Kvyat can be removed from the “Red bull” for the third time. It was probably for the best


The transfer market Formula 1 continues to entertain us. Renault and Fernando Alonso quickly enough shook hands, so now on the agenda is the situation with another multiple world champion: a new team looking for Sebastian Vettel. Today the authoritative portal Motorsport-Total told that Red bull is seriously considering the possibility to return to his “prodigal son”, and an unwitting victim of such a comeback will be Daniil Kvyat. How serious is this option and what to be ready for the Russians?

Last chance for Vettel

Not going to brag, but when the Austrian journalist Christian Nimmervoll announced “sensation abruptly returns Alonso”, I immediately thought about Vettel and Red bull. Still, the SEB is the real and almost the only chance, if he wants to stay in Formula 1.

In the “Mercedes” transparently hinted that even if his proper nationality SEB should not displace from the team or Hamilton so promptly won the race Bottas. Plus the replacement is talented and already gained experience George Russell.

Ferrari German rather unceremoniously removed. The most close to the leaders of the “racing point”, “McLaren” and “Reno” jobs left, although “pink “Mercedes” does in theory can land lance Stroll. But why Vettel? With these ensembles he’s in 2021-m for the title will fight, and even winning races. So along with the completion of a career there is only one option – the same “Red bull”.

“Bulls” patch the gaps

Why Vettel “Red bull”, it is clear: return to the home team and finding the real chance to fight for victory. But whether by the Austrians “old” by their standards pilot? According Nimmervoll, very necessary.

Sebastian at the time, left the team of Horner and Marko scandals, kept a great relationship and a great memory of himself. In Red bull still grateful Vettel for the first team’s successes, and the legendary victory in Monza behind the wheel of a Toro Rosso, and, of course, for four titles in a row.

But it is not only gratitude, or nostalgia. The leadership of the “bulls” continues anxiously glancing at the main team. Verstappen to questions asked, but with his partner after the sudden departure of Daniel ricciardo still had problems. Pierre went Out not impressed in the prospects Daniil Kvyat, Marko and Horner are probably not too believe, but Alex Mirel Albon yet not good enough. No one asks from the Thai riders to fight for the title, but he needs to take points away from rivals max and work on the constructors ‘ championship. These challenges Mirel Albon is not too much to cope, even in the “Red bull Ring” might win a crazy victory.

Alex still has time to prove himself (besides the debut stage was not quite significant, after the Thais took the front wing in favour of Verstappen), but if Mirel Albon will continue to play max 3-4 tenths in qualifying and to fight only with “McLaren” and “racing point”, then the leadership will take action. Those that are well acquainted went Out and Kvyat.

And in such a situation for the “Red bull” more than logical to put in the cockpit that is Vettel. If SEB will have at its disposal top-end equipment, then he can leave put a grey stupid mistakes and finally produce a result.

Will travel if Vettel Verstappen? Is not the fact. But will definitely give max extra motivation and will make the Dutchman a much better guide than Faded or Mirel Albon.

But what about Kvyat?

According to the scenario Nimmervoll, a third wheel in the group Vettel-Mirel Albon-Kvyat will be the Russians, and this, alas, is logical. Mirel Albon will go to gain experience in the “alpha Tauri” to the Thai owners of Red bull are not too worried about the treatment of the native pilot. But if to choose from a pair of Faded — Kvyat, the Frenchman’s younger, plus he scored more points during joint performances with Daniel in 2019-2020.

That can make a Quat to the view of the “Red bull” has changed? To return to the first team, “bulls”, I’m afraid nothing. There is a strong suspicion that Marko and Horner do not consider Fading and Kvyat as candidates for a promotion, again the first time failed to gain a foothold. They function as high as possible the results of the “alpha Tauri” at reasonable fees, and willingness to replace the pilot “Red bull” in case of illness or injury. Finally, Pierre and Daniel actually warm cockpits, while they will be new applicants from the youth program of the “bulls”.

Sounds pessimistic? So, maybe it makes no sense to worry if the transition Vettel will finish the novel with Kvyat’s Red bull? After last year’s decision of the “bulls” to raise up the Mirel Albon, Kvyat and not have the feeling that there is no bright future with the Austrians Daniel will be gone. If the Russians still hoped to get to the top of Formula 1, it’s time to plan this way without the support of Red bull. Moreover, as said Daniel himself, this year he has the opportunity to determine their own future and not wait until the last decision, he will remain in f-1 or not.

Yes, with alternatives now, not a lot, but, again, and to cling to all the forces of available large makes no sense. We need to finally defeat went Out and actively look around. And winter 2021 August himself in the side and stay.

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