Kobelev: Newcomers Dynamo are better than those who already are in the team


On Monday the match “Spartak” – CSKA ended the program of the sixth round of the Russian Premier League (RPL). The result of the meeting in Tushino became known after the signing rooms “RG” in print. Кобелев: Новички "Динамо" не лучше тех, кто уже есть в команде

Dynamo suffered a second home defeat in a row and dropped to 13th place. Photo: Michael Sinitsyn

A little earlier at the stadium “Dynamo” in Petrovsky Park “it is white-blue” took in another capital derbi “the locomotive”. The victory was for the guests – 2:1. This season, Dynamo fans were great hopes. Finally moved to a new arena, the club for the first time in a long time spent on the gain. Ten rookies with a total cost of approximately 40 million euros – about this fans “white-blue” until recently could not even dream of.

But while the effectiveness of these transfers raises serious questions. By and large one of the newcomers not strengthened the team, and some did not get into the starting lineup. Steering Muscovites Dmitry Khokhlov soothes the fact that he and his players need time, and meanwhile the “white-blue” have dropped in the zone of transition matches for 13th place.

Their feelings of the game “Dynamo” and the prospects for the capital club in an interview with “RG” said the former midfielder and coach of this team, the two-time winner of the Cup of Russia, master of sports of the international class Andrey Kobelev.

It’s time to sound the alarm or is too early?

Andrey Kobelev: And that – “Dynamo” flew? No. Let’s order. The club bought new players but many of them came only now, when played for several rounds. Philip made his debut with Lokomotiv, N MS first came out in the start, Lesya second meeting was just. The team has not yet been collected, it has yet to build.

And how do you beginners?

Andrey Kobelev: I will Not say that they are better than those who are already in Dynamo. Last season the team defended well but in attack showed nothing. It was clear – it is necessary to increase ahead. However, this was not done. Began a strange purchase, duplication of positions. And here we must ask, first and foremost, with sports and General Directors.

Think Dynamo failed transfer campaign?

Andrey Kobelev: can only say that Philippe is a quality player. But again: it only came out in mid-August. I hope he will quickly rediscover their form. As for N MS, then excuse me – well, what is seven million? Dynamo just gave Marseilles the money. I agree with the fans of the French club, who thanked the “white-blue” for this transfer. Yes, it can sometimes sharpen the game, but the efficiency is zero.

“Dynamo” has once again deflated in the second half. Why?

Andrey Kobelev: the Team hasn’t played. In such situations, the field needs a leader. And his “Dynamo” no. And here again the question arises as to staffing. The management and selectors of the club had to buy a player that can change the match alone. Look at the “Lokomotiv”. There is Smolov, the Miranchuk brothers, Krychowiak. These people are unable to do something, even if the game team is not. Dynamo of people there. A lot of shopping – but what are they? Here Parshivlyuk better than Kozlov? Or Pliev stronger Raouche and kaboré – Tetteh? No, you know.

A fault of a coach to a disastrous start of the season no?

Andrey Kobelev: There are of course, but now all the arrows on Hohlova. And must meet all who is included in sport unit: head coach, sports and CEO. And then we have how it is – the Director all the blame on the coach and it will be removed. There will come a new specialist, who says that he has not the players and need to by beginners. In such a situation no progress and speech can not be. And anyway – what’s the point to these allocated 40 million euros to take ten players? For the money you can buy three or four high-level performers and win.

In front of “Dynamo” the goal is to get into European competitions. It’s really such problems?

Andrey Kobelev: why not? If all the newcomers will progress, for 5-6-th place fight is realistic. We have the same championship is unpredictable. All praised “Rostov”, and he went and lost to “Ufa”, “Ahmad” ten men took away points from Zenit. Still might be. Another issue is that the same “Locomotive” more opportunities to win gold, than the “Dynamo” to get into the top 5.

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