LeBron James: If the season resumes, you can’t just go to the playoffs


The star forward of the Lakers LeBron James categorically opposed to go directly to the playoffs, if the League decides to resume the season.


Recall that the NBA suspended the season due to a pandemic coronavirus.

“What exactly not to do is go directly to the playoffs.

Because it discreditied more than 60 matches in which guys fighting for a place in the playoffs” — the words of LeBron

He was also disappointed in the idea about the resumption of the championship in which, temporarily, will be forced to play without the presence of fans.

“What the hell is “sports without the fans”? There is no passion, no tears, no joy, no exchange of emotions.

This applies to competitive players — Yes, you play against the opponent in front of you, but do you really want to kick ass and fans.

Therefore, I would be happy to return to the site, will not hide. But with the same success it is possible to do this in training.

Let’s just go to the training ground, get the camera, just practice and broadcast everything live …

I just don’t know how we can imagine a sporting event without fans. Simply, it’s a strange dynamics”, — he said.

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