Match with “Tampa” — “Columbus” was more than 6 hours! League records fell one after the other!


Матч «Тампа» — «Коламбус» шёл больше 6 часов! Рекорды лиги падали один за другим!

Schedule playoffs NHL-2019/2020

The first match of the first round of the playoffs – a meeting of old rivals. The “Tampa” and “Columbus” a very short history of the Cup game, but what a bright! Last April, the “blue Jackets” stunned the entire hockey world by stopping a powerful “lightning” and winning the first series in its history. In “Tampa” still need to feel the bitterness of that defeat. They were convinced that this is their year, but they were very down to earth.

“Columbus” not afraid “Tampa”. It does not matter that in the summer they lost all superstars and left with a smooth, but not the coolest part. They have several years prove that you don’t want to be a provincial team without special claims, and for this season, successfully argued that the system of John Tortorella just fine without the big names. They already beat “Tampa”, and a couple of days ago sent on leave not less than stellar “Toronto”. In General, they have no reason to pass and to show excessive respect for the top clubs.

“Tampa” in principle there is nothing to fear, last year they only had one weak link – overconfidence and a sense of invulnerability, but “Columbus” turned out to get rid of it. In their composition there is still no Steven Stamkos, who is still recovering from surgery on the core muscles, but rolling brought good news – Victor Hedman, podvernulsya leg in the match against “Philadelphia”, again in the ranks. And what’s more, his foot does not bother.

The match began with the removal of Alex Killornthat “Columbus” was immediately implemented. This is their first goal in the majority in this playoffs, and it was accompanied by a bit of luck. Texier was tossed from the faceoff circle, and Dubois has provided not only the traffic in the slot, but the rebound from his hands.

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“Tampa” responded rather quickly with the efforts of their leading managers, and also with the help of rebound. This time throwing Kucherov goal and recorded on the foot point. Both washers have reflected the course of a match on a patch to get it was hard tearing the transmission is not passed, it only remained to threaten the goal from the perimeter and hope for a bounce and finishing and to wait for his chance.

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Failures in defence were not, although a couple of times and “Columbus” and “Tampa” managed to organize the counterattack, but Wasilewski and Corbicula with them is stupid. But at the beginning of an ordinary situation is turned into a freaky save Vasilevsky Robinson threw the puck into the zone, and he habitually went over the end line to pick up. But the puck made a crazy bounce off the boards right on the patch, which has already raced agile Robinson. No wonder Vasilevsky called in “Tampa” Big Cat of the feline reflexes to in the blink of an eye to move back to the gate, assess the situation and rush to throw. In a collision with Robinson Vasilevsky even smashed mouth, but not all cost – the blood quickly stopped and the game continued.

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In the game of waiting for mistakes and chance fortune smiled again “Columbus” in the last minute of the second period. Oliver Bjorkstrand loaded from the side, and Liam Fudi closed the review Vasilevsky. It is not the goal, he calmly takes everything he sees.

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You’d probably get a flashback of last year’s series, but this “Tampa” is not falling apart from one of the holes, even in the locker room. In confirmation of their serious intentions, “lightning” scored the first change after the break, making possible the forwarding to a goal. Actually Corbicula scored himself, but he was lying on the ice, didn’t see the puck and not controlling the situation.

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Seconds and minutes ticked by, and the team played like they didn’t want to go into overtime. Oh, if they knew how it would end and what the next goal we’ll see in six and a half hours after the starting faceoff, after gallons of coffee and countless scoring chances which crashed against the wall Coresolo and Vasilevsky.

One period followed another first fell a record of the “Columbus” for the duration of the game, then record Bobrovsky on the number of saves in one game in the “blue Jackets”, then record “Tampa” in duration. Here ended the match “Dallas” with “calgary,” which began two and a half hours later (if that “sparks” won). Here Coresolo, which is not Coresolo already, and the concrete God of the gate, set the NHL record for number of saves, and then “lightning” broke the League record for number of shots.

It seemed that this match will never end. The audience nervously joked, joking even in the NHL, writing on the screens in the arena “still overtime”. Already moved on the next day a match “Boston” with “Caroline” and the Floor of Bissonet on Twitter ironically that it’s time for the players to give Russian gas.

When Braden point put the long-awaited end, it was the middle of the fifth overtime, and League records fell one after the other. This match was the fourth longest in NHL history. Two teams struck a 151 shot on target is also a League record. Seth Jones has worked at the site more than 65 minutes, breaking the record of Sergei Zubov.

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