Kiriakov: it is Unlikely that Russia will lose advantage


The former striker of the national team of Russia Sergey Kiryakov commented on the last match of the national team of the UEFA Euro 2020 against Kazakhstan (1:0).


“Heavy meeting. It is clear that the Kazakhs came out with the idea to play a draw, it was clearly evident from the first minute. It was hard to break the saturated defense, especially after heavy meetings in Scotland where players have lost a lot of strength.

Yes, there have been several changes in the starting lineup, but the team is not markedly increased. In such matches you need to be patient and wait my chance. The opponent has paid great attention to the defense, hence a small number of moments. Fortunately, at the end of the game the standard position helped us, and we earned three very important points.

In the standings we have a huge handicap, and it is unlikely we’ll lose the existing advantage, which he deserved. Now to your situation should be treated accordingly: continue to score points and go ahead. I think everything will be fine”, — quotes the words Kiryakova

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