Mercedes withdrew in Russia about thousands of machines


© RIA Novosti / Alexey kudenkoIcon of the German company “Mercedes”Mercedes отозвал в России около тысячи машин

Mercedes recalls in Russia 944 car brand Mercedes-Benz X-Class implemented from February to April 2018, due to a possible problem in the electronic control system ESP, reported on the website of Rosstandart.

“The reason car is that on certain Mercedes-Benz X-Class with a shelter, additionally installed on a truck chassis, can exceed the maximum allowable total load of a shelter on the roof. In case of exceeding the total load on the roof proper operation of the ESP system is not guaranteed. We can not exclude a negative impact on the stability of motion and increased danger of skidding and accidents,” — said in the message.

It was also found that on certain cars in the user manual incorrectly stated that the support of the ESP system is significantly reduced, but in fact the support system is completely turned off, the message says. In addition, in the event of a failure, a warning appears, which is not described in the manual.

It is noted that vehicles will be replaced by manual operation of the vehicle and, if necessary, the manual kung, and, if necessary, updated the electronic user manual.

Authorized representatives of the manufacturer JSC “Mercedes-Benz Rus” will inform owners of the need to deliver the vehicle to the nearest dealership for repairs.

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