Knockout with a flying knee in the jaw. How Yoel Romero made his UFC debut


Knockout with a flying knee in the jaw. How Yoel Romero made his UFC debut

On September 18, Yoel Romero will finally make his Bellator debut. His rival will be strong Phil Davis, who lost only to the best (Vadim Nemkov, Ryan Bader, Rashad Evans). But, as we know, the Soldier of God was never embarrassed by this, for the Cuban ends his battles very brightly, regardless of the opposition.

One of the highlights of Yoel’s career is his UFC debut in 2013. As opponents he was appointed a strong Clifford Starks, who at that time had eight victories and one defeat. However, the American lost his last fight by submission.

Romero at that time had only five fights, in four of which he won by knockout. However, the Cuban also lost his last fight, but in Strikeforce, which ultimately did not affect his transition to the UFC. At the same time, this did not in any way eliminate the need to win for further advancement in the ranking.

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From the first seconds, Starks joined the battle, imposing active work as the first number. But Yoel was not going to ask for trouble. And so he worked as a typical representative of the Cuban boxing school, although the Soldier of God is known for the silver medal of the Olympics in freestyle wrestling. That is, Romero only defended himself, occasionally counterattacking. Their reconnaissance in force was like a cat and mouse game in which there was no winner. This is because Clifford rarely hits, and Yoel also rarely counterattacks.

Despite the restrained manner of fighting performed by the Cuban, he managed to demonstrate a more diverse arsenal in the form of a combo of side kicks to the knee and to the head. At the same time, Romero did not follow the example of his fellow boxers, who run all 12 rounds in the ring (hello to Erislandi Lara and Guillermo Rigondo), and at the first opportunity attacked the stagnant Starks with a flying knee to the jaw. Clifford flew to the canvas and could no longer get up, because the Soldier of God immediately finished off the defenseless American.

Yoel, in his signature style, ran to celebrate the victory in the lap of honor with jumping on the cage. For Romero, this early knockout victory was his last in the first round. Let’s see how the 44-year-old Cuban’s Bellator debut goes.


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