He has good tactics, he feels good in sparring, he is confident.

– Ali Abdel-Aziz and Javier Mendes claim that Usman is more talented than Khabib, do you agree?
– Well, what? If you take the striking technique, he is better in the stance. But in general, as a fighter, Khabib is a different level of fighter. Khabib is better than any fighter on our team. But in the stance, Usman is interesting.

– What can you say about your next fight, what do you know about your opponent?
– I watched his fights, he is a good fighter. He throws out his arms and legs well. Tall, fights well. You have to fight with him, not play around, but just fight.

– What can you say about your division? Volkanovski is now number three of the pound-for-pound, doesn’t it seem too overrated?
– Honestly, I don’t even look at it. I didn’t think about ratings. He defended his title a couple of times, defeated top rivals. Why not? Who else then? Usman. Adesanya recently lost. Volkanovski deserves third place.

– A little more about featherweight. After the career of Zabit Magomedsharipov was frozen, you and Movsar Yevloyev are the last hopes of Russia in the featherweight division. How do you assess your chances of being in the top, and will you be ready to meet with Yevloyev if they are offered in the UFC, or will you refuse to the last?
– I will never fight Movsar, I have already said more than once. It makes no sense, he is our man, he is Vainakh. Now he is in the top 15, he has a better chance of getting a big fight. I will root for him, pray for him. We are all our own. The main thing is that he reach the top 5 and fight for the belt.

– Let’s talk a little about the sensational events around the incident in the subway. You probably know that Khabib’s joke about Conor was very loudly discussed. How did you take this joke?
– Khabib doesn’t throw anything just like that. He takes every step deliberately, does everything with meaning. I had preparation, I was not particularly interested in all this. But he just doesn’t do anything. If someone thinks he did something wrong…. If you ask him, he will give a clear answer. Whoever wants to understand him will understand. Who does not want to, he will not do it. You can’t please everyone. I will always support Khabib. He will not do bad things, and he will not offend anyone on purpose.

– Surely you heard Khabib’s emotional speech, do you agree with him?
– Khabib answered clearly and clearly. There are facts. There are other people who do worse, we don’t even know them. As it was recently in Tatarstan. Nobody names the nation. They say only if something was done by a Dagestani, Chechen, Ingush.

– By the way, I remembered about Conor, are you aware of the new scandal with his participation? The Italian DJ stated that McGregor hit him for nothing. Do you think this is possible or is it the Italian’s desire to hyip on Conor?
– Honestly, I have not heard anything about this situation, therefore it is difficult for me to answer this question.

– More about Conor, more precisely about his team. Will your conflict with Lobov remain unresolved? Artyom ended his career, if you challenged him, do you think he would agree?
– It is necessary to ask him. I don’t want to fight him. I already have other goals and desires. I never considered him a fighter. I don’t want to discuss it.

– Zubair, at the end of the interview, let’s have a little blitz. What do you cook best?
– I don’t know how to cook.

– What is the strength?
– In religion. Islam.

– What is happiness?
– Maybe in money? ( laughs. – Approx. “Championship” ) In fact, if the family is healthy, then this is happiness.

– If you were on a desert island, which of your closest friends would you take with you?
– Friends? I would take my parents.

– Who will win – Khabib or Islam?
– Now it’s Islam. Islam is at its peak, Khabib is no longer in business. Khabib surprises me, he is still training. But Islam is in good shape.


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