Mercedes, Audi, Porsche and BMW against the rest of the world. How do you like that, “Formula 1”?


On 22 and 23 November in the desert of Saudi Arabia will host the first race of the sixth season of “Formula E”. What to expect from the newly “updated” championship and what the balance of power in the nearest electric weekend — in the material

One to watch?

At first glance, the “f-E” may seem familiar and even dear to the fans of “Royal races”. “Train” grabbed himself a noble piece of “Formula-1”: for example, Felipe Massa, acting together with six-time winner of the race in Macau Edoardo Mortaras, will spend the second year in the “Venturi” client team “Mercedes” with the new season. Themselves the “silver arrows” in the status of the factory team will be performing for the first time. In the season-2018/19, they created a kind of preparatory platform in the form of the HWA team, where testers were Stoffel Vandorn and Jerome D’ambrosio. Jerome, migrated to “Mahindra” to Pascal Wehrlein, in the sixth season, will replace reigning champion of “Formula 2” Nick de Vries, but Stoffel will probably remain in the status of the first issue.

Continuing to talk about the changes in the compositions, mark Antonio Felix da Costa, who will join the team “Tacita” and, perhaps, as many believe, will become a new Nico Rosberg to Lewis Hamilton — double champion Jean-Eric Verne. But the former partner pantusa Andre Lotterer chose titlewasnow team debutant — Porsche. This German team performed earlier in the WEC and “24 hours of Le Mans.” It will join another newcomer — Neil Jani, is also a man, a Porsche and even teammate Andre marathon.

Came in the “f-E” and Brendon Hartley, the former pilot “Formulas-1”. They, along with former DTM driver Nico müller will take place in the completely renewed team of “dragon” (Maximilian Gunther moved to BMW). In NIO is Tom Dillman will go MA Qinghua — winner of stages of WTCR. Previously, he participated in the race series occasionally, but a full go all season until now. Also partially changed the composition of the “Jaguar,” which debuts champion WEC-2017 in the GT class James Calado — he will replace Alex Lynn.

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Many manufacturers have curtailed their programs in the series for “Formula E”. Is this true?

Yes, and this is reminiscent of the high status of the championship and technologies. “Mercedes” has gone from DTM, and debuting this year, a Porsche from the WEC. The series has Jaguar, Audi, Nissan and BMW, but in the previous year, leadership was not for the big names — they make up a large competition, and therefore the arrival of new “plants” will add intrigue. Like we saw in the pre-season tests: although pure speed “Mercedes” to “Porsche” and inferior, but in the first impromptu race won Vandorn.

Interestingly, the results differed in the long and speed sessions, so a clear favorite of the season is uncertain. In the qualifying mode is an advantage over the BMW, not bad himself showed a “dragon” and “Tacita”, in the top ten held Vice-champion last year, “Audi”, “Mahindra” and “Nissan”. The debut of the Porsche leaves a lot of questions — not expecting a difficult season, which came last season at HWA (Mercedes)?

Have you changed the rules?

The experiments continue, but in the “Formula E” I don’t want to change the already established model. Written in the year the “attack mode” I decided to upgrade by adding 10 kW of power — now the pilots upon arrival at the zone of activation will receive an additional 25 kW (instead of last 15 kW). For example, Lucas di Grassi believes that this innovation will give a lot more overtaking and reduce “play” with energy, because riders will have to carefully monitor the battery consumption and to compensate for aggressive maneuvers economical drive.

Important change is the prohibition of dual electric motors. This system was not particularly popular among groups and was used exclusively in the Nissan. It gave the advantage to the machines in conditions when it is not needed to save energy. Last season the team did not win any races, but its pilots six times out of the 13 became the fastest in qualifying.

As for the format of the weekend, it affected only one change. For the fastest lap in qualifying at each of the four pilot groups will get one extra point. Another thing is the calendar: although it and lost the legendary route in Monaco, but embodied dreams of returning to London. In 2020, the stages will make their debut in Seoul and Jakarta, and the first two races will be held on the route El-Daryia.

What are the expectations from the first stage in Riyadh?

In the new season, the series asks us many questions, and it just so happened that for the second year in a row to start answering them will have the track in Saudi Arabia. One of the main intrigue remains the struggle between the two companies-newcomers and their ability to join in the already established command and force structure. The Mercedes in the season-2018/19 started rather weakly, with a considerable number of retirements (of 13 races Vandorn not done five). This year the Germans have a chance to redeem and take advantage of the experience of the past.

Interesting point and move Felix da Costa in the championship team. Being a BMW the previous season, the Portuguese showed a good result — a victory and two third places helped him become the sixth in the individual competition. Once considered to be super perspective racer and protege of Helmut Marko, instead of the “Formula 1” was in DTM, won in Macau and participated in the WEC. Now he perhaps has in his hands one of the most cherished chances in his career — a championship machine in the series, which is second only to “the Royal race”. On his fight with the partner Back you should pay particularly close attention.

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Track El-Diria unforgiving narrow turns and wide straight start and finish provide many opportunities for overtaking and even crashes. For example, last season the weekend started in the rain and on wet road many pilots flew into the fence. This weekend until precipitation is not expected, but as you know, the weather dependable. If the rain still going, the events will become so beloved by fans of real racing havoc that will give everyone a very bright start to the season. However, in an electric formula is never dull with all hands.

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