Kirill Marchenko: “If met with Ovechkin, his knees buckled would”


Forward SKA and the Russian team 19-year-old Kirill Marchenko sorry about the cancellation of the world Cup, where he could meet my childhood idol Alexander Ovechkin.

— You, probably, it is doubly disappointing that the world Cup was canceled: it was a once in a lifetime chance to take youth and adults medals in one year…

— Actually, till I said, I hadn’t even thought about. So, Yes…

— Ovechkin may be met, who was called the idol.

Is had a child. But I wanted to meet with him — now the sore is gone. In this respect it’s a shame, I agree.

— Well, let not the idol, but when you first see Ovechkin live, my knees buckled, before a helping hand?

— Of course I will give way. Not that it is not the idol, just before I imitated him in something-14-15 years, and now found their level. I am a player is, not trying to be someone similar. But in any case, I like Ovechkin, I admire the way he plays. And not only he, but all the Russian NHL stars. All in their own right, I like them. Of course, I would like to meet with Ovechkin. I’d be more worried, it would be nice.

— Why, by the way, Ovechkin was equal and he imitated a few years ago? Ivan Morozov’s Datsyuk gave preference, if I’m not mistaken…

At the time, so it was: who scored, the one you most like!

Earlier, the international ice hockey Federation (IIHF) announced the cancellation of the world championship in Switzerland due to the coronavirus. The tournament was to be held in Zurich and Lausanne from 8 to 24 may.

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