Lukaku finally revealed the details of the move to Chelsea. And again kicked “MU”


Lukaku finally revealed the details of the move to Chelsea. And again kicked “MU”

Romelu Lukaku ‘s move from Inter to Chelsea was not lost even amid the historic transfers of Ronaldo and Messi. Too much was paid for him, the departure was too unexpected – after Inter sold an important player in order to solve financial problems. And, in principle, this is a figure, significant in itself, simply in terms of the level of achievement. Last season, he scored 24 goals in the league with 11 assists. In total, 35 effective actions, only Lewandowski, Messi and Kane had more.

Unsurprisingly, the move resonated, but the deal itself was unplanned. After the departure of Antonio Conte, the bosses of “Inter” mentally prepared the fans for the fact that the club would have to part with one of the leaders in order to fill the hole in the budget. But with only one.

Following the sale of Ashraf Hakimi for € 60 million, Inter’s CEO Beppe Marotta said he expects “to sell no one else”. At the end of July, the same Marotta confirmed that Lukaku is not for sale, as it is a key player for the new coach Simone Inzaghi . It was sold two weeks later – a massive blow to its reputation. And so emotional that Inter fans reached the point of threats against the agent.

Lukaku finally revealed the details of the move to Chelsea.  And again kicked "MU"

The blow could have been less if Lukaku himself had spoken earlier. He said goodbye to the club and fans on social media, but did not dispel rumors that he was almost persuaded to leave by an agent and management – in order to receive huge money from Chelsea and a commission. His agent Federico Pastorello commented on the situation, but it turned out incomprehensible: on the one hand, the managers tried to keep the player, on the other hand, there were instructions from the owner about the sale.

Finally, Lukaku spoke out. He was interviewed by the Belgian portal HLN. There he revealed not only the reasons for the transfer to Chelsea, but also several other topics, just this one is now on the ear.

“I realized that Chelsea were serious when they made the offer. First, they offered € 100 million, then 105, then 110 and Zappakosta. Inter refused. I didn’t want to leave in a bad way and negotiate behind my back. I asked Inzaghi to agree to the proposal, because my head was no longer in Milan and did not want to spoil the atmosphere in the team. “

Lukaku’s salary has doubled in London, but he says it’s not about the money: “I could only leave Inter at Chelsea. Children usually root for Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester United, but Chelsea are my club. Everyone knows how much it means to me. “

Perhaps it is. Moreover, during the presentation, Romelu said that he was returning home, and immediately after the transition he noted that he constantly communicates with Didier Drogba , they correspond almost every day, and this relationship is very important for him.

Lukaku finally revealed the details of the move to Chelsea.  And again kicked "MU"

The only problem is that when he moved to Italy, Lukaku said that in childhood his idol was Adriano – the Brazilian striker of Inter of incredible talent, whose career did not work out. And the touching celebration of a goal against Arsenal with a kiss from the Chelsea emblem looks a little less touching when you remember that in previous years of his career he happened to celebrate goals by kissing the emblem of Everton and West Brom, as well as (light option), pointing to the emblem at Inter and even at Manchester United.

Lukaku finally revealed the details of the move to Chelsea.  And again kicked "MU"

All this is not a reproach – after all, a football player has the right to kiss as many emblems as he sees fit. It was just worth telling about the details of the transition a little earlier – when the directors of Inter had to fight off angry fans, and no one believed in their assurances that the player himself wanted to leave. Although in the meantime Lukaku himself went to Inzagi’s office and asked to let him go.

Speaking of Inter, Lukaku kicked his former club casually. “I am grateful to Inter for getting me out of shit. At Manchester United, I was in a deep hole. ” This is not the first time this has happened.

Although the Belgian left Manchester more than two years ago, he continues to remember him from time to time with an unkind word. For example, this is what he said after the transition: “The club needed a person who could be made to blame for all the problems. It was Pogba and me. Many did not want to see me there. But if I played so badly at Manchester United, then why was the national team all right? We play in a similar style. But I scored four goals in two games (Switzerland and Iceland – editor’s note), is the problem with me? I didn’t feel protected. ”

Lukaku finally revealed the details of the move to Chelsea.  And again kicked "MU"

In December 2019, he again said that he did not receive support: “All that was there was“ yes, but ”. Scored? Yes, but I missed the point. There was always a “but”. I constantly imagined getting out of there. This is “MU”, one year there erases the previous eight. After them, I need to restore my reputation. ”

Ole-Gunnar Solskjaer somehow also got it: “When I came out on the right flank, I realized that it was time to change something.” Although Lukaku had no negative feelings about Solskjaer personally, he said that he only had respect for him.

Last fall, he could not resist again. “At Manchester United I was a lot lazy, but at Inter I work the most. I have become more whole, but I can explain. There I constantly heard that I was not in time. I can’t keep up with the pace of the game, I don’t keep up with the ball. Am I slow? A slow player won’t get the same penalty as in the Europa League final against Sevilla. I had to listen to a lot of things with which I did not agree. And somehow I said to myself: to hell, I’m leaving. ”

It is curious that he does not agree with the criticism from the outside, but at the same time he himself admits that he was lazy in training. A paradox that is explained by character and ambition: in order to plow, Romelu needs to see that he is appreciated. Like Antonio Conte. It is characteristic that the coach of the Belgian national team, Roberto Martinez, also paid attention to this problem when he was still playing for Manchester United. And he said that it was not a bad form or level of play, but that he was too criticized, apparently referring to people from the club.

This will not happen at Chelsea. Thomas Tuchel has already said that he expects 50 goals from Lukaku before winter – a joke, of course, but a complimentary one. Marina Granovskaya said that the club is delighted with his return.

With a well-built system of play and an understandable, convenient role (as in Chelsea and Inter, but not in Manchester United in the last season), he has a field for realizing his ambitions. By the way, the same Martinez said that it is very important for Romelu to fight for trophies, his motivation depends on it. In London, he will fight for trophies. And if all goes well, the Chelsea emblem will even be the last one he kissed.

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