Kovalchuk explained why not encourage people to stay home, my childhood


Forward of “Washington” Ilya Kovalchuk shared his opinion about the pandemic coronavirus and containment measures taken around the world.

We’re all like under house arrest put. This virus is still no one can understand. It is clear that this is very dangerous, and adults at risk. Especially those who have asthma, diabetes and other diseases. I have doctor mother, manages the clinic in Tver. It every day at work. We communicate, and my mom says that the situation is very difficult. People appeal to a lot of new cases. A day for 20-30 people. Well, there are all the medicines, robes and masks. All right, nurses and doctors work. They are real soldiers on the frontline.

— I know first hand. And this is no joke. Not the usual flu, which everyone will forget. Never in my life was not that everything in the world stopped. Stopped all sports, all rinks and gyms are closed. We need to take this seriously. God forbid that faster came up with some vaccine.

Taught me this situation: everything in the world is equal. No matter what your status, how much money you have. Now all sit at home, all in quarantine, they are doing the same. Plus, just the fact that we can spend time with family. As I professionally playing ice hockey since I was 16, I had very little time spent with household members. Constantly on the move. And now the children look at me and mom asked, “when is dad going somewhere?” Because they have a habit, when I travel with the team on trips, in the home there are clear rules. But now I am constantly home, something trying to fix something not like it — and the first time our family has even gone to grinding.

But in General we always have fun. We constantly come up with some games. Well, that is the house and you can spend time on the street. Many are asking me to put a post in Instagram, so I urged people to stay home. But remember my childhood when we lived in a one bedroom apartment five-storey Khrushchev. Don’t know how to tell people more than two months to sit in such an environment. Especially when you have run out of money, and you simply can’t buy milk and bread. I find it strange and a pity that this can be in the twenty-first century. Let the faster it ends, and we begin to live a normal life. People get on their feet, start to earn money again and will smile, — said Kovalchuk on the Instagram of Yulia Bordovskih.

Recall, the NHL season was suspended due to a pandemic coronavirus. 37-year-old Kovalchuk during the regular season joined the “Washington,” for which he scored one goal and gave three assists.

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