Lapwings – at Magnitogorsk, Leipsic – in CSKA. The main transfer of the week in KHL


Talk about major deals of the clubs of the Continental League for last week. Mention is made only of transfers and exchanges officially confirmed by the teams.

Dr. Andrey Chibisov – from “Winnipeg” in “metallurg” Magnitogorsk

“Magnitogorsk” has returned good striker Andrei Chibisov, who already played in Magnitogorsk and is familiar to the head coach Ilia Vorobiev. Lapwings, some Magnitogorsk stiffness in the attack. Andrew is able to compete, to play power hockey, to score at the right time. He will have much playing time in the Ural club.

B. Brandon Leipsic – of “Washington” in CSKA

In North America, Leipsic embroiled in a scandal, for which he was expelled from Washington.

But the current head coach of “Motorist” bill Peters was also a member of the scandal. However, other direction. For the NHL Leipsic – strong striker, he should fit in with the game model Igor Nikitin.

B. Brandon Kozun from metallurg Magnitogorsk to Dinamo Minsk

Kozun had a failed season in Magnitka, many injured and remember nothing special. However, all Legionnaires Magnitogorsk last season played poorly. For Minsk Kosuna can be called a top player. Importantly, the Brandon had the desire to play, not to waste room on the ice.

Чибисов – в «Магнитке», Лайпсик – в ЦСКА. Главные трансферы недели в КХЛ

Brandon Kozun in metallurg

z. Dominique Machine – of “Syracuse” in “Cupid”

It is logical that after leaving the team of around Vilaseca in Khabarovsk signed a contract with Dominic Masinom of the “Tampa”. In “the Cupid” has headed for strengthening of positions of the Czech legionary players. For the KHL in General and for the “Cupid” in particular Machine – alien decent level. The man of great experience playing in North America in the “Tampa”.

z. Yegor Rykov from the “Hartford” in CSKA

After St. Petersburg “soldiers” traded the rights to defender Yegor Rykov in CSKA, it became clear that soon the player the defense will move to Moscow. In the “Rangers” Rykov did not work, and the next season the AHL will start who knows when. The question is: does this mean that now Nikita Nesterov is definitely not to be in CSKA? The money for it simply does not.

z. Morgan Ellis from HC “Sochi” in “Dinamo” Riga

In “Sochi” Ellis played in the first pair of protection. There is no doubt that Peteris Skudra will also use the canadian dollar in the first two pairs. For Riga, which in recent seasons hanging out at the bottom of the standings, the signing of such a plan can not hurt. Moreover, the limit on foreign players in Dynamo there.

B. Denis Parshin – of the “košice” in “Dinamo” Riga

We continue to talk about Riga. “Dynamo” — the most active club last week in terms of transfers. Another rookie champion of France of the forward Denis Parshin, well friend Peteris, square work together in “torpedo”. Square need in Riga craftsmen and creatives like Parshina, although in recent years in the KHL Denis as something went wrong. Even had to move to Slovakia.

V. Ilya Proskuryakov from “Ugra” in “Dinamo” Riga

Similar situation with the goalkeeper by Proskurjakovy. He is also well known, square at the “torpedo” Peteris where long time worked as a head coach. The last club in the KHL for Ilya became HC “Sochi”. Then the Russians got the contract in the “Yugra”, but after it came out, the residents immediately accepted their offer and returned to the team in the Continental League.

B. Zack Mitchell from “Neftekhimik” in “Dinamo” Riga

Russian fans found out Mitchell on the game in the “Neftekhimik”. The alien did not spoil the picture in Nizhnekamsk club, trying to exercise leadership to negotiate a new contract with the “wolves” have failed. However, in the “Neftekhimik” has changed the whole legionary line. The team Vyacheslav Butsaev was greatly reduced budget.

B. Matt white from “Neftekhimik” in Riga “Dinamo”

From the same category forward white. The North American is quite suitable for medium teams, able to play and score 10-15 goals per season. Will not be surprised if this will put a white in the bunch with Mitchell. It would be logical, given that players know each other on the game for Neftekhimik.

Чибисов – в «Магнитке», Лайпсик – в ЦСКА. Главные трансферы недели в КХЛ

Matt white in the “Neftekhimik”

V. Stanislav Galimov from metallurg Magnitogorsk Dynamo Riga

Galimov, as Proskuryakov with Parsinen, long Skudra played in “torpedo”. Now Riga “Dinamo” will be the Russian tandem of goalkeepers. Yes, both lately far did not Shine, but the coach who purposefully called them to himself, can go back to a solid level. At least, to write off these players just before.

B. Alex Protas – from the “Prince albert” in “Dinamo” Minsk

Dinamo Minsk continued a campaign for the return of the Belarusian promising young people from overseas to the resumption of the season in North America. Last week was signed by Alexey Protasov, one of the most promising Belarusian players. Striker system “capitals” quite well added in recent seasons. The player has already outgrown the level of youth hockey, will be interesting to see how the main Belarusian talent will show itself in the NHL. Protas until recently did not want to sign a contract with citizens, what he was talking about his agent, but the management of the “bison” was able to persuade the player.

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