Match juniors Olympiacos – Bayern interrupted because of the incident with the fans


© REUTERS / COSTAS BALTAS“Olympiakos” – “Bavaria” in the match of UEFA Youth League Матч юниоров "Олимпиакос" - "Бавария" прерван из-за инцидента с фанатами

Match of the UEFA Youth League between the Greek Olympiakos and Bayern Munich in Piraeus was interrupted for some time because of the incident with the fans, reports the Daily Mail.

The referee was forced to stop meeting at the end of the second half with the score 4:0 in favor of the German team after the fans “Olimpicos” used pyrotechnics and started throwing sticks in the stands. Subsequently, they ran onto the field and attacked fans of “Bavaria”. Four people were injured, the newspaper notes.

When the game resumed, the players from both teams stood in the centre circle and passed each other the ball.

Olympiakos, who are facing a punishment for the behavior of fans, the statement on the official website, condemned “the invasion of hooligans on the field.” “They have nothing to do with the football family “Olympiacos”, the statement reads.

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