Klopp first appeared at Liverpool without glasses. Where did they go?


Klopp first appeared at Liverpool without glasses. Where did they go?

You may have noticed something strange and unusual at yesterday’s match at Liverpool. No, we’re not talking about the return of Van Dyck , who played for the first time in 10 months. No, we’re not talking about the score – everything is expected there, Liverpool unwound Norwich – 3: 0.

We are talking about the appearance of Jurgen Klopp . He appeared at the game without his glasses, which he wore more or less always. Just look:

Klopp’s new look was also appreciated on social media.

“Urgent: FSG sold Klopp glasses and bought a new yacht.”

Klopp first appeared at Liverpool without glasses.  Where did they go?

“How does Jurgen Klopp feel without glasses.”

Jurgen Klopp walked without glasses already at Liverpool’s training camp in Austria. He did not wear them after returning to England and for the first match of the Premier League season. Why is that? Klopp started eye treatment at the end of last season. But then it was, rather, preparatory and health procedures. In the offseason, during the holidays, he underwent surgery, thanks to which he can now refuse glasses.

Mirror contacted a source close to Klopp’s entourage. He said, “He had a little eye surgery and it went very well. Jurgen may not wear glasses all the time. But from time to time he can still wear them for convenience. “

Jurgen Klopp almost always complained of vision problems. But global deterioration began at the end of the player’s career – at the same time he began to appear more often in glasses. After the transition to the coaching position, Klopp did not part with them. He even said: “Everything is banal and simple here. I have bad sight. Glasses are more comfortable for me. I don’t want to take them off, even though I’m still young enough. Without them, I will not be able to properly watch the gameplay. “

Then Klopp changed them in accordance with the style. At first, these were ordinary professorial glasses. At Borussia, he signed a contract with the glasses manufacturer Eschebach Titanflex. Klopp has different models for different occasions. For example, in 2020 Sky Sports did an interview with Klopp about the changes at Liverpool, and a reporter asked Klopp about the new eyewear model. He replied: “Yes, these are wonderful glasses. In them I see everything and can even read. But next game I will be wearing different glasses, because during matches I only need to see from a distance. ”

Jurgen Klopp’s glasses are also a topic of discussion for British tabloids. For example, in the spring, English journalists drew parallels between Harry Potter and Klopp because of his new glasses.

More stories about Klopp and his glasses:

In the 2003/04 season, Klopp led Mainz to the Bundesliga. Then he said: “We first celebrated with the players. And on the same evening we went to get-togethers with the coaching staff. We got drunk there. I was told that for some reason I literally gave glasses to a simple passer-by as a gift. Although he was not even interested in football. “

In February 2011 Borussia beat Bayern Munich 3-1 for the first time. The team was so celebrated that Shahin accidentally broke Klopp’s glasses.

By the way, it was after the episode with Shahin Eschebach that Titanflex signed a contract with Klopp (at the time of the breakdown, Klopp had glasses of this particular company).

And the broken glasses ended up in the Borussia Museum.

• A similar episode with Klopp happened at Liverpool. In 2016, Liverpool made a fight with Norwich – 5: 4. Adam Lallana scored a goal in the 95th minute. Klopp from his technical area ran to the corner flag to celebrate the ball with the players. And in the crowd, Christian Benteke accidentally knocked glasses off Klopp.

Then Klopp said: “I usually carry two pairs of glasses with me. But I couldn’t find a spare one because it’s hard to find glasses without glasses. ”

And about Benteke, Klopp joked: “They were broken. Benteke did it. So do not break my glasses or you will be sold ( Benteke went to Crystal Palace. – Approx. “Championship” ) “.


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