Kvartalnov: Yarullin will play against metallurg Magnitogorsk, part of Glukhov in question


© RIA Novosti / Alexander Ovcharov / Go to the banks ofthe Hockey players of “AK Bars” Fedor Malykhin and albert Yarullin and forward of “Metallurgist” Vladislav Kaletnik (left to right)Квартальнов: Яруллин сыграет с "Магниткой", участие Глухова под вопросом

Vadim Kuznetsov. The head coach Kazan “AK the Leopard” Dmitry Kvartalnov said that he expects defender albert Yarullin in the upcoming game of the championship KHL with Magnitogorsk “Metallurgist”, and the striker Mikhail Glukhov could miss the match.

“AK the leopard” will play with “metallurg” in Kazan on Friday 13 September. Due to injury Yarullin missed the start of the KHL season.

“Albert Yarullin play. According to Glukhov is not yet clear. Maybe the game will be ready,” said Kvartalnov reporters.

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