Ledyahov: Spartak need a more experienced coach than Tedesco


Former football player and coach of the Moscow “Spartak”, the triple champion of Russia as a player Igor Ledyakhov in conversation with the correspondent “RG” has shared his thoughts on the possible appointment of Domenico Tedesco the coach of the “red-whites”. Ледяхов: "Спартаку" нужен более опытный тренер, чем Тедеско

Contender for the post of chief coach of “Spartak” Domenico Tedesco. Photo: Anton Denisov/RIA Novosti

Tedesco is a person who needs to “Spartacus”?

Igor Lediakhov: to be honest, I don’t know the coach. Only heard about his work in Germany, but it is only a season and a half he worked in the Bundesliga. It is very small to be in the picture.

Do not mind that he is only 34 years old?

Igor Lediakhov: I would Like more experienced mentor, because “Spartacus” is another story. Here you need to be psychologically to be prepared for such pressure. And the younger the specialist, the harder it is.

But it is important – a foreigner or your own?

Igor Lediakhov: Now “Spartak” it would be good to train a foreigner. Because its too much to recognize, read, press. And the foreigner does not pay to all this hype a lot of attention. And in some sense it is easier to work with.

There was talk about Valery Karpin in relation to “Spartaku”.

Igor Lediakhov: Karpin works in “Rostov”, he was good there. There is nothing to add.

There is no feeling that the season for Spartak in the Premier League is lost? The team behind the European Cup zone on 11 points.

Igor Lediakhov: In our League such a density that can win a few matches to rise sharply. But I agree, this season “Spartaku” it will be difficult to get into the leading group. I think all hope for the Cup. Here there is a chance for the title.

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