Messi is expected in the USA. He has already bought six apartments in Miami


Messi is expected in the USA. He has already bought six apartments in Miami

Lionel Messi has not yet made his debut at PSG, with whom he signed a 2 + 1 contract, and rumors are already sending him to the next club. But not now, but after the expiration of the current agreement with the French grandee.

Messi is in talks with Inter Miami

Inter Miami owner David Beckham wants Messi to play for his team before retiring, Mirror reports. According to the source, the former English footballer has already held talks with Leo and intends to hire him. Messi himself recently bought six luxury apartments in Miami and appears to be planning to stay there after his retirement. He might even be offered the opportunity to buy an MLS franchise. Beckham did this by hanging his boots on a nail. In addition to Messi, the owner of Inter Miami is going to negotiate with Cristiano Ronaldo .

It is important to note that the PSG striker announced his desire to play in the USA at the end of last year. “I want to wait until the end of the season before commenting on anything. There is no clarity about the future yet. It is important to end the year well. As I have always noted, I have a desire to live in the United States. I would like to enjoy the performances in the local championship. But I can’t know if it will turn out like this or not. I want to live in Barcelona. When my career comes to an end, I want to work in the club in some other role. I don’t see myself as a coach. Perhaps this will be the position of sports director, ”Messi said in December.

Higuain and Matuidi play for Inter Miami

Inter Miami was founded on January 29, 2018. In 2020, the Beckham club made their debut in the MLS. On the first try, the team qualified for the playoffs of the tournament, but failed to pass Nashville. Inter are doing worse this season. After 19 matches, he is in 11th place in the Eastern Conference, which does not give the right to participate in the playoffs. Beckham’s club has 15 games ahead, so there is time to improve the situation and rise in the standings.

Inter Miami already has a large diaspora of Argentines: defenders Jorge Figal and Leandro Pires , forwards Julian Carranza , Federico and Gonzalo Higuain . The team also has coaches with Argentine citizenship – Claudio Arseno and Sebastian Saha (goalkeeping coach). The head of the Miami club is the equally famous Phil Neville , who left his job with the England women’s national team for the experience in MLS. There is even a world champion at Inter, Blaise Matuidi .

Beckham will be able to immediately acquire Messi and Ronaldo. ILS rules allow

According to the “designated player” rule, American clubs can have up to three players on the roster with salaries above the established maximum. This innovation became part of the American league after the transfer of David Beckham to LA Galaxy: then the league leadership assumed that such an exclusion would allow MLS clubs to compete for star players in the global market, but at the same time maintain a financial balance. Now Inter Miami has three players with salaries above the maximum: Pizarro ($ 3.05 million), Matuidi ($ 1.5 million), Gonzalo Higuain ($ 5.1 million). The French midfielder’s contract expires after this season, while the Argentinean’s contract expires on December 31, 2022.

Because of this rule of all the stars in his team, Beckham will not be able to collect, nevertheless, he will be able to have in the composition of the two geniuses of world football – Messi and Ronaldo. Jorge Mas, one of the co-owners of the club, hopes for the Argentinean’s transfer: “I am optimistic that Messi will play in the Inter Miami shirt, because I believe that this will complete the legacy of the greatest player of our generation and will match the ambitions of the owners of Inter Miami “To build a world-class team.”

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