Kvyat again had a great race. When will the problem solved in the qualifications?


The second time the track “Silverstone” treated much more favorably to the Russian racer “alpha Tauri” Daniil Kvyat. At the Grand Prix of the 70th anniversary Kvyat for the second time in the season scored points and in General had a very strong race. Let us examine the main points of the weekend Daniel.

Good start, good strategy

1. From about the good — that is, about the race. After the failure on Saturday Kvyat took himself in hand and again gave a good start. Critics will say: well, the farther you start, the easier it is to regain the position. Anyway, if you start with 16-th position, Daniel left on 14-e a place that is toured not only made yet another reversal of Sebastian Vettel (by the way, Ferrari spun dangerously close to the car “alpha Tauri”), but one rival Romain Grosjean. Is the long-standing problem with the start Kvyat finally gone? Cool if so.

2. In General, Kvyat Sunday continued to do exactly what he did a week ago to strange problems with the wheel and crash. The Russians spent error-free race, overtook those who had to overtake, and worked well with the tyres. Particularly important were overtaking aukon: he allowed Kvyat to enter the operating room and to pass at exactly the pace that after a final stop back in the top 10. The combination of all the above factors have enabled Daniel to finish in the points zone and pass to Pierre went Out, though he started much higher at seventh.

At the same time without some luck helped him: after pit stops Kvyat managed to leave the track right in front of their direct competitors — for example, Sainz and Vettel. Well, the team proposed a good strategy (Hey went Out and Vettel) and not messed up the pit stops (sorry Carlos).

3. Despite the successful outcome of the race, let’s not consider the tactics of “alpha Tauri” right brilliant. In fact, they have chosen a quite standard strategy for the pilot that failed in the third qualifying segment: two line segments on “hard” and another on “medium” – for more easy and gentle tyre machine. More creative work in the Renault and especially Ferrari have aukon tactics worked “hard” — “medium”, and Leclere after 18 laps on the “medium” in some incredible way made “hard” to hold the remaining 34 and even sometimes to put the fastest laps. In the end, Charles was the fourth, and Windows eight. I wonder if Esteban’s work for Kvyat?

Again qualification…

4. Let us turn to the negative. Everything is obvious: Daniel lost again Saturday. Moreover, in contrast to the previous Grand Prix, this time the Russian “friends” with the car on short series of circles, went quite at the pace of Pierre and was good in training. Everything seemed fine, but one gust of wind and it was over. However, you can always say — well, it was harder to pass the first round, to be less dependent on surprises. Yes, the track condition was worse, but it is likely to lead Russell’s conditions still would be enough.

The situation with the qualifications is sad, the fact that Saturday is the main problem Alex Mirel Albon, which continues to wobble chair. Thai is so far behind max Verstappen, because at the end of qualifying is God knows where. Yes, then it shows spectacular breakthroughs (even sometimes overtaking too risky), but still loses a lot of time. So while the Dutchman ahead of two Mercedes, a charming little town situated inferior to him 40 seconds and becomes the fifth. But how can you consider Kvyat as a possible replacement for Alex, if the Russians in the qualifications is also not very?

5. To recap. According to the results of the starting five Grand Prix is already quite obvious: on Sundays, Daniel almost always does its job at a high level, squeezes the maximum from the car. Even from the start began to turn out. But the more important finally overcome Saturday’s failure. It seems that the progress in the settings is reached, the vehicle begins to approach Kvyat better — maybe, at least in Barcelona we are waiting for Saturday’s breakthrough?

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