Maxim Nenakhov: “will Try to spoil the statistics is one of the best dribbler in the Premier League!”


— “Ahmad” defeated “wings of the Soviets” and played a draw with “Sochi”. Happy with the resumed championship?

— There were fears that after such a long break physically in the first few rounds will not fully ready. Did not understand whether there is enough of us for the entire match. But all doubts vanished after the two meetings. The coaches didn’t even have to do a lot of substitutions. This proves that during the break the players are heavily supported the form that gave the result. Unfortunately, unusual to play with a small number of fans. Well, that at least 10 percent allowed to attend matches.

— Maybe you are tired because the football is not very intense?

— It is clear that speed is not the same that was during the March meetings. But at least our team is showing a good, high-quality, high-speed football. We did pretty good against the “Wings of the Soviets” and nothing to do “Sochi” in the attack. The southern team was one moment that managed to take advantage of. It was a shame to lose the victory.

— Why did you fire the coach “wings of the Soviets”?

— Was evident that the Samara side in the second half sagged physically, he nedobega. The first 45 minutes they looked good. As for Sochi, it physically and they were ready as well as we. We had to squeeze the opponent.

— Wanted to avenge wards of Fedotova for the young guys from “Rostov”?

— We solve your tasks. In General the team wasn’t affected. I think that too much talk was about the match. It is clear that Sochi would agree to the transfer. But it was clearly disadvantageous to them. Any mistake, and residents may find themselves in the relegation zone. So understand their decision.

“In the West in the 17 years people play-based clubs in the top leagues, and the only ones are the leaders of the teams”

— You at 17 years old has already played in “Tyumen” against men. After the match “Sochi” — “Rostov” said that “adults scored 10 goals for children”. Do you agree with this opinion?

— No, of course! What are they children? In the West at the age of 17 people play-based clubs in the top leagues, and the only ones are the leaders of their teams. Well done guys, that fought to the end, but no need to make martyrs or heroes. Lost and lost. Feel sorry for them just not worth it. This result is necessary to forget, a lot of work ahead.

And speaking of Sochi, once they decided to play, rightly so, that put the basis. Why take the risk and test your youth, when you have no margin for error.

— Now you have to play through the third day. The body can handle?

Nobody knows, because the situation is unique. At the moment it seems that we are in perfect shape. No problems with recovery and training. What will happen is difficult to predict.

— Already accustomed to training in non-stop mode?

Now it was no time for tactical training. Pay great attention to the restoration and study the next opponent. For example, after “Sochi” we two were training in recovery mode. On Monday held the only full-fledged training. Tuesday Predislovie occupation and departure. That’s all in the preparation.

— Dismantled Arsenal?

— Of course. Know that they can play the 4-3-3 formation, and five defenders. Understand how to work in both cases. Ready to rival! As for the personalities, I will have to confront Daniel Lisova. Will try to spoil the statistics is one of the best dribbler in the Premier League!

— Reviewing the game of your opponent? Prepare for it personally?

— I will not reveal all secrets. But, for example, before the match with “Sochi” studied cutting moments involving Andrew Bridge. Knew what to expect.

— Players not worried about the situation with the infected in “Rostov”, “Ufa”, “Dynamo” or “Orenburg”?

— Nobody is ill, this is important. And fear of Contracting especially. It is clear that to catch the virus and everyone can, but “Ahmad”, in fact, continues the regime of self-isolation, so the risk is minimal. Base, flat, the nearest shop — all of our movement. Plus on the street or in public places, we are obliged to go in masks.

— If someone breaks the mode in the “Ahmad”, it will also be Asana?

— Cut half a month. But without financial sanctions understand that it is necessary to observe a mode of self-isolation. It is necessary to finish this season. Too much is at stake, due to a virus to jeopardize the participation of the team in RPL. The responsibility is huge, no one wants to risk the health of partners and the position of the club.

— You’re not isolated from family. Wives and children can go anywhere.

The guide recommended that families also stayed in the house. I was sent to Moscow as soon as he learned that the championship will resume. The others try the whole family to continue to isolate themselves with small indulgences. Need to finish the season. Quarantined already tired of sitting.

“Quarantine went in favor of the “Akhmad”

— It turns out the quarantine went “Akhmat” benefit?

— It is. For example, I as a beginner club had time to join the team. During the isolation a little better known partners, which in turn are used to me. The break gave the team time to build. Feel more confident. Better began to understand each other on the field. Hence the result.

— “Ahmad”, as “Zenith” and “Krasnodar”, asked the players not to go anywhere. It turns out it was the right idea.

— Of course! In Grozny was left almost everyone, including the Legionnaires. Everything was under control. No one extra is not allowed, and could not afford. Maybe at home the body would require rest. But then everyone knew that after the resumption of the championship we will get to the difficult conditions, which can be overcome only by having perfect functional condition.

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— It is clear that you are now one of the few teams that is the situation with the quarantine wrapped his advantage. How did you feel about the suspension of RPL, when this all started?

— The emotions were negative, because the uncertainty scared me. On the other hand, I came down with flu before the match with Dynamo. The disease is unpleasant, but the game still had. Who knows how long the body was recovered during the championship. But as the season was suspended, I was able to recover effortlessly and quietly to prepare for the resumption of the tournament.

— You joined the team this winter. Who managed to make friends?

— Began immediately to communicate well in training camp with another newcomer — Volodya Ilyin. Then under his wing took me Oleg Ivanov and Andrey Semenov. I helped to settle into the team. Many prompt for the football moments. Now can call them friends, and even friends.

— What do you mean helped to settle?

For example, at the first training session in “Ahmad” is very worried. Came to the club from the RPL team of Germany, wanted to show themselves, but nothing worked. Oleg after class came up to me and said, “don’t worry, keep working, you all believe.” The mood then was no good, but support for Ivanova helped to gain confidence. Andrew I always something tells in position. What tactical things must learn to progress further. I feel that as a player grows in “Ahmad”, in a lot of this is due to my fellow friends.

— How hard is it to come from the team leader belonging to the team that is bottom of the table RPL?

Are two different vectors. As if hit from one world to another. In “the Rotor” it was good, felt confident, calm. When you are fighting for survival — of course, quite different. Problems piling up, the result of the pressure, it happens that negative energy spills out. Someone just does not stand up and boils for any reason, even in friendlies. But really this has its advantages, because it says that people care. They worried about the result, I for it. The more staff we have a very good coach, together we gradually pulled the team from a difficult situation. Now players have managed to come together and make a big step forward. There is a quality game and the result.

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Мое будущее 🙏🏻

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“Cyril Novikov able in the future to lead the national team of Russia”

— Why did you decide to go to “Ahmad”, it was possible with the “Rotor” to rise in RPL?

— First, very glad that the Volgograd club managed to qualify to the top division. But in the winter it was unclear, are we going to come directly in RPL. The decision was very hard. But I have discussed this transfer with his father’s wife. I decided that this opportunity should be used. Voted for the transfer unanimously.

— Then what was the complexity?

In “the Rotor” it was very comfortable. In “Ahmad” one site promised, however, said that counting on me. If the well will prove himself in training camp, I’ll play. It just happened. Tried 100 per cent, gave no slack never.

— Rotor easily let go?

— At first it was very hard to convince management to agree to the transfer. While not given the green light. There were a lot of calls from managers saying, stay until the end of the season, but we’ll see. In his turn, asked to give me a chance to leave. Eventually managed to find common ground. Good work was done by my agent, Alexander said. Very grateful to “Rotor”, I hope the club don’t have any hard feelings. The team will always remain in my heart. She gave me the chance to prove myself, show my worth, I will be always grateful for that.

— You began your career in “Dinamo”, but unfortunately it did not work and had to start from the bottom. Maybe it’s even better and more correct?

— A difficult question. I would really like to stay in the structure of “Dynamo”, to there’s at least some chance. But it happened what happened. On the other hand, you’re right. In Tyumen, Khabarovsk and Volgograd grew not only as a football player, but became stronger as a person. Certainly from the standpoint of moral stability, tactical training FNL has given me a great deal. It is in the “best League in the world” has become a player who can perform consistently throughout the season. In Germany a lot of matches, you actually play four days later on the fifth. In this mode, you cannot relax for a second.

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— In the “Dynamo” you were coached by Cyril Novikov. Why is he able to give a result basis?

— Kirill Aleksandrovich — the person with the football game. It’s all in the team are treated equally and fairly. Who plays bad, he sits on the bench regardless of status. Really respect him for that. Kirill really helped me to understand my tasks in the defense. I believe that he has all the data, in order to lead the Russian national team. I was very comfortable working with him. Now chatting with guys from Dynamo, they say that Novikov has not changed since then.

“VAR decelerates the football… I for continuous process”

— 29 February — the day after which you become a supporter of WAR? Because then, thanks to the system you canceled the red card.

To some extent, became subjects, as of February 29, none of the judges returned to the remote player on the field. Grateful to the system that way but still continue to be skeptical of the use. VAR slows the football. Only you’ve got the rhythm, try to speed up the game as you lock the arbitrator and the VAR and makes you cool. I agree that the system may slow down and an opponent who pushes on. But still I am in a continuous process.

— Can you remember how it all happened?

— Like it was yesterday. Received a red card. Everything was actually at that moment have sacrificed themselves for the chance to stay in the game the whole team. Happened bleed in the center of the field, we advocate not have time to regroup, Eldor of Shomurodov went one on one with the goalkeeper. We decided that the best penalty and a red card than the 100 percent goal. The decision was obvious.

Leaving the field, came to the reserve judge, to ask if there was any offside. He said no, so I have to keep moving stands in the room. In the locker room sat in front of the TV to watch the game. Already unwound stink bug look, and the referee runs to the TV to check something. Didn’t know what happened. At this point in a shot enters the reserve referee with the words: “get Dressed back, maybe you will return to the field, a card off.” I’m back. As a result the judge cancelled the removal. Honestly, at first not fully understood what happened. I need to go on the field or not. Well that Igor Shalimov began to shout, saying, come already, come back.

— What you have going on in your head?

An explosion occurred in the brain and not alone. First you think what a bad protector, because you can try to do everything without fouling. Then you rehabilitate and give a chance. The judge’s decision took a very long time. But for me these 10 minutes were like a flash. A click, and I’m already on the field.

— Was it hard to get back into the game?

On the contrary, felt an emotional outburst.

“Cool to be a young father”

— Let’s talk about your family. Celebrate the coming of age, playing in Tyumen. In the end there you got married and you have a daughter. Now you 21 and you have two children. Not it too early?

— When I was 14, our family was born my brother Elisha. He helped his parents to follow him. Changed diapers, put to bed… Probably, this moment has given some impetus to my worldview. I liked it so much to do that was already thinking about what you want to have many children. Met my wife Catherine when was not yet 18 years old. But then we decided that we wanted children. As soon as the law was to get married, the next day signed. After a few months on light there was a daughter eve. A year ago our second child was born Makar. And already thinking about the third.

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— How did you meet your wife?

Her brother Paul Lelyukhin played with me in “Dynamo”. Was often at his home. There he met his future wife. Often came to see them, we spent a lot of time together. Somehow it all began.

— The wife older than you for five years…

— Katya has always been on the same wavelength, so don’t feel the age difference. Because of the situation in the family had to grow up very early. Plus in football, had to fight their way alone, as I at that time was not of an agent or friends in narrow circles. So by the age of 18 mentality feel on all 20. And now, probably close to the age of the wife.

— What is the situation in the family?

— At the age of 14 understand what it means to live in poverty. There was a very hard times which, unfortunately, experienced by many families in Russia. My father and mother got fired around the same time, and they hung a lot of loans that had to give. My parents tried to earn some money, found a way somehow to feed us. More about not even dreamed of. At that moment there was a sharp jump of my growing up. I saw life for what it is. Understand that football can give me a lot in terms of earnings. Parents saw my potential and talent, so has always supported the desire to play football.

— Cool to be a young father?

— Of course, because the kids and I are on the same wavelength! Love to play with them, fooling around. I think in 30 years people because of the accumulated problems, tired of life, become more sullen and can’t give the kids the maximum of emotion. I’m with my become as a child. With my daughter playing soccer, for example.

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Бесценные минуты

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“To 23-24 years, like Golovin, I would like to go abroad to top-League”

The first child was born in Tyumen, when your career prospects were still unclear. The young wife, the child, earnings are still not as good. No worries about this?

— Always believed in myself. Wife also never in me no doubt, and supports. Knew capable of playing at the highest level. Now there is a goal to grow further.

— What?

By the end of the year to do everything to ensure that coaching staff at least looked in my direction. And 23-24 years, like Golovin, I would like to go abroad in the top of the championship and already there show good results. I think this is a good age to try his hand in Europe.

— From Tyumen you moved to Khabarovsk with his family?

— Of course! They go everywhere with me. Spouse and children — best thing in my life, She is ready for me to go to the edge of the world. Knows that without her support I would be very hard, morally unable to break. Because there are different situations in life and career. In Khabarovsk in this respect, it helped me a lot. Kate is great, keeps me busy to carry on. Thank her for it.

“It came to fights, that I had provoked”

— What happened in Khabarovsk?

— The club’s new coach. Instead Evseeva came Poddubsky. In one of the matches I made a horrible mistake, and he put me in the reserve. Sometimes not even included in the application for the game. Mentally I was greatly crippled. Worried, if not for the family, could break. But it’s good that father, wife, mother and brother helped me to push myself off the bottom. If not met, could all end in tears. But in the end, this situation became much stronger. Always believed that you should give a second chance. But after that moment it dawned on me that the defender has the right to be wrong, he always needs to play consistently.

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— How was your depression?

— Roughly talked to coach, talked back to him. Began to deteriorate the relationships in the team, moving away from the group. Showed aggression in training at any time. I took on a partner, played tough in the tackles, fouled at every opportunity. It came to fights, that I had provoked. Understand what was wrong. I regret my behavior. It was necessary to continue to work to show their level. But then it was hard to understand and accept.

— Move to the “Rotor” is a breath of fresh air?

— At the first training session I was approached by Paul Mogilevsky, saying: “Saw you playing in the first part of the season in Khabarovsk, I need someone Nenakhov!”. He explained what is the philosophy of the club, what I need on the field. Immediately found a common language. All the first day went as on the thumb. Played stably, no recession. It was the perfect time. The team is certainly one of the best in my career.

Do you think he knew what was happening in Khabarovsk?

— Probably not. Either I did not mention it.

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