Kucherov and Vasilevskiy will become legends. Dream team of next decade


“Soviet sport” team made up of players over the next decade.

Loading… the North American channel TSN was the symbolic team for the next ten years. According to foreign experts, the main NHL players from 2019 to 2029 will be ice hockey “Tampa Bay” Andrey Vasilevsky and Nikita Kucherov. The Russians got into teams of two observers. However, as Connor McDavid from Edmonton.

But the rest position of the main observers of the channel vary. Someone turned on Rasmus Dalin (Buffalo), Victor Hedman (“Tampa Bay”) and David Pastrnak (“Boston”), and someone thinks to light the ocean will Seth Jones (“Columbus”), Thomas Chabot (“Ottawa”) and Leon Dreiseitl (“Edmonton”).

“Soviet sport” decided to create his version of the future legends of the NHL. Attention, there will be a lot of Russians.


Кучеров и Василевский станут легендами. Сборная мечты следующего десятилетия

Vasilevsky already ranks among the top 3 goalkeepers in the world. At the end of last season, the 25-year-old received “Vezina Trofi” – a prize to the best goalkeeper of the championship. The voting the Russian has won very confidently. He recently signed an eight-year contract with “Tampa” in 9.5 million dollars per season. The inclusion of Vasilevsky in such a team – not an advance. The goalkeeper is still not fully realized its huge potential.

In the near future, “Tampa” waiting for restructuring, it is unlikely to be the most stable team in the League. So Vasilevskiy will be harder to stamp the victory. But this is unlikely to somehow affect the level of a goalkeeper’s game. He is able to pull out matches even without the visible help of the players.


Кучеров и Василевский станут легендами. Сборная мечты следующего десятилетия

The Swedish player defense is only 19 years old, and he is the leader of the defense for Buffalo. In his first season in the NHL Dahlin scored 44 (9+35) points in 82 games. While he has problems with the performance of duties, but this is not surprising. Dalin often goes against the top units of the opponent. Give the guy time to get comfortable in the NHL.

The story of the Swede is somewhat reminiscent of what happened with McDavid. Except that the scale of promotion was different. About Dalin knew more or less all hockey fans and experts even before he played his first game in the NHL. In his debut Olympics, the Swede also played before moving overseas.


Кучеров и Василевский станут легендами. Сборная мечты следующего десятилетия

The 21-year-old boy from Yaroslavl also began to speak long before his NHL debut. Provorov tore the Junior League of Canada, picking up more points on average per game. While it is difficult to be called a midfielder. In defense of the young Provorov was flawless.

No one was surprised that he was taken high in the draft under the seventh room. “Philadelphia” is unlikely to regret it. Yes, provorova, occasionally strident is not specified contract year, but I have confidence that next season the Russians will correct its not the best statistics. He has everything to become for the NHL, a figure comparable to Sergei Zubov, who was recently introduced to the hockey Hall of fame.


Кучеров и Василевский станут легендами. Сборная мечты следующего десятилетия

Again again for foreign colleagues, but otherwise not. In the last two season, Kucherov was the least discussed player than McDavid. The nomination and victory in the vote for “HART Trophy”, goalscoring records and the unique style of play. Kucherov now can be written in legends.

The Russians are very fanatical approach to their work. Everyday he tries to improve his game. Maybe Kucherov and will not from year to year to beat various achievements, but it did not need to become a great. If the striker does not fall below a level space, a place near the outstanding players of all times he provided.


Кучеров и Василевский станут легендами. Сборная мечты следующего десятилетия

Without McDavid such ratings are never complete. You know this guy from when he was a 14 year old kid. For some strange reason it is now overshadowed by Sidney Crosby. While it’s more like good marketing than real situation.

But it is impossible not to appreciate the highest level of McDavid. It is clear to anyone who’s seen at least a couple of games for canadian. The guy knows everything and is constantly getting better. For the NHL in the next 10-12 years it will definitely be a major player.


Кучеров и Василевский станут легендами. Сборная мечты следующего десятилетия

Very strange that no one from TSN has not enabled Matthews to your list. 21-year-old winner of the “Calder Trophy” the hurricane broke into the NHL, having poker in his first match. Statistically, Matthews ‘ all good, he regularly gaining 60-70 points a season.

But this is only just the beginning. Matthews has all the necessary set of skills to each year to knock under 100 points. Crazy shot, court vision, ball sense – it’s hard to find weak points of the American. Space the performance is not far off.

source: “Soviet sport”

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