Kiriakov: Claims against CSKA less than to the “Krasnodar”


Former player of national team of Russia Sergey Kiryakov commented on the devastating defeat of the Russian clubs in the group stage of the Europa League.


“Well, 50 or 100 years is probably still possible to say that the “Krasnodar” not enough Euro Cup experience. Seriously, this is complete nonsense. To hear this nonsense… This, of course, can continue indefinitely, these conversations about the lack of experience of playing in Europe.

But “Krasnodar” has players playing for the national teams that competed at a high level. And here in fact we are not even talking about the Champions League match”, — quotes Kiryakova “R-Sport”.

Recall that in the away matches of the tournament CSKA lost to Bulgarian “real Madrid” (1:5), “Krasnodar” Swiss “Basel” (0:5).

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