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In the year of the 90th anniversary of the famous goalkeeper in the world on the screen comes the film “Lev Yashin. The goalie of my dreams”. Story full love for sports, life and the only woman who stood at the gate of family happiness, while Yashin was playing for “Dinamo”.

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“Black spider”, “Black Panther” and even “Black octopus” – these nicknames have been awarded the Lev Yashin for the flexibility, lightning-fast movement and a brilliant vision of the field. He was master in his own penalty area, invariably in the black sweater with the letter “D” on his chest.

The peak of his fame falls in the 50-60-ies, when the Soviet national team, largely due to his brilliant game, won the most important trophies in football. And then it misfires at the World Cup in Chile, where Yashin one accused of defeat, turn away from him even the fans… And he will have to leave to later a triumphant return and once again become the best not only in his country but around the world – the only goalkeeper in football history to receive a Gold ball.

The Question arose about who is going to make this movie, wishing it was a lot. The recommendation to perpetuate the memory of the famous goalkeeper of the filmmakers had received from the President himself. “The film is about this man would be in demand”, — said Vladimir Putin during a straight line. To work on warm and soulful scenario was attracted by a few people. The primary task was to get approval to film from the widow of goalkeeper Valentina Timofeevna Yashin.

“I read six or seven scripts, but it was such “nonsense”! One author even asked “are you currently writing?” Leo did not consider himself a star, then the concept was not like that But I read the script, reviewed old footage and thought, “If not a star, so”.

The producer Oleg Kapanets not hide, was persuaded at once: he met Valentina Petrova at the premiere of the film “Gagarin. First in space”. “Together with Dynamo has convinced the family that this film is necessary and in demand today, today’s younger generation needs proper guidance and vivid examples of honest service to the sport, the country and the people! So who, if not Yashin or Gagarin, can that be!? They never flirted with the authorities, did not expect awards and distinctions that truly made them a great people’s love.”

In the end, the emotional “tender” won the script Vladimir of the Composition. A true master gave the Soviet and Russian viewers of the most beloved paintings: “the Chief of Chukotka” “the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson”, “Winter cherry”, “Bless the woman” and “Admiral”. “Due to the age and understanding of the era they had trust and a shared view of history”, — commented Kapanets, – “Going for a Cup of tea, where Valentina Timofeevna shared their secrets of family happiness.” The main task was not to miss important biographical episodes and subtleties of character of the hero. And the grandson of Lev Yashin, professional goalkeeper Vasily Frolov, in preparation for and during the filming of a trained artist. He acted as the understudy of the lead actor during a particularly dynamic, slozhnopostanovochnaya sports scenes. It was a real family movie.

By the way, in the choice of Actresses for the role herself, Valentina Timofeevna was less categorical. “She said let it be so, and I take full responsibility”, — said the producer. So it was determined the second performer of the title role, Julia Hlynina.

The Director of the project was made by Vasily Chiginsky, on account of which the work on the film “the First after God”, “Moscow, I love you” and others.

“I am a football fan for almost thirty five years, more even. This became crucial when I took over the project. Although, in the first place, of course, a person of such scale, level, as Yashin. The first Association when you hear “Lev Yashin” – the best goalkeeper of all times and peoples. He enters the symbolic team of the world of all times and peoples and there was invariably at different rankings of FIFA, UEFA, the various independent football organizations, and so forth, that is, he is the best goalkeeper. And this man is a football legend of our country. In General, in fact it is just a lump and wanted to do something to touch this era and to learn more about this man,” — says Chiginsky their work.

Work began on the film in 2016. Painstaking, careful. “It was very important that Valentina Petrova has approved the script. You cannot go against history, to invent some things. Most importantly, Valentina Timofeevna — sane person, and it was agreed. She knew it was necessary for some scenes that were not in my life. Place date could change, but not the story. We agreed that if it was in the character of the lion of Ivanovich, and this could theoretically happen, it agreed to stage, and if it was not in his nature, we refused. That is, it permits derogations from the documentary image Yashin that a feature film is very important,” explains the Director.

Perhaps the only controversial episode in the film is a demonstration of the habits of the goalkeeper area. This habit is simultaneously figure and humanity of this legend, and its inaccessibility. “Everyone knows that it is the only goalkeeper who was allowed to smoke. Proven fact that Yashin is one of the unique players who could smoke and to achieve the best results. Of course, that we show, but metered and to the point. Not to show Yashin Smoking is nonsense. It would not be a Yashin…” — defends his decision, the producer of the film.

“Lev Yashin. The goalie of my dreams” is unchecked in the shape of a classic biopic. All the key events in life: from childhood to the farewell match, will be described in sufficient measure. After all, each event formed that Yashin, which the whole world knows, but in Russia his name is familiar even to those who aren’t interested in football.

Sharp plot twists provides the vital history of the athlete. How is he so calm, peaceful, delicate in life, the field was transformed in the famous Black Spider. But every match, selected for the reconstruction of sports Thriller in itself. Football in the picture is a lot, because to separate Yashin from his collar, cap, black sweater with the letter “D” on the chest impossible. But it is also full of human history: the confrontation of external circumstances, extraordinary love and a particular era with its pitfalls. Yashin was not fighting with the system, he just wanted to play football on equal terms. But after a failed game with Chile from footballer turned even the most loyal fans. Here is the place for outstanding acting games: a profound experience of conflict, breakdown and triumphant return, first and foremost of personality. Our cinematic Yashin had the good fortune to obtain such a role, with huge responsibility to transform into the idol of millions, with all its UPS and downs of life. In my opinion, it turned out, the final assessment will deliver viewers who have long been waiting for this movie.

“This is a message more modern fans that their idols need love in the days of the victories and the defeats,” instructively concludes the producer.

“The first, probably, and the main thing I learned was that Yashin was a surprisingly modest man. This is probably the line that struck me. That is, it is a legend, a hero, he was very easy to talk to and very humble man. This is probably the biggest news that surprised me and influenced the further some creative solutions,” — says the opening of the Chiginsky.

At the same time, stress creators, a documentary chronicle will be used in minimum quantity. Meticulous efforts to recreate the atmosphere of the time did a group of artists found even the original posters and tickets for the matches of the time. The shooting took place in Russia: Moscow and the Crimea, France and Chile.

But the most difficult and the primary objective of the founders was to find a lead actor. From the set of candidates, among whom were the true stars of Russian cinema, chose young theater actor Alexander Fokin. The owner of the so-called retro-appearance, tall, long arms, and just good physical shape.

“The choice was difficult. In addition to the acting talent necessary point of reference was the physical form of the actor, the ability to play football, to move on the goalie to make it convincing and worthy. This is the best goalkeeper in the world, and not a sack of potatoes. And the fact that Alexander is not overexposed in the movies, even good: it will not distract the viewer their past images,” argues the choice Oleg Kapanets.

Fokin long time did not give an interview about the work: as Yashin was preparing to perform a task to the maximum, and then comment. But he admits that his refusal was connected with excitement.

“At that time not even a month has passed since I graduated from the Institute, and I’m ready to adopt the lead role in a feature film to play such an outstanding person and famous Soviet goalkeeper in one person.”

Your hero Fokin defines three words: smile, reliability and pride. “I tried to separate the man and football player in his role. For me, the Soviet people – kind, open and manly” — with a smile Yasinskas accountable actor. “First and foremost wanted my character was convincing on the football field, so tried to copy it plastic, gestures, demeanor on the field. Here I tried to be as similar to it. In the domestic scenes are more fantasized. His attitude is projected onto the mine, what is it similar, what is not. This is a difficult but very interesting process.”

“Yashin was an innovator, a pioneer, one of those goalies that have started to not play as played before him. He wanted to be a striker, and became “the Black Spider”. His desire to play in the field and have generated this publicized now style”, enthusiastically describes the main character the Director.

Responsible for emotional, dramatic part of the picture “appointed” Yulia Hlynina. About my personal life Lev Yashin almost nothing is written and not filmed. On the one hand, gave the actress the freedom in individual scenes, on the other imposes a great responsibility: to show on the screen a woman who was an integral part of greatness of the goalkeeper. Fragile but strong, gentle but firmly.

“I think that her love was very creative in relation to Lev Ivanovich. She contributed to his victories. It is clear that Valentina Timofeevna did not catch the balls and not out on the field, but psychologically — as a human being more critical than Yashin, she led him in the right direction, I think. As said by their grandchildren and children, Valentina Timofeevna has always been a serious and strong woman. And in time was able to substitute his shoulder,” — says the Hlynina.

Yulia was lucky more than other participants of the shooting: she was able to speak to the prototype of the heroine and to understand her nature, just being around. “The fact that Valentina Timofeevna terse. She is not the person who is ready every moment to share the details of his personal life. While specific questions she answered sincerely and quietly”, — says Yulia. She had a long mental and emotional path, as a young girl Valya chose for a husband a man like Yashin, what was your reaction to the well-known fact: after marriage, the player left the training camp. As believed in him, were formed as the person next to him and how to solve domestic issues, not counting on his help.

“I as a man of the twenty-first century, it seems that the people who were born and emerged in the twentieth century, the other characteristic of a relationship between a man and a woman. A different approach. Her faith in the favorite person has always been strong and unwavering, so she, without hesitation, went for it on the victim. But she always believed that this man lived the rest of her life. Just this belief fascinates and surprises me. Valentina Timofeevna was glad of the opportunity my way. It’s a powerful thing. This is a true partnership. The subject of my research in this role, the partnership and cooperation of a strong woman with a strong man,” says the actress.

Legendary makeup artist Lyudmila Rowina when creating the external appearance of Julia in the film focused not only on photography, but on a personal perception of Valentina Timofeevna. “Blonde, kudryavka and snub” — as the wife of Lev Yashin describe yourself. That’s the actress appeared before the chief censor of the picture. And received approval. “Well then, I think, we it coincided with the energy,” sums up its transformation Hlynina. Other wishes for the game, Valentine Timofeevna did not Express.

But he shared with Julia, an important detail that helped the actress to understand how firmly the couple were related. “Yashin never came home without flowers. Where she met — whether at the airport, at home, he always gave her a bouquet. In the fall and winter he managed to find them for her! And he always returned with a huge bag full of gifts for family and friends.”

Khlynina discovered the secret of the future picture, which the producers hold back: it will be a lot clear to every viewer of humor. Her character — a witty intellectual who is not used to flaunt emotions, but his words will not climb. And, of course, amazing, fancy fashion of 50-60 years, in the first place, will be shown in suits Valentina Yashin.

“The goalie of my dreams” — the second film’s title is a direct quote of coach Mikhail Yakushin. A wise and insightful mentor, played by Alexei Guskov. Parents Yashin on the screen brought Natalia Surkova and Valery Afanassiev. The role of another famous goalkeeper, Alexei Khomich, played by Aleksey Kravchenko. Andrei Leonov as a famous sports commentator Nikolai Ozerov. But the Yan Tsapnik got the role of conductor of the antagonist . He played the role of a nameless journalist, a careless word, which nearly ruined the career and life of a goalkeeper, something he was never able to accept, and what led him to public repentance.

“I don’t know whether there was in fact a real prototype of my character,” says Jan Tsapnik. “Must have been — because scathing article about Lev Yashin came out and someone wrote it. This character would not have a choice and it was either write what I say or quit. But I love all his characters and always try to justify them. The more that he is genuinely worried about Yashin, understands that after a hard match against Uruguay, it was necessary to give the goalkeeper to relax, that it could replace Sergo Kotrikadze, the goalkeeper of “Dinamo” Tbilisi. And after publication of the article, my hero found the courage to approach Yashin and ask for forgiveness”.

The official, who gave the order to publish, officials of the sports Committee, played a usually positive in their images Alexander Samoilenko. Will appear on the screen and Santiago Bernabeu, President of real Madrid, which made Lev Yashin generous offer. In his role, invited Francisco Olmo.

The human issues remain the same at all times, say the filmmakers. But football since the triumph of Lev Yashin, a lot has changed, including due to him. To recreate the matches of 50-60-ies on the screen, to reconstruct the development of the game second by second, with all the scored and missed goals — a task that stood in front of the Director, actors and professional sport consultants.

“The conditions, rules and tactical scheme of the game have changed, then the speed was slower, but dedication per square meter was higher”, — with knowledge of the matter says Oleg Kapanets. In shooting period it is often possible to see on the court than in the office.

“Football live, says coach Yakushin we have in the film. He is growing and changing. Before people received terrible injuries, but through the pain, they played on, and this is in stark contrast to today’s game. It was a really harsh sport, very sociable, with fights some serious — it is impossible now to imagine that this was happening on the field, a lot of the hard male power struggle. Was not yellow cards, for example, early in his career Lev Ivanovich, a little different judges were a bit different rules — it was possible to attack the goalkeeper with the ball, making contact football then more and more dangerous. In fact, Lev Ivanovich suffered later from injuries sustained during his playing career, since 1960-the year of the final of the European Cup, the first team of the USSR won the first European Cup of the national team of Yugoslavia, there is just we display tough uncompromising game. Now for this game can be directly red card to obtain, and to be removed from the field, and then argued, then it was OK rules” — shared Chiginsky impressions from watching numerous Chronicles.

Of course, in the picture there is senseless cruelty. The scene, after which Yashin gets a concussion, filmed as realistic as possible so as not to disturb the truth, but to preserve the status of the family and inspiring movie.

The lead actor, Alexander Fokin, found to compare styles of play more cinematic metaphor. “Modern football is dynamic, fast, practical. The football more naive, desperate, sometimes backhand. In football 50-60s have their own charm. If you go into the plane of the film, modern football is a Marvel, and football Yashin and his contemporaries is early films of Charlie Chaplin: at first glance so simple, and can not come off”.

The actor has noticed that many contemporaries of the legendary goalkeeper spoke his name not only to approach him, but to describe his approach to every game. “He always fought like a lion”, they said. What Yashin kindly replied: “If you went on the field, so it’s all real.” With this approach, your hero, the actor was left with no other choice but to catch all the balls.

“Of course, football should love to rent a movie, because actually it was a serious conditions shots together with professional players. First and foremost, of course, we have to thank the actors who starred in our film because they had not sweet: played at low temperatures, in the rain, all wet, with the ambulance. I mean, really, it wasn’t easy. But it’s something that the players and experience the reality on the field, so there we are honest,” talks about the shooting matches Director.

For dynamic and striking shooting game creators call his film “avatar football”. But do not get tired to stress that this film is not about sports, but about man and nature. And, therefore, it will be interesting to not only fans of football.

“It is clear that athletes are the target audience. Unique footage of live football in conjunction with the combined shooting and high-quality computer graphics will attract the cinemas young audience. The film will be not just football: there’s love, humor, and drama. This is a family movie that the older generation will go to watch with their children and grandchildren. Everything is provided for audience success, including among the female audience. She, of course, will be interested in the vicissitudes of life outside the football pitch,” says the film’s producer Oleg Kapanets.

Any legend, they live again on the big screen, be it an athlete, musician, politician or scientist, in addition to personal history always speaks with the audience about the main thing. For example, the cinematic incarnation of Lev Yashin will show you how to achieve the goal until you can love and believe.

“He’s a hero in General at all times. So interesting Lev Ivanovich, that he is a hero to us, but they will remain, I think, and for the next generations. Therefore, I believe that it is a great honor for all of us had to perpetuate that name in the movie and in history,” sums up its work Vasily Chiginsky.

The slogan of the picture — “On the pedestal of the people’s love.” Lev Yashin on this pedestal deservedly put fans, colleagues and rivals from all over the world. With the same love filmed and the film about him. The film, which are millions of football fans, and just a good movie. The film, which, thanks to its hero has all chances to become popular!

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