Magomed Ozdoev: “Perhaps scored the most beautiful goal in his career”


In the qualifying match of Euro 2020 Russia – Scotland (4:0) midfielder Magomed Ozdoev on 60-th minute scored a beautiful goal with a shot from distance. This ball was the second in a row for the Russians, and finally broke the Scots. After the game Ozdoev appreciated this episode and the game in General. Магомед Оздоев: "Возможно, забил самый красивый гол в карьере"

The player of Russian national team Magomed Ozdoev Photo: Vladimir Astapkovich/RIA Novosti

The first time it was hard for the team, nothing worked. Why?

Magomed Ozdoev: why did not succeed? Scotland is also not a weak team. We controlled the game, tried to hack. They are very compact and low sat, but we had moments when out on the flanks. Just not enough luck to finish it. But in the second half they opened up, we scored a quick goal and it gave the result.

This Scotland was very different from the one that beat a month ago in Glasgow?

Magomed Ozdoev: I would say that the identical team. Then we also played well, but at home we have no chance to play differently because we are supported by the whole country, the stadium is full. We are directly in the hands of forward.

Strongly influenced by your attitude the fact that Cyprus has won in Kazakhstan, and it became clear that the yield on the Euro today ahead of schedule to ensure that it doesn’t work?

Magomed Ozdoev: Honestly, we’re not watching. Just found out that Cyprus has won, and all. Not even watched as they played. We have our own tasks to do. As in every team. We do not look at others. For us the most important thing is to gain your points.

You scored a spectacular goal. Tell me how it was so precisely to punch from a distance.

Magomed Ozdoev: I checked, and there already anyhow, so we hit.

One of the most beautiful goals in his career?

Magomed Ozdoev: It Is Possible.

You left for a break in the company Miroslava Romashchenko, who you was explaining something. And when he scored he ran to celebrate to him. What he was talking about?

Magomed Ozdoev: He explained that it is necessary to gain pace. Hard to crack an opponent that’s low, through the center. We tried to operate through the flanks, and so it turned out better. Because in the center they are waiting for mistakes, so we lost the ball, and ran to the counter. Therefore Yurich (Romashchenko – approx. ed.) correctly told what to do. And we did it.

From Golovin does not always turn out successful matches in Monaco, and here he scored, and you gave the pass. What accounts for such changes in the national team?

Magomed Ozdoev: Sasha is a great player. He scored, giving France. In General the team must be some kind of a crisis was, but I think they will make it. In Monaco not just take.

In the holding area were not the usual partner Roman Zobnin, and Dmitry Barinov. Quickly found understanding?

Magomed Ozdoev: the Game showed everything. Barinov is a good player, it is nice to play, as well as with Roma, and any other player that we have in the team. The coach makes a choice, he can put me and someone else. Most importantly, we must give the result in the national team.

You are almost at the Euros, only a little bit…

Magomed Ozdoev: I would not say so. Because we need to continue to score points.

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