LeBron didn’t leave clippers a chance. The NBA is back and how! Video


Resumed the official matches of the regular championship of NBA. The break lasted more than four months. Strange to watch the League games in an empty stadium, but nothing can be done: pandemic coronavirus has affected the sport around the world. It remains only to be satisfied by the fact that a high level of basketball back.

On the first day in Orlando “new Orleans Pelicans” lost “Utah jazz” (104:106). Before the match players of both teams knelt, supporting the Black Lives Matter movement for racial and social justice in the United States.

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Next it was the turn of the actual game. The main intrigue of the match was the participation/non-participation heavy forward “Pelicans” of Zion Williamson, who had just recently started training. Zion left the campus to Orlando for personal reasons, and on his return did not manage to gather an optimum form.

In the end, the head coach, “Pelicans” Alvin gentry has just released Williamson to the floor. Zion played a limited time — 15 minutes. He scored 13 points and gave a gorgeous assist on teammate of Lonzo Boll.

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Head coach of “Pelicans” Alvin gentry explained why he could not use the Zion at the crucial moment of the meeting.

“We would like to leave Zion on the court at the end, but we gave him as many minutes as possible, taking into account the views of the medical staff. They set the limits, there’s nothing to do. The Zion had some good chances in today’s match. Of course, we are much better when Williamson stays on the court,” said gentry after the game.

Zion does not exclude that will play with time limit and in the next few matches. Bad news for “new Orleans”.

“I came out of quarantine recently. I still need to get into a rhythm, to get in better physical shape. This is the NBA, where igraut the world’s best basketball players, so it is advisable to be prepared optimally. I don’t want to hurt the team, trying to give her everything the best I can in the given time. Honestly, I don’t know how long I’ll be playing with a time limit. Maybe a couple more matches,” said Williamson.

“New Orleans” lost a double-digit advantage of +16 points during the match, bringing the matter to the nerve endings, where the decisive factor was the free throws in the performance center of Utah ‘s Rudy Gobert — the same man, after the detection of coronavirus which had interrupted the NBA season.

Interestingly, Rudy earned a penalty after the transfer of Donovan Mitchell, who had contracted the coronavirus and blamed Gobert. The result — 106:104 in favor of Utah. The best scorer of the winners was shooting guard Jordan Clarkson, who scored 23 points. The assets of Mike Conley and Donovan Mitchell’s 20 points. Center Rudy Gobert scored double-double of 14 points and 12 rebounds. The “new Orleans” Brandon Ingram scored 23 points, J. J. Redick — 21, JRU Holliday 20 points. “New Orleans” (28-37) misses a chance to get the most important points in the race to the playoffs, which is at hand coming in eighth place in the standings, “Memphis Grizzlies” (32-33) and all of the other competitors “Pelicans” — “Sacramento kings”, “San Antonio spurs”, “Portland trail Blazers” and “Phoenix suns”.

The Central match of the day was a confrontation between “Los Angeles Lakers” and “Los Angeles clippers”. Started traditionally with the worship of the knee during the national anthem of the United States.

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In the “clippers” did not play stuck in quarantine Lou Williams and is still a decisive personal problems off campus in the “Disneyworld” Montrez Harrell, without whom the fighting capacity of the “clippers” were much lower. But the recently released from quarantine Patrick Beverley has appeared on the site. The Lakers have confirmed their status as favourites and won the first quarter — 36:23. However, at the start of the third dvenadtsatiminutke with clients Frank Vogel had a real failure. All the advantage was squandered, and the clippers went ahead by 11 points. The deficit, however, was quickly played out, and already at the start of the fourth quarter the Lakers were +11. And again quickly squandered everything, and the game went to the nerve ending. In the clutch “has zarezal” leader “Lakers” LeBron James, that should not cause surprise. LeBron is not too strained in the friendlies, saving energy for more important fights.

First, the King converted the winning shot, took the rebound after their own misses, and in response to the attack “clippers” were alternately ottamisesta against stars opponents Kawai Leonard and Paul George. When LeBron James includes game mode in defense, the opponent has virtually no chance of success.

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The Lakers beat the clippers with a score of 103:101, and now at 6 wins ahead of the clippers in the standings Western conference. First place in the regular season, the team Vogel in the pocket. “Clippers” will the struggle for the second place with “Denver” and “Utah” who are not averse to press charges Doc rivers’ from the second spot.

In the “Lakers” 50 points for two scored Anthony Davis and LeBron James. On account of Davis’s 34 points and 8 rebounds, James had 16 points, 11 rebounds and 7 assists. Also in the Lakers double-digit scoring showed Kyle Kuzma (16 points, 7 rebounds) and Dion Waiters (11 points). In the “clippers” singled out Paul George (30 points) and Kawai Leonard (28 points), which for two scored more than half of team effectiveness. Patrick Beverley (12 points) and Reggie Jackson (10 points) reached double-digit performance.

We should also highlight the performance of Anthony Davis.

Rights to the video belong to NBA MEDIA VENTURES, LLC. Watch the video in YouTube account NBA.

Davis spent 20 games per season with a performance of 30 points or more. This allowed him, along with LeBron James to repeat the achievement of the legends of the Lakers Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’neal, the latter in the form of club of Los Angeles alone issued at least 20 games with 30+ points performance in a single season. It was in a distant campaign 2002/2003. Davis and LeBron play together in the Lakers, only the first season. The start is very good, but to win the title remains to be done a lot of work.

The main result of the first day of the NBA is simple: the official NBA finally back. The team has not yet gained the optimal form. This is evident even in top clubs like the Lakers and clippers. It only gets more interesting.

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