Media: FC Barcelona Players refused to lower the salary


СМИ: Футболисты "Барселоны" отказались от понижения зарплаты

Photo: REUTERS/Sergio Perez

Players of “Barcelona” rejected the leadership of the Catalan football club lowering wages, according to AS.

It was previously reported that on Friday, the leadership of “Barcelona” will gather a special Commission, which should propose measures to mitigate the economic consequences of a pandemic coronavirus. One of the main options – reduce costs for employees, including players.

Management of “blue garnet” we asked the players to go for cuts salary by 70%, but they refused. Athletes have supported the Association of football players of Spain, which recommended that Lionel Messi and his teammates to defend its position.

At the same time at Barcelona are confident that the action is legal because the measure during the state of emergency, which operates in Spain at the moment.

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