Learned to earn in Russian football?


“Soviet sport” analyzes the budgets of clubs of RPLnews SMI2

Russian managers in football have learned much better than before, to handle money. This is especially true of those who have no sponsors with unlimited financial resources. Seven of the 16 clubs of the Russian Premier League finished last year with a profit. Fading crazy payments to football agents, which for many years was a black hole absorbs athletic budgets, not one province. Every third club learned how to make money on players instead of wasting millions on nobody known pseudosida, as it was recently.

“Soviet sport” analyzed the budgets of clubs of RPL, the financial statements of SPARK, as well as data about players ‘ transfers. The conclusion is obvious – those who have no oil and gas giants to shareholders – beginning to live within our means, and the big clubs begin to more accurately handle money sponsors.

Научились ли зарабатывать в российском футболе?

In the infographics you see how clubs managed to finish last year with a profit. Revenues mainly consist of sales of players, tickets and club merchandise. The most profitable club in Russia is far ahead of other FC “Ufa”, earned more than 428 million rubles, which is more than 40% of the budget of the club. The closest rival Ufimtsev – FC “Orenburg” – earned about 80 million roubles, which is 8% of the budget of the club.

The rest of the five profitable clubs in excess of plus over minus 1 per cent. Equally insignificant and losses “Zenith”for which 15 million rubles, which is about one thousandth of the budget.

The financial success of the club from Bashkiria is based primarily on the successful work in the transfer market. According to the authoritative German Agency Transfermarkt, Ufimtsev earned on sales of over 4 million euros, with an overall low cost of the team’s successful personnel management decisions. It is interesting that “Ufa” least of all in the country uses the services of agents. So, in 2018, the club was paid to the facilitators only 8.6 million rubles, while the Moscow “Spartak”, for example, paid those nearly 700 million, exceeding, for example, the size of the entire annual budget of FC “Anji”.

Anyway, the trend of financial improvement and the desire to live within your means – there. And perhaps that is why the Russian Premier League this year looks much more interesting than in previous years of the existence of the elite division.

source: “Soviet sport”

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