Lawyer: Kokorin and Mamaev can close the exit from the country after the liberation


© RIA Novosti / Ilya Pitalev / Go to the BankAlexander Kokorin (left) and Pavel MamaevЮрист: Кокорину и Мамаеву могут закрыть выезд из страны после освобождения

The players Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamaev, which is due to be released on PAROLE next week probably won’t be able to leave Russia immediately after his release, reports Sport24.

According to the lawyer of the male Lebedev, the players can’t be restrictions on leaving the country. However, parolees may be subject to administrative supervision, which is carried out exclusively within Russia.

“In the administrative supervision of the players may not be allowed to leave the country. The restriction may be temporarily removed at the request of the players or their lawyers with the permission of the officials for good reasons,” he explained.

The lawyer noted that under the category of good reason in such cases the need for treatment outside of Russia or to care for a close relative living abroad.

“Personally, I think that Kokorin with Mamaev problems with traveling abroad should arise, and to sports camp in December/January exit permit they will get a lawful manner”, he concluded.

Alexis court of Belgorod region on September 6, granted the petition for parole Kokorin and Mamaev. The decision on PAROLE will come into force on 17 September. It is expected that on this day, the players will be released.

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