Matip told about depressed Messi after the defeat at Anfield


The Liverpool defender Joel Matip remembered how he met the attacker “Barcelona” Lionel Messi after second leg of Champions League semi-final of the 2018/19 season.


Then the “Reds” won with the score 4:0 and reached the final of the tournament, who subsequently won.

“After the game we stood together with the fans around the rostrum and the Kop sang “You’ll never walk alone”. This is one of the most beautiful moments in my career.

I wasn’t thinking about anything, just hovered in the clouds, along with the fans. After that, it took me pass a drug test. I went into a little room, where sat a very depressed guy: Lionel Messi.

Mabili was familiar, but it is not working so that you appear to be sitting in a small room together and drink coffee. Everyone continued to celebrate, and I was sitting in a small room with Messi” — leads 11 Freunde words Matipa.

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