“Looks good!” As in Latvia, and even Kiev created a new drift car Supra GR for Russia


Season 2020 will be for the Russian drift special – and not just because first stages of Russian drift series will be held in the status of official sport discipline. Until this year in the history of the drift in our country has not had a moment to on the slopes RDS GP had a car, prepared with the assistance of factory engineers. We are talking about a drift car based on the actual Toyota Supra, and the project began… with spectacular photos.

Love at first sight

The fifth generation of the Supra, get the index of the A90, in the form of a serial sports car debuted in the winter of 2019 at the auto show in Detroit. But even in 2018, the news fell like a horn of plenty — confirmed the participation model in the races, showed a pre-production prototype, but the most important in our history moment was the premiere of the concept car GR Supra Racing Concept at the spring motor show in Geneva.

Car with almost a serial appearance in the brand stand brand debuted in coupe format for racing — developed aerodynamic body kit, giant wing, corporate white-red-black livery… it’s All hooked fans of the model, one of which was Nikita Shikov. Moscow drifter competing in the RDS on the coupe Toyota GT86 with the same spirit of “the ring” style, fell in love with the novelty of literally at first sight and, by his own admission, immediately began to try on this model the role of a drift.

«Круто выглядит!» Как в Латвии и даже Киеве создавали новый дрифт-кар GR Supra для России

“Usually, automakers introduce a new model in standard form, and then the tuners start to prepare for their revision — Shikov said. Here is Toyota itself showed the car in the kit, and I immediately became clear that the Supra already looks cool, so from a technical point of view should be the correct base for a drift car. In 2019, when I went to the premiere of the production version in Geneva, and then tested the car on the test drive in Spain, I realized that this model is well suited not only for racing but for drifting.

Already at a basic level, the machine is well prepared for racing at her optimal weight distribution and low center of gravity that the car has a inline 6-cylinder engine was even lower than the GT86 boxer engine. There were fears that the coupe will be too circular in nature and in the drift would be too nervous with the sudden and unpredictable collapse. To deal with the car skidding hard and harmful, but even a standard Supra with an automatic gearbox immediately showed high “tryptophane”.

The second round I drove almost all the turns in a good quality drift. Staging contrasenyes on the brake, set the gas under Powerslide, rudder — Supra allowed to do everything! I have never in my life met so well adapted to the drift of the car from the factory”.

«Круто выглядит!» Как в Латвии и даже Киеве создавали новый дрифт-кар GR Supra для России

Christmas gift

It seemed that the basic model for the new season RDS GP was resolved, but in that moment it was not clear whether there will be generally a Toyota Supra in Russia. And puzzle game with a picture perfect drift, who for Shikova began to take shape with the presentation of GR Supra Racing Concept, quickly found the missing fragments — Toyota sports car confirmed the release of the Russian market, and then the decision was made on the establishment of driftaway versions of new products. Specially for the Russian drift series.

The official birthday of the first Russian driftaway Toyota Supra GR can be considered December 29, 2019 — the day when the vast majority is in anticipation of the New year and long holidays, Nikita Shikov in Moscow took a dark blue coupe and putting a sports car on the trailer, took a course in Latvia. There, in the workshop HGK Motorsport, sports car had become in the ultimate drift car.

«Круто выглядит!» Как в Латвии и даже Киеве создавали новый дрифт-кар GR Supra для России

“When we discussed on the level of Toyota, who and where will build the car for RDS, then I found out that the engineers Gazoo Racing back in the fall of 2019 was in Latvia and visited HGK Motorsport. Factory specialists consulted with the boys about cooperation — Japanese liked implemented by the Latvians decisions and they wanted to use them on their cars. In the end, the negotiations went so far that in the Gazoo Racing even offered HGK Motorsport to become partners in the nascent driftaway the program Toyota.

Our cooperation started in 2014, when I drove to Latvia to prepare GT86: for workshop this was the first work with Toyota and for me — the first building at this level. The car we built largely by trial and error, have done much immediately cool, but a lot — not cool that I had to then redo it. But we have accumulated tremendous experience, and therefore the question of where to build GR Supra, does not even arise,” explains Muscovite choice workshop.

«Круто выглядит!» Как в Латвии и даже Киеве создавали новый дрифт-кар GR Supra для России


Once the Supra was in the walls of the Latvian workshop, work started. The first thing experts made a digital model of a sports car. Yes, before you strip the car of its digitized using a 3D scanner to start working on the body kit.

«Круто выглядит!» Как в Латвии и даже Киеве создавали новый дрифт-кар GR Supra для России

If you think that drift cars their bumper, wide fenders and other automotive body hold on to the factory mounts, then you are sadly mistaken. It’s road cars, the body kit is a lining for standard items or completely new items, but installed on the regular places. Racing equipment such variant is impossible, especially when we are talking about drift, where contact between vehicles or collisions with walls in order.

“Kit drift fully custom, that is, for a particular car and details differ not only in appearance but also its construction. First, body panels made of carbon-Kevlar and weigh less. Secondly, provision of special fastening-Barbary capable, if not too strong the contacts are elastically deformed and not transfer the impact energy on the power elements of the body. Thirdly, the whole design kit should protect the key elements like the radiator and all kinds of tanks, and besides — items must be functional. For example, the trunk lid not just a cap, but also a duct for the radiator, all fenders and bumper stick on easily removable fasteners, in case of damage they could quickly change, but neither the kit nor its mounting should not be in contact with the same ceiling and radiator. So engineers face a difficult task — to create not just stylish but also technologically advanced kit”, explains chics.

«Круто выглядит!» Как в Латвии и даже Киеве создавали новый дрифт-кар GR Supra для России

Under this hard work — creating a digital model of the car and its body kit, printing on 3D-printer parts and subsequent adjustment of the elements in place already on the machine and interfered with the coronavirus. The pandemic has become the force majeure, which for some time put the build process on pause. Closed borders, and failed to get the part ordered in advance details. Quarantine is forced to close shops, and to adjust the body under the car remotely can not. After the renewal works not immediately able to obtain all the necessary materials, so I had to adjust the schedule to accommodate COVID-19, who found HGK Motorsport at the stage of prototyping the kit.

The link between generations

In parallel with the body he was working on the engine. The new GR Supra, which is made on the basis of the latest generation of the BMW Z4 Roadster is German engine. The motor is light, powerful and potentially ready for tuning, but with two nuances. First, the absence of ready solutions, which allow to increase the efficiency of the engine to 1000 HP Now Assembly BMW B58 in the production version there is a 500-strong version, but the installation of new turbines, the flashing control unit and a number of other not the most complex manipulations can substantially increase the capacity of the motor. However, a significant caveat — all this is not run-in the conditions of drift, so building a new engine for drift car inevitably associated with childhood diseases because of the lack of a proven tuning solutions.

«Круто выглядит!» Как в Латвии и даже Киеве создавали новый дрифт-кар GR Supra для России

“In the U.S. the American team Papadakis Racing for the season Formula Drift is also preparing a new Supra and immediately with the BMW motor, but our colleagues have the opportunity to work directly with component manufacturers to order required parts and test them in races. So we decided to do so to allow the Americans to build a new engine to break it in races to identify and address all weaknesses, create solutions for tuning B58. And next offseason we will use their experience and hopefully be able to return to her native motor with the desired power and reliability,” admits chics.

The second aspect is ideological. Fans of Supra criticized the new model for the rejection of the legendary engine 2JZ-GTE, but in the case of the Russian drift car at least 2020, a bunch of “car+engine” will be canonical and will provide the link between generations A80 and A90.

«Круто выглядит!» Как в Латвии и даже Киеве создавали новый дрифт-кар GR Supra для России

As stated Nikita, during his career in the drift he “put” not less than 20 engines 2JZ-GTE, which could not bear the loads.

“Drift load is very specific. We’re going to high power — on GT86 engine produces under 900 HP and more than 1000 N/m for the broad 265th zatsepistye bus, and in addition for a better grip, a special performance suspension, specific shocks. Modern drift cars are not the ones that are easy to slip, and those who go for power and use a serious grip on the rear axle — we have a very high speed in the drift.

Modern drift is necessary and important powerful motors, which work in the regime close to self-destruction and the destruction of other nodes. Breaks almost everything he can. Drive, clutch, cardan and of course the engine itself. Drift motor the whole race operates in the cutoff — this is not a typical mode for the engine, which was created under a set rpm, a gear shift and a new set.

If someone thinks that the main tool in drift hand brake, he is mistaken. At the time of arrival the basic tools of the drifter are the gas pedal and clutch — I can’t say exactly how many times in the race I hit the clutch pedal to raise the engine revs, but the account goes on tens if not hundreds of times,” says the drifter.

«Круто выглядит!» Как в Латвии и даже Киеве создавали новый дрифт-кар GR Supra для России

Shikov said that if you want the 2JZ-GTE can withstand all this, the motor needs to be seriously improved. In fact, to get 1000 HP and more than 1000 N/m, from the 2JZ-GTE you have to keep only the cylinder according to the first predictions, to remove the same indicators with B58 will be less. Moreover, in the work on the unit for the new sports car involved partner Nikita team Lukoil Racing Drift Team Alexey Golovnya, and to configure the motor will be in Kiev Oleg Zaitsev specialist, who is known as one of the best tuner engines in the world, trust debugging, to combine maximum impact in the right speed range with high reliability.

The well-known “old”

Components and assemblies from the project GR new Supra is already known to the pilot, and masters from Latvia. The new coupe will remain a powerful 4-disc sintered clutch OS Giken Cam sequential gearbox Samsonas Motorsport, carbon prop shaft Driveshaft, 10-inch gear Winters Performance (with the technology of NASCAR!) with the rapid replacement of a pair and reinforced actuator. Wiring is made according to army technology, which, although not cheap, but easy and reliable. As an example — the accident at the GT86, which led to the fire. The machine burned out half the engine compartment, and expensive wire remained intact. On GR Supra will shock Feal Suspension setup with separate rebound and compression, and the suspension — of course, Wisefab, a recognized leader in this field for drift cars. Moreover, suspension is also not without adventure.

«Круто выглядит!» Как в Латвии и даже Киеве создавали новый дрифт-кар GR Supra для России

Although the BMW Z4 came onto the market in 2018, the suspension geometry German Roadster differed from the one that was at the Japanese coupe. Turnkey solutions Wisefab was not, and to make it it was necessary even before the official premiere GR Supra. The fact is that Toyota gave the new car the Japanese Daigo Saito long before the official premiere of the pilot D1 GP, he also in the RDS, had a unique opportunity to build a drift car at the moment when the underlying model has not yet been declassified. In just 40 days in Japan was built drift car, which showed almost simultaneously with the serial.

Standard part in driftaway model

It is worth to say separately about the steering. New car Shikova built with the direct participation of specialists of the factory units Gazoo Racing, which has been designing and building racing cars participating in the Championships at various levels. Gained over many years experience in 2015, it was decided to unite under the brand Toyota Gazoo Racing and beyond Motorsport. The project, which is supported personally by the President of the company Akio Toyodas, eventually became the author of the model GR Supra. The engineers who created the series model, given a number of tips HGK Motorsport and recommended to use the standard tail shaft and a mounting seat on the body.

Aluminum adjustable shaft with mounted on rail with power fully gave the creators a drift from the point of view of safety, weight and its characteristics. Before the slide, the drift cars often the pilot’s seat moves backwards and for this purpose transferred the seat mounting. But in the Supra remained a regular sled due to the fact that the pilot immediately ideally located — the workplace Shikova will not have moved, just put the seat bucket and the wheel, and already have determined the position of the gear lever and hand brake. It is also important that the slides are a power element of the body — they go from the threshold to the Central tunnel and provide rigidity that GR Supra higher than the carbon monocoque Lexus LFA.

«Круто выглядит!» Как в Латвии и даже Киеве создавали новый дрифт-кар GR Supra для России

The problem with the frame

Among the most difficult elements of pilot RDS GP include work on the bodykit, making the choice of engine between the standard and the “canonical” and overall implementation of the project and especially the logistics of all work.

However, the complexity of logistics can argue the creation of the safety cage. New GR Supra — car double and compact enough, so the cabin is not so much space for the interweaving of the frame tubes. The solution had to consider the forces HGK Motorsport, and it meets all the safety standards and ensure pilot comfort.

«Круто выглядит!» Как в Латвии и даже Киеве создавали новый дрифт-кар GR Supra для России

Career Shikova there were moments when after the finish was literally numb left hand, incorrect positioning of tubes in the doorway leading to the fact that when working the wheel arm all the time fought the same place on the frame. As far as comfort, it was important to ensure a better fit in low and close enough to the car in full gear and helmet, as well as the ability to quickly leave the room if necessary.

The mysteries of design and date of the premiere

As for the design of the finished machine, it is still a secret. Nikita promises that the car will be decorated in the corporate colors of the Gazoo Racing — white, with red and black accents. Given the complex and at the same time elegant lines of the body livery will emphasize the elegance of the body, but as we learn later.

«Круто выглядит!» Как в Латвии и даже Киеве создавали новый дрифт-кар GR Supra для России

Initially it was planned to prepare the machine for the first stage RDS GP, scheduled for may, but the coronavirus has made adjustments to the plans as the authors of the project, and the organizers of the Russian drift series. The start of the season 2020 was postponed until mid-July, and the premiere of the first car moved on the second or third stage in late July — early August, but in the end, no there is no exact date. It is expected that the premiere of the “live” driftaway A90 in Russia will be held in August, but this is not accurate.

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