“Magnitogorsk” conducted the best selection in the CHL. She goes for the Gagarin Cup


The management of “Metallurgist” has signed a lot of quality players.

“Metallurg” – the main contender for the Gagarin Cup finals from the East. Team great increased in the summer and has already begun to confirm their status. On the Cup of the Governor of Chelyabinsk region, Urals started with two victories over “Severstal” (2:1) and the team of Governor’s Cup (3:1). However, in the final match for first place “Magnitogorsk” has conceded “to the Tractor” (0:3).

«Магнитка» провела лучшую селекцию в КХЛ. Она идет за Кубком Гагарина

Reflecting on the prospects for CSKA, SKA, Avangard, Lokomotiv Avtomobilist, everyone forgot how awesome the selection was carried out “metallurg”. General Manager of the Urals Gennady Velichkin found in the club’s budget all of the money and signed several top players.

Brandon Kozun, Andrei Loktionov, Eric O’dell, Yegor Yakovlev is very decent players who will now defend the colors of FC Metalurh. Don’t forget about the Floor Postma, Vladimir], Denis Parshin and Stanislav Galimov. They also added a “Magnitogorsk” in the summer.

And in “the Metallurgist” left Sergei mozyakin, Evgeni Biryukov, Vasily Koshechkin, Alex Beregazzo, Viktor Antipin and other stars of the team. At “Magnitogorsk” on paper the best lineup in the East of the KHL. By name it looks fantastic.

For the selection of “Metallurgist” can put a “five plus”. The Urals, having made a test purchase, have not purchased one of excess. They patched holes in the team, changed the legionaries and did his part deeper.

«Магнитка» провела лучшую селекцию в КХЛ. Она идет за Кубком Гагарина

But in such abundance of beginners have the same problem. Head coach of “metallurg” Joseph Andac will not only always be under huge pressure. Now he somehow need to deal with all the set of good players.

The number one task: to determine the role Mozyakin. He was already 38 years old. Speed best sniper of the national Championships already leaves much to be desired. He needs to find a center that can hide the flaws of the attacker. For example, not the best defensively. Twin Jan Covaria in the team is long gone, so Andace should solve the issue.

Now the coaching staff uses Mozyakin in the third link – with Galouzine and Parsinen. The ex-centre “a torpedo” will have to do the dirty work for partner.

– Does the link Mozyakin and Galouzine and Parsinen that it will have a new role in the team? We discussed this with Sergei. Explained the situation: we have a team should be four links. One does not deny that Sergei is a great master. But the result should do all four sections, – said the coach of “Magnitogorsk” Victor Kozlov.

«Магнитка» провела лучшую селекцию в КХЛ. Она идет за Кубком Гагарина

Magnitogorsk fans are still annoying candidacy Andace. First, last season the team was unstable. Second, the Czech specialist has set the team game, which fans are not used to. “Magnitogorsk” and the truth was very viscous and sometimes boring. But it’s an improvement, someone like hockey.

Third, opponents Andace remind you that he is in his career as head coach didn’t win. And without the bitter experience of the mentor “metallurg” supposedly it will be difficult to pick up the Cup.

Now Andac was in a difficult situation. The expectations of the fans – high pressure manual – prohibitive. Team – strong names, but a working mechanism yet to be built. What would happen if the Czech will receive at the start of the season? How to react Velichkin? He more than any other expects a good result, because in the offseason, has spent a round sum on players.

To follow Metalurh will be very interesting. The team is seriously aiming to take another Cup. Summer purchase yet promise Magnitka at least a nice campaign for the trophy. But to rule out the failure as impossible. In this case, the right will be those who did not believe in Endace.

“Severstal” – “Metallurgist” – 1:2 (0:0, 0:2, 1:0)

Goals: 0:1 Lyubimov (29:41), 0:2 Mozyakin (Vereshchagin, 36:10), 1:2 Vovchenko (Sulak, Geras’kin, 44:54)

Goalkeepers: Khakimov – Koshechkin

Team Governor’s Cup – “metallurg” – 1:3 (0:0, 0:1, 1:2)

Goals: 0:1 O’dell (Bujnitski, Vereshchagin, 23:34), 1:1 Shepelev (Gospodinko, Shabanov, 42:49), 1:2 Bujnitski (drones, Kozun, 50:59), 1:3 my mother (59:18, p. V.)

Goalkeepers: Khakimov – Galimov

“Tractor” – “Metallurg” – 3:0 (0:0, 1:0, 2:0)

Goals: 1:0 Thomas (Virtanen, 39:46), 2:0 Podkorytov (Karlin, Bailen, 42:22), 3:0 Kruchinin (Popov, Blinkin, 54:27)

Goalkeepers: Demchenko – Koshechkin

source: “Soviet sport”

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