Linus Green Heart. Umark leave “Salavat”, and it’s a loss for the entire CHL


Linus omark are leaving “Salavat Yulaev” and left the KHL. The Ufa’s lose their cool leader, player, around which in recent years has lined up the team. A great loss, but, it seems that the whole League loses even more. In the NHL, and so embarked on the path of simplification and mechanization will now be far less of magic, of creativity, of creativity. Less hockey in its purest form.

Umark has long paved the way to his care, he was honest and consistent in their words and actions. In early September he said he’ll have one last season in the KHL, and in January notified “Salavat”, which will leave the club after the championship. Linus kept it real, not cunning, not blackmailed, but we all still hoped Umark at the last moment changes his mind. With the loss of such a legionary did not want to put up, but the Swede kept his promise.

The most effective match for Odarka “Salavat Yulaev”

It’s a shame that the pandemic coronavirus care of Linus turned out blurry, there’s a feeling of understatement. At the start of the season he said he wanted before leaving to win the Cup Gagarin “Salavat Yulaev” and in the playoffs he did everything to put a beautiful point in its history in the NHL. In six games with Avangard Umark scored 12 points and made 11 assists, setting a record for the first round of the Gagarin Cup for both indicators. In the playoffs Linus was ever so good, and how to know, what would he eventually led his team. Alas, the potential of Odarka and “Salavat” has remained undisclosed, but he was definitely ready to prove your bold statement.

Due to indecision and inertness of the KHL Umarco had to leave Ufa in a hurry, as if not quite legally. The Charter took away the foreign players of “Salavat” from the capital of Bashkortostan at the time when they are in accordance with their contracts had to prepare for the second round of the playoffs. The League forced the aliens to break labor obligations, and Odarka parting with Ufa messed up. Not very nice out and the situation with his interview to a Swedish newspaper.

But Linus could not on this note to finish the important and long stage of his career. After he was home safe, the Swede via “Instagram” has addressed wonderful and warm words in the address of the club, fans and partners. And at the same time confirmed that in the NHL we’ll never see him again.

Why are we nostalgic for Umarco? Yes though, because he is amazing mataruga and a very interesting person. The guy who could not act on the template, on the ice and beyond. A fine artist and a born entertainer, Umark excites the minds of his fans, and haters, and journalists, did not leave indifferent even the opponents. He always reminded us that hockey is not monotonous work, and a fun show, and you have to try to find other such players in the NHL.

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At the site omark are trying to do in any situation, whether it is a game of the regular season with the underdog of the season or an important match of the playoffs. Linus loved to control the puck, carry it in the possession of the opponent and figure out which of the thousands of tricks of his personal collection should be applied in a particular moment. He felt that the fans, his mouth open, watching his maneuvers and waiting for the next miracle, and fueled by this energy. Of course, first and foremost Umark he was a brilliant Manager, from which you can always expect brilliant transmission to partners. Linus was much more assisting than scoring himself. But when the Swedes saw that he can’t give anyone the time for the goal, I acted. In his Arsenal has a laser wrist shot, and irresistible to click, and applied these skills Umark last.

Rights to video owned by “CHL”. Watch the video on the official channel CHL in YouTube.

Linus always preferred the beauty of simplicity, and it often failed him and the whole “Salavat”. How many Umark made losses and shotguns, how many ruined moments because of the extra transfer! But we would not be writing now this ode departing from the KHL to the Magician if he hadn’t been so fantastically productive in the most important matches of the season. For five years in Ufa Umark played 61 games in the playoffs, and scored in these games, 67 points. In the Gagarin Cup thinking of Linus usually worked exclusively for the benefit of the team, and for that Swede adored in the capital of Bashkortostan.

Umark has never been the perfect hockey player, he regularly gave rise to criticism. The Ufa fans do not just make Linus for the weak defense, the same edge or keeping the puck. Not everyone liked the fact that omark are player mood and therefore not always stable. Opponents disliked the Swede for excessive virtuosity, a penchant for simulations.

Is the side effects of a creative nature, nothing can be done. But more importantly, that for all its seeming lightness, Umark was a warrior and hated to lose. Of course, “fight-fight” is not about Linus, but definitely, in the playoffs the Swede has ceased to be only the “gravijnom”. He fled to the defense could press the opponent in the side, but difficult for “Salavat” moments practically did not leave the ice, leading all attack Ufimtsev. He, perhaps more than anyone in the team wanted to win and stronger than all suffered setbacks. Remember how in March 2017, after the match in Kazan Umark came to the ground, wanting to understand the reasons for the decisive removal in overtime? Could someone else to do it except for Linus?

In addition to the “Salavat” Umark played in the NHL yet over Moscow “Dynamo” and “Jokerit”, but in Ufa we learned of Linus. Incredibly talented player with a big heart and spirit of a winner. With ulicami he didn’t win a single Cup, but was betrayed by his team honest in relation to managers, coaches and fans yulaeva and became an epoch in the history of “Salavat”. Umark showed us all what should be the foreign players in our hockey, and with his departure much of the KHL will be orphaned, because the aliens of this caliber ceased to appear in our League.

Good luck, Linus Green Heart, and thank you for this great show. You will be greatly missed!

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