Kharitonov lost to Ayala in 16 seconds. And Congo just unwound it


Kharitonov lost to Ayala in 16 seconds. And Congo just unwound it

On the night of August 21 Moscow time in Sioux Falls (South Dakota, USA) the Bellator 265 mixed martial arts tournament will be held. Its main event will feature the veteran heavyweights of the promotion. 46-year-old Cheik Congo will face off against 40-year-old Sergei Kharitonov .

This will be the first fight for Chaik since October 2020, when he lost by split decision to Timothy Johnson. As for Kharitonov, he last fought in June 2021 according to the rules of boxing. Then he dealt with Osborne Machimana from South Africa ahead of schedule. The last time the paratrooper fought according to the rules of MMA was in the little-known league MFP Parus FC, in November 2020 he knocked out Oli Thompson. If we talk about performances at Bellator, then in the prestigious promotion Sergey fought the previous time in November 2019.

The fight with Linton Wassell was unsuccessful, the Russian lost by knockout in the second round. So now, after a two-year break, Sergei will not have the right to make a mistake. Moreover, Bellator has recently often revised contracts and stopped working with older fighters.

Kharitonov approaches the fight as a small favorite. This is indicated by the quotes of the bookmakers. This is probably largely due to the age of the French fighter. After all, the Congo is already 46 years old, and this is an important factor. But Cheyk cannot be discounted. Not only did Congo not lose for five years before losing to Johnson, but during that time he won 8 victories. The most striking of them happened in the confrontation with Xavi Ayala. Congo entered the fight with him at the age of 43 and after five victories in a row. Xavi could not boast of such a series. By the time of the fight with Cheyk, he had five wins in eight fights in Bellator, but at the same time, his track record included a lightning victory over Sergei Kharitonov, obtained in 16 seconds.

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So the fans had a clear understanding that Kongo will fight with a bright puncher. But Cheik himself was not in the least afraid of this. He finished the fight swiftly. The Frenchman was not at all afraid of the enemy’s cavalry attacks and worked in cold blood on the waste. One of these episodes became the key one. Xavi pressed his opponent to the net and tried to throw a left cross. Kongo cleverly left the attack and caught the opponent with a hard left hook. The blow landed right on the chin. Ayala fell to the canvas, and it was not difficult for the 43-year-old fighter to finish him off. Thus, Kongo, in cold blood and in class, literally unwound the opponent, who had knocked out Kharitonov a little earlier in just 16 seconds.

Of course, we can say that such comparisons are incorrect and specific fights make styles. But still the fact remains. Congo, at 43, dealt with Ayala in a little over 2 minutes, while the Russian was literally defeated by the same Ayala.

Taking this into account, it is already very difficult to call Kharitonov the favorite of the fight, especially considering the opposition that Sergei has chosen for himself in recent years. In any case, from our side, we wish Kharitonov a victory, which, possibly, will promise a title fight in the future. If Sergei loses, it is very likely that the defeat to the 46-year-old opponent will end the chapter of his career at Bellator.


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