“Khimki” have won the French ASVEL in the match of basketball Euroleague


Basketball players situated near Moscow “Khimki” at home at “Mytishchi Arena” in the match of the 26th round of the Euroleague regular season defeated the French club ASVEL (Villeurbanne) with a resounding difference in 29 (!) points – 108:79. "Химки" победили французский АСВЕЛ в матче баскетбольной Евролиги


Acquitted the main message of the statistics Department of the Euroleague, which experts have noticed that when Khimki players well protected and not allow the opponents to score 80 points or more, usually the team wins.

– Had a great game! Played well in the first half, although in the third quarter the opponent to act tougher, but we continued to stick to their line. Played in his attack, great defense, and stopped a large number of throws of the opponent. You need to act at the site in a similar way each time. This is an example of how to win matches, – quotes the club’s press-service of the leader and the best scorer (24 points) at Khimki in the match Alexey Shved. It definitely confirms the thesis about the advantage of an effective defense.

However, the hosts and the attack succeeded perfectly. After the first quarter – 35:28, crazy overall performance. 65 points in the first half of the match, our team – a repeat of the Euroleague record. The Swede not only hit the ring in the usual style, he actively partners supplying great gear (13 a goal for the entire game). Total 108 points per match – so “Khimki” in this tournament over the previous 25 rounds still no one scored.

Note that serious recessions in the wards of head coach Rimas Kurtinaitis for Friday evening was not. The team had been systematically increased his advantage, winning every quarter. And the maximum separation was not at some point in the middle of the meeting, and the its ending as the logical conclusion of complete superiority, with the active support of five thousand spectators.

In addition to post double figures in the points column his fighting partner Jonas Zherebko (18), Devin Bucker (17), Janis Timmy (14), Chris Kramer (11) and dirisa of Bertans (11). In the composition of the guests and especially to allocate a certain, all looked unattractive on the background of clearly catches courage of the basketball club “Khimki”.

The leader of our United League has strengthened its position in the zone of hitting in the playoffs of the top continental club tournament, but overall is quite vague and remains a serious struggle for the remaining seven rounds of the regular season. “Khimki”, the Spanish “Valencia” Turkish “Fenerbahce” symmetrically at the boundary of the playoffs, then in one step behind another three teams. And and among them “Zalgiris”, who is a Swede and the company simply have to win in Lithuania, the third of March.


Rimas Kurtinaitis, coach of BC Khimki

– The team did a great job, both in terms of energy and in terms of commitment in defense. We also fought well on the boards, what had problems in previous matches. Honestly, I had expected more from the guests, but that’s their problem. We look at our team, and most importantly, to preserve the solidity, to bring the matches to the end, and not as it was at the beginning of the season when we easily created a backlog of 15-17 points, and then won with a minimal difference. Now three minutes before the siren a couple of times we greased from under the shield, and I think this is wrong, because it doesn’t matter how much you lead – plus 30, or plus 50. If free under the basket, you should absolutely score, like free throws. In General am happy that the team understood what I want from her.

All the results of the 26th round

“Khimki” (Moscow region, Russia) – ASVEL (Villeurbanne, France) – 108:79;

CSKA (Moscow, Russia) – “Barcelona” (Spain) – 80:82;

“Zenit” (St. Petersburg, Russia) – “Bavaria” (Munich, Germany) – 68:77;

“Real” (Madrid, Spain) – Panathinaikos (Athens, Greece) – 96:78;

“Alba” (Berlin, Germany) – Efes (Istanbul, Turkey) – 86:99;

“Maccabi” (Tel Aviv, Israel) – “Olympiakos” (Peraeus, Greece) – 71:70;

“Basque Country” (Vitoria, Spain) – “Crvena Zvezda” (Belgrade, Serbia) – 71:56;

“Zalgiris” (Kaunas, Lithuania) – Milan (Italy) – 105:97 (FROM);

“Valencia” (Spain) – “Fenerbahche” (Istanbul, Turkey) – 86:93.

The position of teams in the Euroleague

1. Efes – 23 wins – 3 losses – early in the playoffs;

2. Real – 20-6 early in the playoffs;

3. Barcelona 20-6 early in the playoffs;

4. Maccabi – 18-8;

5. CSKA 17-9;

6. Panathinaikos – 14-12;

7. “Khimki” – 12-14;

8. “Valencia” – 12-14;

9. Fenerbahce – 12-14;

10. “Zalgiris” – 11-15;

11. Olympiakos – 11-15;

12. Milan – from 11 to 15;

13. “Basque country” – 10-16;

14. “Crvena Zvezda” – 10-16;

15. “Alba” – 9-17;

16. Aswel – 9-17;

17. Bayern 8-18;

18. “Zenit” – 7-19.

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