“Krasnodar” won a historic victory in the match against “Porto”


The Russian club “Krasnodar” continues to fight for a place in the group stage of the Champions League. Kuban the bulls in the two matches against all odds passed Porto and will play in the state playoffs with the Greek “Olympiakos”. "Краснодар" одержал историческую победу в матче с "Порту"Former Spartak ze Luis (right) scored “Krasnodar”, but this “Port” is not enough Photo: RIA Novosti

The return match in Porto definitely will go down in history not only of FC “Krasnodar”, which is on the shores of the Atlantic won its first victory in the Champions League, but domestic sports television. Ten years ago, already had a situation, when Russian TV showed the Europa League match. Then the St. Petersburg “Zenith” played with the Portuguese “Nationala”, which has requested for stream unreal money. And here again having problems with the Portuguese that is difficult to call a coincidence.

The fundamental difference, compared with the situation in 2009, in General one. That game with “Nationala” view will not work, knew everything in advance. Here, the cancellation of the broadcast was a shock to everyone. “Match-TV” for its part was prepared as follows. But the guests in the Studio Alexander Mostovoy, like millions of fans, in the end live watched the game AFC Ajax – PAOK. About a half hour before the meeting, the Portuguese have dramatically changed the conditions and increased the price of the stream, although the conditions are negotiated in advance. Moreover, the money demanded forward – given the shortage of time the task is definitely impossible.

The only reasonable explanation for the behavior of leadership “Port” lies in the following. Recently, the club launched its own TV app. Download it to your mobile phone or tablet, fans could watch the match with the “Krasnodar”, free of charge. What’s the benefit? To increase the number of downloads to increase the rating of the new product and its visibility. This stage of qualification was the last, when the TV rights belong to the clubs host matches. With the next round of selection which is the last one before the group stage, the television images belongs to UEFA. Thus, the Portuguese, who hardly doubt in the next round, apparently decided to “pump” application. But the interests of the Russian fans bosses “Port” is clearly worried in the least.

The penalty for such minor mischief was instantaneous and was extremely hard. “Krasnodar” in the first half, scored three goals, two of which held, Magomed Shapi Suleymanov, to finally get the opportunity to play from the first minute. Porto woke up after the break, giving the bulls and played two balls. One of them, by the way, on the conscience of the former Spartak ze Luis. But the final strike, the owners didn’t help – 3:2 in advantage “Krasnodar”. Kuban Porto won 1:0, so that, due to the larger number of guest goals then there is the Russian club.

Although in the first half we scored three goals, understood that in the second half will be very hard. In principle, we saw it – “Port” added. Thanks to the team, she stood, and we go further, – said the press service of “Krasnodar” man of the match Mohammed-Shapi Suleymanov.

Portuguese newspaper his team after the game crushed. The last time the dragons were left without Champions League eight years ago, and this failure is very painful for the club budget. The local press already ernichat on the theme that “Krasnodar” the first victory in the Champions League stripped Porto of at least 40 million euros – as many journalists estimated the potential losses from departure of the main European competition. This amount is approximately one third of the annual budget of the “dragons”. No TV apps such losses will not be worth even a hundred years.

However, the problem of “Port” we now worry a little. What is important is that Krasnodar is going on. To reach the group stage need to undergo another status of the opponent. They will become Greek “Olympiakos” is a regular participant of the main competition. He’s already quite confidently beat the Vice-champion of Turkey “Istanbul Basaksehir” in both matches – 1:0 away and 2:0 at home.

– In the next round also will not be easy. Olympiakos is a very serious team, a club with history. We must work with full readiness, – said the press service of FC Krasnodar defender Aleksandr Martynovich. But anyway before that we have important matches in the championship. Now we need to concentrate on them.

21 Aug “Krasnodar” will play with a 44-fold champion of Greece in Piraeus, and then take the opponent on 27 August.

In other matches of the qualification sensations are also missing. For example, the Romanian CFR knocked out of the Scottish “Celtic”. The team from Cluj scored the decisive goal in the seventh minute of added and has won 4:3. In the first match was a draw 1:1. Austrian CARESSES, which in the Champions League rookie, twice defeated a far more experienced “Basel” from Switzerland – 3:1 and 2:1. “Crvena Zvezda” at the expense of penalties left behind “Copenhagen”, although both matches ended in a draw 1:1. “Bruges” by winning 1:0 passed Kiev “the Dynamo” – in the second match, the Belgians mined the saving a draw 3:3. Other results: “Karabakh” (Azerbaijan) – APOEL (Cyprus) – 0:2, 2:1; “Rosenborg” (Norway) – “Maribor” (Slovenia) – 3:1, 3:1; “Ferencvaros” (Hungary) – “Dynamo” (Croatia) – 0:4, 1:1; “Ajax” (Holland) – PAOK (Greece) – 3:2, 2:2.

A pair of round of the playoffs look like this: “young boys” (Switzerland) – “Tsrvena the Star” (Serbia), “Dynamo” (Croatia) – “Rosenborg” (Norway); CFR (Romania) Slavia (Czech Republic); APOEL (Cyprus) – “the Ajax” (Netherlands); LASK (Austria) – “Brugge” (Belgium).

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