Mamayev can count on UDO, said the lawyer footballer


© RIA Novosti / Ilya Pitalev / Go to the BankPavel MamaevМамаев может рассчитывать на УДО, заявил адвокат футболиста

The lawyer footballer Pavel Mamayev, who is serving a sentence in colony No. 4, Igor Bushmanov said that his client can count on parole.

“As for Paul, that while in detention he was not seen nothing reprehensible. Moreover it has a positive characteristic — it is thanks to the leadership of the detention center for participation in the match, which was held in February. One of the organizers spoke and Pavel Mamaev. Recent match, I guess, is also to be taken into account in the circumstances as positively characterize his identity,” said a lawyer in the air “MATCH TV“.

The lawyer also noted that the most likely date of the meeting to appeal the sentence will be appointed no later than August 16.

In October of last year, midfielder, “Zenit” Kokorin, midfielder “Krasnodar” mom, and younger brother Cyril Kokorin and football Amateur League Alexander Protasowicki become members of two fights in the center of Moscow.

First, the company beat the street Vitaly Solovchuk. The next conflict happened in a cafe, where the suspects were beaten by Denis Pack and hit the face of the US CEO Sergey Gaisin, who was trying to calm them down.

Eighth of may Presnensky court of Moscow has appointed Kokorin on the half-year General regime colony, Mamaev and Protasowicki a year and five months.

The players serve their sentences in a colony in the Belgorod region. Given held in the jail time they will serve in a correctional facility for seven and a half and six and a half months, respectively.

The second of August, the representative of the Alekseevsky district court of Belgorod region has told RIA Novosti that Kokorin and Mamaev filed petitions for parole.

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