Medvedev – the first after Safina. The Russian reached the final of the US Open

Daniil Medvedev played a set point in the first game, Doge Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov in three sets and for the first time in his career reached the finals of the “Big helmet”. The first of the Russians – after the success of Marat Safin at the Australian Open in 2005.

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Emotions…. Well, what emotions? They were with us. The fans. Someone quietly cried. Someone thrashed his fist into his palm. Someone raised their hands. And most try not to disturb the neighbors, because in the Central part of Russia time has passed for 2am – then Mr. Medvedev concluded his match against Dimitrov.

And Daniel himself… Well, as if not pleased! Yes, even fist shook. And smiled. He decided to himself, “Yay, it’s over”. And strode to center court to shake hands with the opponent.

Can not understand what you just did? And he did a lot. In fact, like it or not, went down in history. Going to the finals “Grand slam”!

You may remember this rule from “number Theory”? Once – a coincidence. Twice is a coincidence. Three – regularity. Four – the law.

When Medvedev after a disastrous Wimbledon (where he was in the third round, leading 4-1 in the fifth set from David Goffin, suddenly began to give in, enraged, began to beat the racket on court, the bottom line – lost to Belgian), reached the final in Washington, we’re just glad. But not much. Moreover, what he lost in two tie-breaks, Aussie nick Kyrios.

When a week later, the Russians played in the finals of the “masters” in Canada, we realized that it is not just. However, the title again, I do not see Rafa Nadal broke Medvedev to the nines, giving him a total of three games. But what to do? It’s Rafa!

When a week later, Daniel won the tournament in Cincinnati, becoming the fifth racket of the world (and on the way to the trophy in the finest style after solving the Novak Djokovic!), not only Russians, but also fans around the world realized – a star is born! Medvedev became the hero of the summer. Almost king of American hard courts. And to confirm the title, he had nothing at all… And if you specifically don’t fall in new York. Without regard to fatigue and injuries that with such a number of matches for the month was almost inevitable. And to avoid them, of course, failed.

Some more numbers.

In the US Open semifinals, in addition to Medvedev, broke Nadal, Matteo Berrettini and Grigor Dimitrov. And on the way to this stage counted from Wimbledon:

Nadal spent on court 16 hours and 30 minutes.

Of berrettini is 16 hours and 50 minutes.

– Dimitrov is 19 hours and 51 minutes.

– Medvedev – TA-dam! – 42 hours, 10 minutes…

Guess who’s more tired…

OK, Rafael is clear. He in the gap has only played one tournament in Montreal. Where paced roller at opponents, including Daniel in the final (score– 6:3, 6:0 in favor of the Spaniard).

Berrettini Montreal missed. In Cincinnati in the first round lost Londero – 6:7, 3:6. But in new York played out. And gave the best result in his career (the semifinal of “Grand slam”).

Dimitrov is not particularly lucky. In Canada, as in Ohio, he in the first round came to Stan Wawrinka. And both times he lost. Prior to that, was able to play 405-th racket of the planet – Kevin king from the US (in the first round in Atlanta) and Guido Pella from Argentina in 1/8 finals in Los Cabos (this is Mexico). However, in new York, the Bulgarians suddenly remembered that can play classy tennis, and gave a series of five victories in a row. Including the victory over the Federer – five parties in the quarterfinals.

But even that is compared to the success of Medvedev looked a bit pale! Not everyone believed that Daniel will find the strength to successfully play the US Open. And he managed to do the impossible. Specifically – for the fourth consecutive time in the finals!

In the main career final.

And if the success of Medvedev could pass for an accident, a coincidence, even for law, now I understand – it’s the law. He really is a star. Mathematics do not argue. And with the “Theory of numbers” – even more so.

Dimitrov is handsome. Playboy. Ex-boyfriend Sharapova. He finally “Baby-Federer”!

– Don’t call me that! I how many years on Tour? Me – 28 years. What I “baby”?! – furious Bulgarian recently.

But, nevertheless, he’s a lot like Roger. Not the results, of course. And in the game. And knows how to play. Two years ago, was the third racket of the world. Played in the semifinals of Wimbledon. Won the Final championship ATP! Even after the results have fallen – now that Grigor is only 78th in the rankings – it didn’t replace the main. When, as it turns out, when he is motivated, he is capable of much! For this, apparently, at the time, fell in love with Maria. And as for her love not just to earn…

So Medvedev was waiting for a steep challenge. Given that Daniel almost the entire tournament, struggled not only with rivals, but with the fatigue and pain.

What did we see?

And we saw the birth of “supernova”!

Dimitrov played great. Medvedev played fantastically! At the same time – not your best tennis. Not was feeding. It was obvious that no speed. And the times of the summed concentration. So in the first set, in the second the Russian was unable to hold the advantage at the break. But when it was necessary – he skillfully included. Significantly added. And put pressure on the opponent – stability during long rallies, confident, accepting and trying to take every point.

The fact that Dimitrov came in the game with Federer now has not worked. And let someone says that Medvedev was lucky, since Grigor knocked Roger out of the grid, we’ll say another: this is the Swiss “lucky” that he came to Medvedev. And not feel all his power!

Two sets Dimitrov stayed on equal footing. And still they lost. And in the third party Russian – on class, the skill, the character just brought the match to the desired result. No one had any doubt that he will win. Maybe that’s why Daniel himself so calmly took the victory? Once in the quarterfinals, he was dancing on the court! Going to the finals – even slightly smiled.

Apparently, realized that it truly deserves. And in the future will become routine.

So behave only Champions.

We started with facts and figures. They also ended. At the end of the game.

– Medvedev has earned 1 900 000 dollars! Take the final match – will receive twice as much.

– He was the first of the Russians in the finals “Grand slam” – after Marat Safin at the Australian Open in 2005.

– And the first after Safin did it at the US Open. Later, as many as 19 years! In 2000, Marat, recall, here, won the title.

– Medvedev is the third of all Russians are in the final “Grand slam” – after Yevgeny Kafelnikov and Safin mentioned.

He also became the third in the history the tennis player, who played in the finals of Washington, Canada, Cincinnati and US Open in succession after Ivan Lendl (1982) and Andre Agassi (1995). In America on hard courts this summer, the President had as many as 22 games. And has won 20 of them…

He also won the jubilee, the 50th match in singles this season. Extended his lead in the year on this indicator. But this is so – particularly no surprise.

Left to win another one. Decisive. Final. In New York City! And then… Then we just all die from happiness.

source: “Soviet sport”

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