Kournikova’s children are using the home court for other purposes. Will they play tennis?


Kournikova’s children are using the home court for other purposes. Will they play tennis?

The children of Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias have a lot to turn around in the family villa. The son and two daughters of world stars of sports and pop music have already mastered the home tennis court. True, while the kids do not play tennis there and use it for other purposes.

Anna Kournikova ended her professional career 18 years ago, but continues to attract attention. A lot of this is facilitated not only by the magnificent form of the 40-year-old former first racket of the world in doubles, but also by the fact that Anna has been in a relationship with one of the most famous pop singers Enrique Iglesias for many years. Three years ago, the couple had twins, Nicholas and Lucy, and two years later, their youngest daughter Masha. Despite numerous rumors about the separation of the couple, judging by the social networks of Kournikova and Iglesias, the appearance of children only strengthened their union.

In general, Anna and Enrique do not spoil subscribers with new photos and videos of their heirs. But the other day Kournikova posted on her Instagram a video in which Niko’s son, driving a mini-electric car, rolls his sisters around the home tennis court. The children laugh merrily, and Lucy says first in Russian “Come on, come on!” and at the end of the video adds: “Goodbye!” For several days, the video has collected almost 900 thousand views. Users in the comments did not regret enthusiastic words about the children of Kournikova and Iglesias: “Such suns!” “They’re magical!” “Sweet kids!” – wrote fans of the star couple.

The large family of Kournikova and Iglesias has a lot to turn around and have fun. They live in a luxurious mansion in Miami on the shores of Biscayne Bay. The couple moved there in 2013. According to realtors, now the estate is worth $ 26 million. There is a two-story house on the site, as well as an outbuilding for security, cars, an outdoor pool and a tennis court with a hard surface. It was on this court that the children of Anna and Enrique cut them on a red car.

While the home court of the famous tennis player is used for other purposes. But, perhaps, soon the children of the former first racket of the world in doubles will still take the rackets in their hands. In any case, Anna once posted a photo of her youngest daughter Masha in a white outfit and provided the following comment: “Wimbledon, I’m coming!”

In general, Kournikova and Iglesias are trying to introduce children to sports. Considering that they live in Miami, kids swim a lot since childhood. In addition, they play football and other outdoor games with their parents on the playground.

Once Iglesias admitted that he would be glad if the children were seriously involved in sports, because he himself is a big fan of football, tennis and golf: “I don’t want to become one of the obsessed fathers, but I already told Anna that she can become the best coach in the world for our children. By the way, we regularly play tennis with her. I sometimes manage to beat her, but I think she just lets me win. “


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