Less iron and more movement. Joshua started thinking


Less iron and more movement. Joshua started thinking

On September 25, 2021 in London (Great Britain), at the arena of the Tottenham Hotspur football club, the main fight of the year in professional boxing will take place. WBA Super, WBO, IBF, IBO World Champion Anthony Joshua will face off against the former undisputed World First Heavyweight Champion Alexander Usik . There are only 32 days left before the fight. This means that the training camp of each fighter is in full swing.

Anthony Joshua said in a recent interview that this time the system of preparation for a fight is different from the usual training. The innovations are dictated by the skill of the opponent, whose style actually forced A.J. to introduce changes. According to the champion, he understands that Usyk’s trump cards lie in maneuverability and the ability to think quickly, and therefore he began to work more on these skills.

“Boxing skills and maneuverability make Usik a very dangerous opponent. Constant movement means that you will never be a standing target. Maneuverability is very important. In addition, you need to be confident in the functioning of the brain. Concentrating for 12 rounds can be exhausting, so I train my brain, ”says Joshua.

Apparently, the sharpness and speed of thinking Anthony hopes to develop through the game of chess. By the way, this ancient board game has helped more than one star boxer. And it’s good for Joshua that he recognizes the need to work on speed and sharpness of thought, because sometimes in the ring he is too primitive and academic. Now he began to think

The post is available on Anthony Joshua’s Instagram page .

“Also, I’m working on multi-hit combos, not single hits. You can be very aggressive and throw all your strength into battle at once, or you can be smart, use the time and then knock out your opponent, ”says Anthony.

By the way, combinational boxing is another Usik’s feature, which always works easily and a lot, and does not just target the opponent.

“I will not bet on knockout, I will rely on punching speed and endurance. I come to the fight quite fit. I’m going to have a fight with a guy who can fight 12 rounds. It would be foolish of me to enter the ring pumped up, because of which my muscles will simply ask for oxygen. Now I’m training like I’m going to have a 15-round fight. I approach him in good condition. What happens after I switch to such training? My body has adapted and takes on a natural look, ”said Joshua.

Well, from such a short interview, a lot becomes clear. Taking into account the fact that Joshua is not going to go out to fight pumped up, it is obvious that he gave up intensive training with iron. If you look at the British social networks, you can see that he really focuses on maneuverability and movement.

In addition, the emphasis is on working on skillful defense. Given the accuracy of the Usyk, as well as his ability to throw a large number of punches, this is exactly what the Briton needs to do. Apparently, AJ understands perfectly well that the most skilled rival in his career is waiting for him, and wants to win with the help of Alexander’s own trump cards. Yes, in the past, Joshua lost to Ruiz, but there was an impact on the punching power of the Mexican American. Alexander will offer Joshua technical boxing, and it is logical that Anthony is working on these components.

If we talk about the current state of the Ukrainian, then, unlike the British, on the contrary, he significantly gained weight and muscle mass. According to many experts, this will just deprive him of the very trump cards mentioned above – maneuverability and speed. It turns out quite an interesting alignment. Anthony, before the fight, seeks to acquire the skills of Alexander, and Usyk, on the contrary, seems to be trying to at least slightly hold out to Joshua’s level in terms of power. Who will benefit from these experiments and transformations? We will receive an answer in a month. But one thing can be said already now – both are waiting for, perhaps, the most difficult fight in their careers.

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