“Locomotive” after the super bowl win again Dynamo


Capital Derby in Petrovsky Park will not be called bright, but produced a “Locomotive” win the less important becomes.News SMI2

To the sixth round road of two Moscow clubs seriously broke: to put up with the “Locomotive” points Dynamo definitely not stuck – since there was exactly half (five to ten). Had to rely on the jokers, in particular, has just signed with German Maximilian Philip. The more that the previous meeting of RPL Zenit decimated the ranks of blue and white main goalkeeper Anton Shunin (due to injury) and defensive midfielder Artur Yusupov.

Also lost the trust of the coaching staff Dmitry Khokhlov entire left flank in the person of Constantine the Raouche and joãozinho, not impressed in a duel with the champion of the country. To top it all out of the starting lineup was and Kirill Panchenko, but in this case, one of the most active players of “Dynamo” in last matches was not lucky to become a competitor of Philip for the position of “tens”.

Five changes in the starting lineup (let’s not forget Zaurbek Pliev and Clinton NGI on the left flank and the debut of Roman Neustadter in midfield) is always a big risk. As wards in a completely new combination will take the coaching job in a gaming form are beginners – answers to these questions in advance is impossible to know. And after the final whistle to put up with the received answers may be too late.

But the railroad is a change in “the basis” there was only one left in the protection of Brian Idowu came out instead of the Maciej Rybus. The rest of Yuri Semin was foolish to wait for a large-scale reshuffle after the defeat of the “Ural” (4:0). This is despite the fact that in the order red-green finally got his novice – Luka Djordjevic, bought from Zenit.

Strange but true: much more aggressive, coherent and purposeful in the first half looked that “Dynamo”. Impressive in the debut of “Loco” received a sobering the man-handling, in the form of Reid NGI that Dmitry Barinov had to stop only the yellow card. And already after a few seconds, Max Philip, a spectacular free kick drove the ball into the net bounced off the crossbar, set a record for rookies-foreign players of our championship, scoring in the third minute.

The wards of Yurii Semin stayed a long time in a prostrate so quickly after conceding a goal. Attack of red-green was not at all: that Smolov gave ten meters someone else, then wingers ruined all the unnecessary sequels, and even the Miranchuk brothers are often confused in the feet and limbs of an opponent, hopelessly losing the pace of the attack.

The apotheosis of the clumsiness of the players, “Locomotive” was the episode ten minutes before the break, when Guilherme, knocking the ball from the free kick, hit the head of Benedict Höwedes. The benefit for guests is that the ricochet has turned out ineffective, and after this own goal of the shame no end!

However, before the end of the first half the railwaymen managed to win. Grzegorz Krychowiak time in the penalty area turned up under the leg of Tony and Sonic collapsed on the lawn. Almost half of the blue and white rushed to the referee Vasily Kazartsev with a characteristic gesture, look, like, repeat! After all, the system VAR”in this tour runs on both the capital Derby. However, St. Petersburg referee who is familiar with the technology of replays (he has already worked a few matches as head of videoready), won’t even “watch a movie”. Apparently, the give an audio cue after convinced him that the 11-meter really should be appointed.

But to break the blow with “points” had twice. Semin before the first attempt was the sign of the cross. At first Alexey Miranchuk without problems outsmarted Igor Laduca, however, the referee saw earlier running into the penalty area the other players “Loco”. In the second attempt a young goalkeeper it is white-blue have already reacted on the shot, but Alex is not left to chance, powerfully and precisely punched in the left top corner.

It is obvious that more than one half of football the disgrace of the Vice-champion of the country just could not afford it. Indeed, already in the third minute after the resumption of the game is still the same workaholic Krychowiak earned the team’s “prepenalty”. After all, when brother Alex takes the free-kick within a 20-meter distance, is fifty percent (if not more) goal. But this time, in all its glory proved to Leshchuk, potasinski the ball from right under the rod.

Key changes in the second half occurred in the Central area. Neustädter and Charles kaboré, time to create insurmountable for the opponent barrier in the middle, now clearly no longer keep up with the accelerated brothers, Rifat by Zamaletdinova and ubiquitous Krychowiak. Woke up and the red-green flanks soon Idowu left just shot on Smolov, but forward in the struggle with the defender struck the crossbar.

As for the “Dynamo”, of course, great was the temptation to write to Philip white-blue Andre Schurrle, but this is not necessary. Spartak’s German really is a game of “Spartacus”, is organizing the attack and he completes them. While 25-year-old Dynamo messenger Bundesliga so far nothing special, except the spectacular goal from a free kick, Yes another grass-roots shot into the far corner, not distinguished. Especially in the second half, fell sharply when all of the moving Dynamo.

By the middle of the second half, the blue and white clearly given to understand that a draw would suit them. Hanging on a yellow card, Sonic has replaced Ivan Ordets, for which Derby was the debut match in RPL. But to block long-range attacks opponents still have to jump through time. And Leuku had to bail out after a dangerous attempt Smolov and Zamaletdinova.

In General Derby expectations (if you take according to the Hamburg or, more precisely, Dortmund account) is not justified. And even the winning goal Anton Miranchuk, who is somehow allowed to gently hit the far post from nine meters, the overall picture more attractive did not. Struggle and mutual head-butting on all members of the field were many and beautiful football – at least. In this mess unnoticed another debut – Djordjevic, released in the final quarter of an hour.

And Lokomotiv have shown that in the Petrovsky Park feels like home, won a second victory a month and a half after win at Zenit in the Russian super Cup.

RPL. 6-th round

“Dynamo” (Moscow) – Lokomotiv (Moscow) – 1:2 (1:1)
Goals: Philip, 3 – 1:0. Al.Miranchuk, 28 – penalty – 1:1. An.Miranchuk (Zhemaletdinov), 82 – 1:2
Dynamo: Leshchuk – Parshivlyuk, Rykov (K), Sonic (Ordets, 64), Z. Pliev – kaboré, Neustädter S. Szymanski (Cardoso, 59), Philip (Grulev, 83), Ni – Sheydaev
Lokomotiv: Guilherme V. Ignatiev, Howedes, Corluka (K), Idowu – a gentleman who Krychowiak – Zhemaletdinov (zhivoglajdov, 90+1), al.Miranchuk, An.Miranchuk – Smolov (Djordjevic, 78)
Warning: Szymanski S., 13. Sonic, 48 – Barinov, 2. Krychowiak, 67. Idowu, 68. V. Ignatiev, 84. Guilherme, 87
Referee: Basil Kazartsev (St. Petersburg)
August 18. Moscow. Stadium “VTB arena – Central stadium “Dynamo”. 17 837 viewers

source: “Soviet sport”

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