“Messi just organically would look in the “Krasnodar”


The next issue of running “MC” in conjunction with the Association of domestic coaches heading turned non-standard. As an expert at this time were ex-defender of the Volgograd “Rotor” and CSKA Alexander Berketov, after finishing his playing career worked as a coach in “Khimki”, Minsk “Dynamo” “the Rotor”, “Beam” and “Zenith”. But if you usually representatives of coaches mainly evaluate the previous games RPL and talk about the prospects of our clubs in UEFA club competition, this time the theme of the conversation was somewhat broader.


The reason for this was two football events: the good and the bad. Leo Messi received his of the 6th “Golden ball” has set a record that claims the title of eternal. Nobody ever in the history of football was not yet called so often the best player. A record was set in Sochi, where merciless virus brought down from 10 local players. In the end, the match with the “Orenburg” has not been played, the holding of the meeting for the following round, in which the “Sochi” accept “Rubin”, under the question. For the recovery of ill need at least a week-another, and to field players unhealthy risky. At the last training session available to lead the coaching staff of residents Roman Berezovsky was only 11 players, of which three are goalkeepers.

— Alexander Nikolaevich, Messi is already the 6th time received the “Golden ball”. I agree that the Argentinian deserved it more than others this year?

— The award is well-deserved. Messi not only in the past season, and the last 10 years remains the best in the world. His rivalry with Ronaldo for the title of strongest player on the planet became a significant sports event. These two seemed to have arrived from another planet. All other players not able to stand up with Messi and Ronaldo at one stage. Someone shoots for 1-2 seasons, manifests itself in a particular tournament, as the Argentine and the Portuguese for more than 10 years, keep the bar out of reach for the rest of the level. I confess that my sympathies in this confrontation has always been on the side of Leo.

— Let’s fantasize a bit. If you would be able to lure Messi in the championship of Russia, which club he would look more organic?

Perhaps that “Krasnodar”. I think that even in 40 years, Messi is not going to play in the Russian championship, and Sergey Galitsky was unlikely to pay a huge salary age player. But the main thing is that Leo has become part of Barcelona, the withdrawal from which would be akin to pieces of a torn heart. I believe that after completion of playing career Messi will remain in the structure of the Catalans.

— The prize named after Lev Yashin, first awarded to the best goalkeeper of the year, goalkeeper of “Liverpool” to Alisson. What is your attitude to such choices and the fact that the trophy has the name of the Soviet goalkeeper?

— What the prize was named after the Russian goalkeeper, undoubtedly, an honor for our country. Lev Ivanovich — an iconic figure in world football.

As for the Alisson, the first Brazilian goalkeeper, who I remember was Dida, who defended the gates of “Milan” in the zero, and now working in the youth team of Milan. Brazilian goalkeeper school was never considered strong, but in recent years goalkeepers from this country made a revolution in the game. If Manuel Neuer at the time, made a breakthrough, leaving the far gate and some moments played on the field, the role of the last defender, the Brazilians brought this style to perfection. It is no secret that many Brazilians are starting to play on the beaches, and should be grateful to technical equipment. Almost any goalkeeper from Brazil with great children plays with their feet. We in this manner plays Igor Akinfeev but the Keeper of the army does not go beyond the penalty area, while for Brazilians it is a common practice. And Alisson and his compatriot and fellow goalkeeper “Manchester city” Edison — the brightest representatives of the new game style.

— Another bit of news from Europe at the end of the match of the weekend: dismissed from his post as head coach of the Dutch “Vitesse” Leonid Slutsky, in which the team has lost their last 5 matches. Followed Slutsky in the Netherlands?

— Of course, I followed the countryman. We all know that we often go to the bath. Yes, the entire football Volgograd was aware of Slutsky. Leonid Viktorovich reminded football of Europe of the Russian coaching school. Don’t know what happened inside the team in the Netherlands, but defeats in five matches in a row led to the resignation. But started the championship for “Vites” excellent — the team was in the leading group. Sam Slutsky remains in the Netherlands, he has a football school. The other day our boys fly to friendlies in this school, but return and tell what happened there really.

— Once 10 players “Sochi” came down with a sore throat that was the reason for the postponement of the match with the “Orenburg”. Happened in your career such cases?

Nothing similar can not remember. And “Orenburg” we can already award the prize for fair play for instant consent to postpone the match. In such a situation, it may be any club, so don’t go towards the residents was simply impossible.

— Back in the RPL. Spartak, playing almost the entire second half in St. Petersburg in the majority, so failing to score against Zenit and lost 0:1. Domenico Tedesco tries, changing formations during matches, trying different combinations of players, but I guess until you can find the required. In the previous match with the “Ural” Spartacus has created only one scoring chance and failed to score. The same numbers after leaving Peter. Tedesco stalled?

Team great shook change of coach, but until we see an emotional outburst from players. Something similar happens in “Dinamo”, and in “Tambov”, also changed head coaches. What constitutes as a coach Tedesco, we learn only in the spring, when he will conduct a full preparatory cycle with the team for the second part of the championship.

— In this round of the leading clubs win could only Petersburgers. Zenit, cut off in the title race from the closest pursuer is already on 8 points, time to deliver gold medals?

— In football anything is possible, but to give “gold” “Zenith” prematurely. I agree that St. Petersburg people in this situation can no longer win the championship, and so they are almost in the pocket, and can only lose it. I don’t think that Sergei Semak will allow players to relax because of decent head start over the competition. Whom you think so? “Locomotive” and “Krasnodar”, but a lot will depend on transfer activity of contenders for the medals this winter. The railwaymen, who urgently need strengthening and the players ‘ bench, and several positions in the starting lineup, got a letter in compliance with the principles of financial fair play, and it is unclear whether the team of Yuri Semin to make purchases.

It is necessary to strengthen the composition and “Krasnodar”. Russian clubs not used to playing in the European chart (three days), the players lack the strength to fight on several fronts. So speaking of the medal contenders propose to return in the spring, when it will be clear how strong the teams in the winter.

— “Dynamo” won “locomotive”. Most recently, the blue and white were in the danger zone, and now separates them from European lines just one position. Not hurried whether Muscovites with the resignation of Dmitry Khokhlov, with or without coaching reshuffle, the team would not have received the necessary shake-up and I would have continued to surprise the low performance?

— I think that hurried. There are certainly those who would say that because the team played and began to consistently score points, but I am convinced that with hohlovym Dynamo would burst. Team just sygryvatsya, from match to match level of understanding in the field increases. The newcomers appeared at the club until September, so Khokhlova had only 2 months to start giving results. But this time it was obviously not enough. And if he started to work with a team of Novikov, and now to it on change came to the Ukrainians, it would be the same.

— Traditionally productive “Krasnodar” not able to print the gate of the “Tambov”. Why the bulls periodically have problems in attack, stamping RPL in a draw for a draw? It’s all about the Europa League takes a lot of effort in a young team?

— If to speak about the match with “Tambov”, then everything could be the end for the “Krasnodar” and more sad, forget it, guests in the penultimate minute. I was at the home game of the bulls against Basel, and this game had it all: scoring chances, hits, interesting attacks, and the “Tambov” out. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the Swiss are playing more openly, but I think it’s not just that.

The need to understand what the atmosphere in the team. For example, sitting on the bench young Ivan Ignatiev, who I would prefer given the choice between a Russian and Swede Berg. Ivan came in the last game by only 12 minutes, but this time was memorable for more than Berg for 82. It is possible that this educational action on the part of the coaching staff or management, but we can only guess about it.

It is obvious that Russia needed a Central striker. Ari keeps changing position, with the ball and in their half back, and need is a player penalty.

— “Rostov” and “Ural”, causing the match just one shot on target, gave a goalless draw. This game style is becoming common for teams Karpin and Parfenov in recent months. But more recently, and Rostov, and “bumblebees” pleased fans productive game. Where has everyone gone?

— Initially, and “Rostov” and “Ural” was never attacking teams. Yes, at the start of the season these teams have had some productive games, but wouldn’t expect them to football like this on a regular basis. In this match met the team, the opinion of the coaches into the game are quite similar: both teams like to play defensively. And when there are two such opponents, it is quite often the case is completed with zeros on the scoreboard. These teams are more afraid to miss what I want to score.

— CSKA is playing unstable. Hold the red and blue in the place or really have to worry that they will catch up to, say, Dynamo or Spartak, is not worth it?

Calmly to finish the championship, the team definitely rivals won’t allow it. This is still a young team, whose players are not accustomed to play in the national championship and in European competition. After a year or two this team will Mature, gain experience and is sure to be on an equal footing with the rest of the favorites to claim the League title.

— And there, staring, and 40-year-old Messi coming?

— (Laughs.) In football, as we have said, anything is possible.

RPL. 18-first round

“Krasnodar” — “Tambov” — 0:0, CSKA — Arsenal — 0:1, “Zenith” — “Spartak” — 1:0 Lokomotiv — Dynamo — 1:2, “Ahmad” — “Rubin” — 1:1, “Rostov” — “Ural” — 0:0, “Krylya Sovetov” — “Moscow” — 0:1


“Zenit” — 42 points. “The locomotive” and “Krasnodar” — for 34. CSKA — 33. “Rostov” — 31. Dynamo — 24. “Arsenal”, “Ufa”, “Spartak” — on 22. “Ural” — 21. “Ahmad”, “Orenburg” — 19. “Wings of the Soviets”, “ruby”, “Tambov” — 18. “Sochi” — 14.

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