“Many people said that I was hooked on money.” How Ronaldo left Manchester United


“Many people said that I was hooked on money.” How Ronaldo left Manchester United

For Manchester United fans, Ronaldo’s comeback cost some nerves. But those who sincerely play for Juventus spent much more. Ronaldo kicked, spat from Turin and this Serie A of yours, and sincerely dreamed of escaping somewhere far away.

In fact, this is not the first such nervous transition of Cristiano. He also ran away from Real on emotions – he was tired of everything, there was no relationship with Perez, he wanted something new, apathy.

Against the same background, he left for Real in 2009.

How did Ronaldo explain this transition himself? The meaning is not about money, but about moving forward

2009th. Ronaldo, sodden by every Manchester United fan after leaving, came to talk to News of the World. Then he first told why he left for Real Madrid:

“After we won the Champions League, I thought that I had nothing more to do in Manchester”. I realized: when you achieve everything, it’s time to look for a new challenge. I stayed for another year and enjoyed it, but my dream was to play for Real Madrid.

Many people said that I was hooked on money. Pfft. Of course, I didn’t move because of the money. I want to be the greatest player in the world. I know that I have to work hard, but this is my goal. And it’s clear: if you become the best player in Real Madrid, you will become one of the best in history. “

How Ronaldo left for Real: Ferguson was angry with Madrid and offered Cristiano Barça

In fact, Ronaldo’s transfer to Real was only a matter of time. Real Madrid have been hunting him since 2007. In 2008, Ronaldo took the Champions League from Manchester United, which only fueled the desire of Ramon Calderon (former president of Real Madrid) to take him away. In 2009, as relations between Ronaldo and United escalated, Calderon knew it was time to act.

Calderon said:

“I contacted Manchester United in 2007 and spoke to Ferguson. He listened to my 5-minute monologue, and then simply said: “Do not call me again.” Every six months I made an offer to Manchester United for Ronaldo, but they either refused or raised him two or three times. It was disrespectful on their part. ”

Ramon Calderon, in an interview after leaving Real Madrid, said: “They will write on my tombstone:“ The man who did not buy Kaka ”. But then Calderon said that most of all he regrets that he could not take Ronaldo. All because of the conflict with Ferguson. At one of the meetings, Sir Alex asked Calderon to name at least five reasons why Manchester United should let go of their best player in Real Madrid. Calderon said:

“I just answered him:“ Because the best player in the world has to play for the best club in the world. Ferguson was offended and yelled: “Do you think Manchester United are not the best club in the world?” It was presumptuous. I politely explained that they are not up to the status of Real Madrid. On this, our negotiations were closed forever. ”

Ferguson did not digest Real Madrid too much. For a while, he even tried to shake off Ronaldo for Barcelona, ​​because he was determined to leave. Calderon also told about this:

“Ferguson almost threatened me:“ Cristiano will leave, but not for your sake ”. And he offered it to Barça. The Catalans agreed. It was a super lucky deal for Manchester United because they wanted Ronaldo and Messi to join. But Cristiano gave up Barça. He said he would go either to Real or nowhere. “

For “Real” said: a) Ronaldo’s own desire; b) advice from his mother to leave for Madrid. Manchester United simply did not have a chance to keep their leader.

After losing the Champions League final, Ronaldo received a message: “Do you want to take the Champions League? Then you urgently need to go to Real

Ronaldo himself was not silent and in the summer of 2008, foolishly blurted out: “Yes, I want to play for Real. But I’ll go there if they pay MU. Real Madrid tried unsuccessfully to acquire Ronaldo because of Man United’s stubbornness. And then Calderon contacted Cristiano directly, agreed with him on a contract and asked to facilitate the transition. Here already “Manchester United” complained to FIFA.

Florentino Perez(became the president of Real Madrid after Calderón) for a long time did not see any reinforcement for Real Madrid in Ronaldo. But over time, he changed his attitude towards his transition. They say that Perez assessed the marketing component of Ronaldo’s transfer and understood that with him there would be more financial benefits. Finally, Perez decided that it was time to buy Ronaldo, after the semi-finals of the Champions League – 2008/2009. In the final, Manchester United lost to Barcelona (0: 2). And the next day, Ronaldo received a message from Perez: “Do you want to take the Champions League? Then you urgently need to go to Real.

They say that Perez thought so and explained his thoughts only in order to strengthen his candidacy for the new president of Real Madrid before the elections. Immediately after agreeing on all the details of the transfer, Perez wanted to abandon Ronaldo – and he was not even intimidated by the amount of £ 30 million he had to pay to break the deal. But the board of directors convinced Peres.

In the spring, when Real launched substantive negotiations with Manchester United (Perez did not participate, but publicly supported), Ronaldo’s mood also changed. Sources who worked at the club at the time said that his relationship with Ferguson soured, he worked more for himself than for the team. And that he went to the management several times and requested a transfer.

But most of all Ferguson was taken out by agent Ronaldo Jorge Mendes . He threatened Manchester United with complaints to FIFA and went personally to Ferguson many, many times. Sir Alex recalled:

“I admire Georges. He did his job superbly. But this is a vampire. He will catch his teeth and will not let go – he will drink blood from you and will achieve his goal. Once I decided to arrive at the base at 7 am. I got out in 40 minutes, walked to the car and heard someone calling me from behind. It was Mendes. “

And Mendes achieved his goal – a month after that message from Perez, Ronaldo posed for his presentation at the Santiago Bernabeu. Michael Carrick recalled:

“Ferguson loved Ronaldo. He could not take offense at his pet. He even said goodbye to him warmly and said: “Despite everything, you are leaving your family. It’s a pity that you leave like this. ” And then they shook hands. This concludes the head of Manchester United in Ronaldo’s history. “


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