Kiselevich: if not Sorokin, CSKA in the first period would have missed three goals


© RIA Novosti / Alexey Filippov / Go to the banks ofthe CSKA Goalkeeper Ilya SorokinКиселевич: если бы не Сорокин, ЦСКА в первом периоде пропустил бы три шайбы

Semyon Galkevich. CSKA players would have missed three goals from Khabarovsk “Amur” in the first period if not for the play of the goalkeeper of CSKA Ilya Sorokin, told RIA Novosti the CSKA defender Bogdan Kiselevich.

CSKA on Tuesday in Moscow with the score 4:1 beat “Amur” in the match of the regular championship KHL. Kiselevich scored effective transfer.

“Cupid” cleverly acted the first period, it was hard to play. If not the game of our brilliant goalie Ilya Sorokin, already in the first period we’d conceded three goals, to be honest. Today is not like the quality of the ice, I don’t know what it involves. In the second period we turned, and “Cupid” hooked,” said Kiselevich

“I don’t think that after I throw the puck went into the goal, if Sergei Kalinin is not tripped. An experienced player, that is to say, both sides of the stick work for him. Not upset if Ilya Sorokin that missed in the end? He gets decent money, let it work. In fact, we in the team feel the favor in front of him,” said Kiselevich.

CSKA ranks first in the PivotTable CHL. “Not easy to play here, as it seems from the outside. You just set myself other tasks. The NHL is also not to say that it was just because we didn’t often win at the Florida, where I started last season. The team did great took, as if never left. Site less now in the KHL, I was in such easier to play,” added Kiselevich.

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