Lost my conscience. Kevin wants to squeeze all the juice out of the club that provided him for the rest of his life


Lost my conscience. Kevin wants to squeeze all the juice out of the club that provided him for the rest of his life

Cleveland Cavaliers heavy forward Kevin Love does not appear to have any plans to change his club membership this summer. Unless he will be paid the maximum possible amount for the care. Love has a major contract worth $ 60 million until 2023. He missed most of the previous season due to injury. “Cavaliers” Love is no longer needed – the team has younger and more promising players. Only now they still cannot part with the veteran. Kevin doesn’t want to make even the slightest concessions to buy out the contract.

Last season for Love did not go well from the very beginning. He missed the start of the NBA regular season due to an injury sustained during a pre-season meeting with Indiana. The forward received a blow to the right shin and suffered a serious sprain. At the end of December, he returned to service and even played two matches, but the damage again made itself felt. As a result, Kevin did not go to the site until mid-March. So, last season he played 25 matches for the Cavs, in which he averaged 12.2 points, 7.4 rebounds and 2.5 assists in 25 minutes of playing time.

The ending of the season was given to Love with difficulty. First there was a match with the Wizards, in which he did not make a single shot in 22 minutes. A few days later, he set the club’s anti-record, finishing the game against Portland with the worst plus or minus in nine years – 45. And not long before that Love claimed that he was able to make the “Cavaliers” a contender for the title. In the summer, the forward was called up to the US national team for the Tokyo Olympics. He spent 10 days at a training camp, but still refused the trip. Love decided to focus on injury recovery and left the team.

Now the situation around Love does not look encouraging either. This summer, the Cavaliers have been joined by up-and-coming bigs – No. 3 in the 2021 draft, Evan Mobley, and Lauri Markkanen, traded from the Chicago Bulls . With that in mind, Kevin will be getting much less playing time in the coming season. The management of the club has already had a personal conversation with him about this. Even if Love fully recovers from his injury, he will still be used as a spare center and is unlikely to receive more than 25 minutes per match. Perestroika Cleveland is counting on a young starting five, and with his current condition, the 32-year-old striker does not fit into it at all.

However, the fact remains: Love has a contract until 2023 with a salary of $ 60 million. Cleveland failed to exchange the player, because no one wants to accept such an inflated salary. The only option is to buy out the contract. Recently, the player’s agent said that Love is not negotiating with the club on this matter. According to insiders, the Cavaliers are ready to buy out Kevin’s contract, subject to a discount for a decent amount – $ 12-15 million.

On the one hand, Love can be understood. We live in an era when material values ​​are predominantly placed at the forefront. Kevin gets the most out of his career at the end of his career. He can discount Cleveland, then take the minimum contract and have a chance to win a title at a competitive club like the Los Angeles Lakers, Brooklyn Nets or Golden State Warriors. But then he will lose a lot in money. Extra $ 10-12 million on the road is not lying around. And as time goes on, the top NBA clubs are not going to wait for Love. The Nets are now favoring former teammate Love, Isaiah Hartenstein, who ditched the option to renew his contract this summer to become a free agent. The Lakers are also gradually filling in the remaining three spots in the application (one of them will be occupied by veteran Rajon Rondo, who refused to sit without playing practice, but receive a salary at Memphis).

Love already has the champion’s ring. His career is nearing its logical end. Given his age (turning 33 in September) and the constant injuries that have plagued Kevin over the past three seasons, he has few options. You can try to “dust” at the end of the year, but no prerequisites for this are observed. Even if Love does leave Cleveland, he will spend the next season on the bench or in the infirmary. Three years ago, the Cavaliers decided to thank Love for his contribution to the 2015/2016 NBA championship title by giving him a $ 120 million extension.

Even then, the deal looked inadequate. LeBron James left Cleveland and the team began to rebuild. It would be logical to let Love go, but the owner of the Ohio club, Dan Gilbert, decided to show such a rare loyalty for the NBA and rewarded the player for past achievements. Very soon this contract had to be greatly regretted. Dumping Love’s salary is unrealistic – no one in their right mind would agree to accept his contract. In addition to everything, Kevin has lost the remnants of his conscience and wants to squeeze all the juice out of the club, which certainly cannot be blamed for a bad attitude towards him. Love supported himself for the rest of his life thanks to the Cavaliers, but is not going to make a small gesture of goodwill in the form of a discount on the buyout of the contract.

Now “Cleveland” has no choice but to continue to pay impressive money. One way or another, Love has already played his own in the Cavaliers. It’s time to make way for the young. Kevin could have “dusty” in another place, but, apparently, he would prefer to just sit on the bench and receive a huge salary.


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