Kombarov already not confident in the resumption of the season in RPL


Defender “wings of the Soviets” Dmitry Kombarov has shared his opinion about the resumption of the season of RPL.


“On the one hand I am happy because every player wants to play. Like recently had a vacation, worked for a few games, and again on vacation. To sit in one place tired.

But, given the unstable situation with coronavirus, is not confident that the resumption of RPL is a good idea. The main thing — health of the population of players. In my opinion, it is still under threat. No wonder they say that the second wave can cover regions.

Four teams have infected the players, and if someone will test positive? Indeed, while not all clubs have the results. If you identify other cases kovida, in my opinion, it is advisable to cancel the tournament. Even if there will be a little be laid up leaders can.

Broken training, as it happened in the Dynamo. You guys have probably already been in contact with each other. That means we need to get back on quarantine or workout individually, but then you don’t prepare normally for the tournament. In any case, we run the risk of. Health first and foremost.

The players are sensible people. There is no vaccine, to hurt no one wants, it is unclear how the virus will behave in the body. What body eventually suffer.

I understand that maybe nothing will happen, but, unfortunately, personally know of a case where the coronavirus during the week turned a completely healthy person into a corpse. My friend died a good friend. Ski instructor, who was 40 years old. It’s not a fake, the man had perfect health.

After such news, of course, be a different attitude to the risk of infection. How to play knowing that no one is safe? No one in the current conditions will not guarantee that you won’t get sick, and if sick, will recover”, — quotes Kombarova Sportbox.

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