Lionel Messi “You can’t forget the years at Barcelona, ​​but I’m glad to go to PSG


  • Lionel Messi was unable to stay at Barcelona due to the financial difficulties of the Catalan club
  • Argentine forward joins PSG as a free agent
  • The 34-year-old striker will be number 30 in the French club
  • Messi has signed a two-year agreement with the club, with the possibility of an extension for another year. 

Full recording of the press conference:

Lionel Messi:

– Good morning. I would like to thank the PSG president for all the kind words. I am very happy to be in Paris. I left Barcelona , a difficult decision for me after so many years at the club. When I got here, I felt very pleased. From the first minutes in Paris it was comfortable for me and my family. My only wish is to start training with the team as soon as possible. I would like to thank PSG for the warm welcome and for the fast pace of the negotiations. Yes, the situation is not easy, but we got out of it with dignity. PSG ” – is one club that can win trophies. That’s why I moved here. I will be comfortable with this team.

The decision to leave Barcelona was not an easy one, I spent many years there. But now I am at PSG, which is also a strong club. I love to win. We want to achieve more and more ambitious goals. I do not know, we will meet with Barcelona soon. I’m interested in how it feels to play in Barcelona, ​​but not for the home team,

Neymar and  Mbappe ? I am very happy to train and play alongside such players. I am fortunate enough to be next to great players.

Lionel Messi "You can't forget the years at Barcelona, ​​but I'm glad to go to PSG

Photo: © REUTERS / Sarah Meyssonnier

Winning the Champions League is not easy. Sometimes you can have the best selection of players, but you are left without a trophy. This is a game. PSG had very good prospects in the tournament, but so far they have not succeeded. The team must be very close-knit, and there must also be good luck, you must grab it by the tail. The strongest club does not always win here, the results are sometimes unpredictable.

What is PSG to me? It seems to me that the team is already ready for big victories, there were a number of important transfers. I will try to give my best. I will do my best to take the title. I want to win the Champions League again. I think Paris is quite an ambitious team to tackle such a task.

Everything that has happened to me lately is something strange. Different emotions are overwhelming. Of course, one cannot forget those feelings, the experience that I went through at Barcelona. But I was looking forward to joining PSG and I’m happy about it. This is an important moment for me and my family. The week was full of different events, but I am moving forward.

Lionel Messi "You can't forget the years at Barcelona, ​​but I'm glad to go to PSG

Lionel Messi / Photo: © Aurelien Meunier – PSG / Contributor / Getty Images Sport /

I greatly appreciate your welcome. I am grateful for the warm responses from Barcelona. The press also responded well, it was a pleasure to read. The entire industry responded well to this decision.

Debut? To be honest, I don’t know. I had a vacation and this transition happened. Yesterday I spoke with the headquarters, I will work and train. I will try to join the squad as soon as possible. As soon as the headquarters thinks that I am ready, I will enter the field.

Role of Neymar in my move? Of course, I have friends in the dressing room here. And when you see such a composition, you understand that you can achieve a lot with it. Our goals are the same. Neymar and I were reunited again, with Di Maria and Paredes. I know all the players on the team. So yeah, it played a role [in my decision]. I have known Pochettino for a long time, we communicate well. From the very beginning, everything was very simple: we speak the same language, we have a common homeland.

Lionel Messi "You can't forget the years at Barcelona, ​​but I'm glad to go to PSG

Photo: © REUTERS / Sarah Meyssonnier

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